SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence As Too High For Mexicans To Safley Jump

dJuly 7, 2015

We The People:

This would be our problem why? Send those with broken ankles and legs back to Mexico and let them deal with the problem. 

Has any administration shown interest in solving the so-called border problems?Of course not, politicians look the other way as illegals will do jobs for less pay and not bitch about it.

This fence does not require jumping.

This fence does not require jumping.

A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross.

climbing_fenceThe article, “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones,” includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are “as tall as a two or three-story house” and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there notbeing a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The article in question was written by Perla Trevizo for the Arizona Daily Star.

In the excerpt below, note the section’s subtitle and the casual mention that the foreign woman had been deported multiple times prior:


For some, the fence is a last resort.  Really?  Doubtful as depicted in the video below.

Maria Ibarra, 28 and also from Oaxaca, had tried crossing through Nogales and El Paso in April, but both times she was sent back to Mexico.

This time she was determined to get through. She left her 10-year-old son with her parents in Oaxaca. He was born in South Carolina, where she lived for two years before going back to Mexico in 2006 so her parents and siblings could meet her son.

Once there, she said, her son started losing his hearing in one ear and having seizures.

“All I wanted was an opportunity to fight my case,” she said. She hoped her son could join her or maybe she could get a permit to visit the hospitals where he was first treated. But she already had a couple of deportations and a voluntary return to Mexico.

Interestingly, the part about the woman hoping her son could join her is errant in not mentioning that once her son does join her in the U.S., the woman and her son would likely be permitted to stay because they would then be an incomplete family unit.

The assertion that the border fence is as tall as a two or three-story house came from Fernando Valdez, Mexico’s deputy consul general in Nogales, Arizona. He was quoted as stating, ““What surprises us is that people continue to jump from heights that can be the equivalent of a two- or even three-story house,” he said. “But we hear they feel pressured to do it because they are holding the line or they start insulting them, telling them to jump.”

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

8 thoughts on “SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence As Too High For Mexicans To Safley Jump

  1. Hilarious obviously the paper is pro-illegal immigration? Too high to jump then maybe try the border of another country, I am sure Canada would be happy to see them LOL. Sorry I have animosity towards Canada they expelled me once, I wish our immigration woes on them… =)

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  2. If we were serious about solving the problem, members of the National Guard and Reserves would be called up by their respective state governors. Can you hear me Rick Perry? Of course this has never been a serious consideration. Cheap labor is wanted by border states, Mexican workers help keep prices down.

    Have you ever found a chamber of congress against Illegal Aliens coming to our country? Of course not.
    The situation becomes more dire as we have learned of Jihadists training in Central America and Mexico and crossing into our country.

    Would Obama get in the way of this? Of course not, it goes against his warped agenda.


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