dJune 6, 2015

We The People:

Factually, Hillary Clinton’s past actions, as well as the ones yet to be committed make her the most dangerous woman in America.

 She still Isn’t Answering Questions About Sketchy Clinton Foundation Donations.

In the video below she gets blistered by congress, this is not just another of your run of the mill “What difference does it make pieces.”

 It displays Hillary’s angry side all be it without her foul mouth.

If it weren’t for the undereducated, ignorant voters of the left and some clueless woman who want a female president, any female,

she would be a distant historical footnote, largely because of her failed “Hillary Care.”

As the voters soundly rejected it and here, the democrats lost the House of Representatives the first time in 40 years.

Hillary lost her primary race with Obama, she was a lack luster juniorSenator from New York with virtually no accomplishments.

Can the United States of America tolerate another Progressive/Marxist in the White House.

The answer, a resounding NO !

Before September 2012, Benghazi was just another city on the map.
After the embassy was attacked and four Americans lost their lives, Benghazi, Libya became much more than a city in the Middle East.
It became the center of what appears to be a political cover-up.
Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy have both worked towards unraveling the mystery that hovers over the death of Christopher Stevens, Tyronne Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.
At the same time, the Obama administration worked diligently to undermine the attack and any efforts to investigate it by making it appear as another attack on his administration.
The three characters that are a part of this tragedy are the President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice.
Of everyone involved, Hillary Clinton could have been the one to help Ambassador Stevens the most and she did the least.
Even with these inadequacies, she is still the forerunner for the Democratic party.With denials and falsely accusing others, Hillary has managed to evade serious questioning, refused to turn over information such as emails and other documents, and avoided the question of what went wrong in Benghazi.The question every American should ask themselves are the qualities we saw in Hillary’s response to Benghazi the qualities we are looking for in a leader’?

Before that question can be answered, we have to look at the qualities that our leaders have had in the past.

Once upon a time, the oval office was looked at with respect and dignity.

Whether countries loved or hated us, our leaders carried a world presence.

This presence that was filled with patriotism, firmness, and distinction. Both parties carried these traits and didn’t wavier in their patriotic stance. Some were Biblical while others weren’t.

Some fought scandals while others dignified it with a resignation.

At the end of the day, the one thing these leaders of the USA had in common was that American lives would not be lost or left behind.

The Benghazi tragedy was the one test Hillary faced as a potential leader. Her actions left a distaste of her by many and a scar on America’s trust in government.

She denied aide to Ambassador Stevens, falsely accused an innocent movie maker in causing the tragedy.

Hillary exhibited blatant disregard for the lives that were lost and showed the ineffectiveness by her inability to take responsibility in a tragedy that could have been avoided and American lives could have been saved.

The events leading up to the attack on our embassy in Benghazi should have been enough of a signal to send in more aide to protect the American lives in Libya.

In an article written by Hot Air, it was reported by Darrell Issa that the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton ignored the requests made by US officials for additional reinforcement in Libya.

benghazi-victimsAs a potential future candidate of the democratic party for this country, Hillary should have taken the initiative to send more protection for the embassy without being asked to do so.

She sent Ambassador Stevens into an area where political tensions ran high and she did not provide the protective resources to make his mission safe or successful.

In other words, she sent him to his death.

More at We The People

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.



  1. No Zip-a-Dee,

    Hillary may have written the memo but they are finally after her and this time they will bring her down. She has given the U.S. Congress or a special prosecutor all the information they need.

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  2. You must not have gotten that MEMO stating Hilly is above the Law and the Law re-maker/disintegrator of moral code and conduct … because they’re passé. These people don’t stop Lorra, esp. when she’s that far into the ‘world system’. And, she’ll tell you, ‘she worked HARD to get there!’

    Liked by 1 person

      • If a liar, believes what they’re saying is the truth, then it’s ‘Okay’! Some very diluted people in leadership positions.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Here you go Zip-a-Dew…..Nope it’s not O.K. and here is why.

        Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) and closely related to compulsive lying, is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. The woman clearly has a mental disorder, much like Obama and we need neither running our country. Make sense?

        Liked by 2 people

      • I agree … I was kidding about it being ‘okay’, but it presented a platform for your interesting comment and info. It seems that the only one’s ‘allowed’ to get in positions of power and leadership are the mentally ill / anti-Americans. How to get them out is the questions!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the compliment. I knew you were kidding. Seriously who, that keep hanging around don’t have a mental illness to want to control the lives of others and take away their freedoms…sick, sick, sick. How about coming for a visit to my site, Ms. Lorra and I are writing partners. I’m Jim. Friends call me J.C. Your comments will always be welcomed. https://whatyouthoughtiwentaway.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/shock-arizona-paper-decries-border-fence-as-too-high-for-mexicans-to-safely-jump/

        Liked by 2 people

      • Oh, I recognize you! Hi Jim. Thanks – checking your site now.
        Since you’re posting the ‘fence’ too high (like the bridge too far … to nowhere) … here in NV, small town’s water tanks are being ‘fenced in’. Have you heard anything about that if it’s the Feds? This County is broke, so where’s the $$ coming from (I know tax payers, but Fed, State of County?). I’m thinking the fencing has to do more w/ the Agenda 21. I’ve been checking, but even NV bloggers haven’t been getting back to me about it. Thought you might have an in! I go by Zip, but DC is good for friends!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Zip, what’s your name? I’ve heard nothing about such nonsense, hell let’s air condition all the corridors so they can be comfortable on the way to illegality. With this administration and it’s ability to squander tax payer’s funds, Obama’s goal, nothing surprises me.

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