Guess Who’s Worried? Hmmmmm.

dJuly 7, 2015

Desert Musings:

You can always tell when a politician is worried about an upcoming election. Let me put it this way. You’re a United States Senator. You have served your state well, and you’re up for re-election this year. You have no opposition in the primary, and you breeze to victory. Your opponent in the general election is a token candidate. He doesn’t have any money, he has no experience, he’s a guy that the opposition party found that was willing to run. He’s never held public office before, and it probably doesn’t look like he ever will. He’s down 40 points in the polls to you.

Question: Are you worried?

Answer: Probably not, unless you’re very paranoid to begin with.

Next scenario. You’re still a United States Senator, and you’ve served your state well, but this time you have an opponent in the general election that is well-polished. He is a former Governor of your state and wants your Senate seat. He’s an excellent debater and though you’re still leading in the polls, he’s climbing up your backside rather quickly.

Question: Are you worried?

Answer: Yup.

And what do you do in the second scenario that you didn’t do in the first one? In the first scenario, you swatted your opponent off you like a fly at a picnic. In the second scenario, you have probably resorted to some negative ads. Why? Because they work, but they have a negative effect on you. When you start digging the dirt on your opponent in politics, you’re worried.

So, why is Hillary Clinton sending college students to the University of Vermont’s library to dig the dirt on Bernie Sanders? Answer: She’s got the living caca scared out of her.

That’s the only reason why a queen that is getting ready for a coronation would even bother to acknowledge her opposition in a Democratic primary that has all but been fixed for her to win, right? I mean, why is Hillary’s camp worried? They’re way ahead in the polls…they don’t have anything to worry about in the general. She’s a shoe-in to be America’s first female president, right?

Wrong. Hillary is running scared. And you can smell a scared politician a mile away. It’s like standing in front of a desperate salesperson that needs to make a sale in order to pay his rent. You can smell the fear. And that’s what that reeking is coming from Hillary’s camp. It’s fear. This was supposed to be easy. This wasn’t supposed to be like 2008. There wasn’t supposed to be any opposition this time around. Especially none that could actually pose a threat to her winning the nomination!

So, Hillary is scared and running like it. She’s making mistake after mistake. The email scandal isn’t going away, it’s getting worse. Day after day, the news media are learning more and more about her during her time as secretary of state. And it’s not a flattering portrait. She back-doored the Obama administration by using Sidney Blumenthal when she was expressly told not to. She lied to the president about it. Do you really think we can trust her?

Let’s hope Bernie can handle her negative advertising….because it’s coming!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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One thought on “Guess Who’s Worried? Hmmmmm.

  1. Hillary need not be worried about Sanders, she need be worried about her own tract record and the horrific number of gates she cooked up from Arkansas to the White House. Hillary will bring herself down. She still has more time to do so and no achievements while working for the federal government to boot.


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