FBI: U.S. can’t crack secret terror messages from ISIS

 FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey

July 9, 2015

Tomfernandez28’s Blog:

Certainly it doesn’t instill great confidence, now, does it? 

Sleep fitfully, my friends.

FBI: U.S. can’t crack secret terror messages from ISIS

ISIS using encryption to evade FBI

By Eric Bradner, CNN
Terror groups such as ISIS are using encrypted programs to prevent law enforcement officials from accessing their communications with recruits, presenting a major new obstacle to tracking terrorists,

isis us

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/fbi-u-s-cant-crack-secret-terror-messages-from-isis.html/#sthash.fVr3Idcj.dpuf

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

6 thoughts on “FBI: U.S. can’t crack secret terror messages from ISIS

  1. McCain even met up w/ this group years ago before the CIA changed their name to ISIS. If it weren’t Bari it wouldl just be another one of their other ‘slot’ in’s – not to discard the damage this fraud is doing (and more because of the racial card being played constantly), but the UN-Patriot Act set him up for the lay up. If we knew those Globalist behind this charade what then? They figure they have all the angles and bases covered. No one or group (that we know of) is standing in the gap… some Fed workers might ‘believe’ they’re doing the work to keep America safe, but that deception probably helps the ‘real in-control’ fiends more! Blind and ignorant to the truth of what’s going on. I’m not saying I do, but to think that the FBI and other arms of this corrupt Gov and Judicial System aren’t corrupt themselves, that’s too far out there for me to consider. On with the theatrics and PsyOP to dumb down the populous even more – conditioning them – using the Hegelian Dialectic and whatever else, for their specific ‘desired effect and need’ of manipulation – to forward the Agenda.

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    • I think you pretty much nailed it here Zip. Longing for the days when to serve our government/country was done so with such pride and integrity. Now…well, one has to wonder don’t they because the crap they are dishing doesn’t even resemble anything looking like pride and integrity. Unless we are talking about the pride and integrity of SELF, cuz they have that alllll wrapped up!

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      • Yep Lorra. The ‘me-generation’ and the big “I” -which fits so appropriately in the middle of the word “sIn”. Ego feeding is a conditioning agenda that’s worked for decades! Brings to mind, “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” 1 John 2:16 But the lie program teaches, ‘you can be as gods’! and those who don’t know the truth – or want to know the truth – swallow it. Saul who became Apostle Paul, thought he was ‘doing God’s work!’ but he found later he was doing the ‘god of this world’s work’. Only when the LORD put him on his butt on the dirt did he ‘realize’ and even then he was literally ‘blind’ for 3 days to think it over! Oh, those were the days Lorra!!

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      • HA! Exactly! Imagine how hard it was for the Apostles to ‘get it’ and they HAD Him right in front of them! Imagine how hard it is for those who don’t yet see…because for those of us who do it can STILL be Head Thumping, Duhhhhhhh times! LOLOL!

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  2. This is similar to an earlier post which you may have missed. Do you suppose a different president, who wasn’t a Muslim would put more fire power behind the FBI?


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