Hillary Clinton On Her ‘Last Rodeo’

dJuly 8, 2015

We The People:In a lie filled interview seen in the text of this article, Hillary is right, this is her last rodeo as she keeps stumbling before she makes it out of the gate.

“She bobs and weaves like Mohammad Ali in his prime, when answering question, typically not answering them but getting out her talking points.

“Hillary  knows little about market driven economics and like here soon to be relieved friend occupying the White House she would further destroy America and the United States Constitution.

Enough of her lies and deceit.”

Hillary Clinton has few if any accomplishments while serving as junior U.S. Senator from New York and United States Secretary of State.

Clinton gave an anecdote-laden speech in Iowa City on Tuesday.

The National Journal

By Emma Roller

 July 7, 2015

Before Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd of roughly 250 supporters in the Iowa City Public Library on Tuesday, a young female campaign staffer had a few requests for the attendees.

First, she asked those in attendance to pull out their smartphones and “like” Clinton’s local Facebook page for Iowa and Johnson County.

Then, she rattled off a phone number for the supporters to text in exchange for “updates” (aka donation please) from the campaign, which announced that it added 20 field organizers to it’s already large Iowa staff Tuesday.

But the actual content of Clinton’s speech was refreshingly free of campaign artifice.

Yes, she began with her routine spiel about income inequality, health care, and her excitement at becoming a grandmother, but her remarks felt more off-the-cuff than usual.

Perhaps in an attempt to embrace her inner nerd, Clinton recalled spending hours in her local library during summer vacations while growing up.

One anecdote from her career as secretary of State in particular stood out as something new not only to the attendees, but to the reporters who obsessively cover the Clinton campaign as well.

She told a story about the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Clinton and President Obama were trying to negotiate terms with India and China—two of the fastest-developing countries in the world—for a climate change agreement.

The problem: China and India’s leaders were nowhere to be found.

Clinton said she and Obama “sent out scouts,” who found that the leaders were meeting in a clandestine conference room.

thClinton and Obama marched to the room, she said, and pushed past Chinese security guards to confront the heads of state.

As a result, the assembled countries signed an accord outlining emissions pledges and other goals for energy use, though much of the text was nonbinding.

“We would not be in as strong a position if the president had not pursued everything from auto emissions to utility controls,” Clinton added on Tuesday.

Aside from climate change, Clinton gradually began filling in some of the details of her economic and social agenda.

And she opened up a little more on Democratic politics and her own future.

Come on Hillary, buy some new shoes so your chubby feet will fit in them.

The economy and immigration:

Clinton blamed Republican presidents for the recent economic crises in the U.S., and said that trickle-down economics needs to be “buried six feet under.”

(Why, it certainly worked well for the Reagan Administration with prosperity lasting for thirty years.)

 “There seems to be a pattern here, and we cannot afford to go back to the failed economic policies of the past,” she said.

(She must be speaking about Obama’s policies.)

“We have to be committed to electing a Democrat who will build on what works with actual evidence, so that we build shared prosperity that everybody benefits from.”


On income inequality and immigration reform, there is a yawning chasm between Republicans and Democrats, especially in Iowa.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 70 percent of likely Republican caucus voters say the government should not pursue policies to reduce income inequality, while 91 percent of their Democratic counterparts said the government should pursue such policies.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton On Her ‘Last Rodeo’

  1. We will have proved ourselves to be the most ignorant ill informed electorate in the world if she becomes president.
    I believe she is her own worst enemy and won’t make it.


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