“Racist” MTV `White People’ Show Receives Huge Backlash

July 9, 2015

Illegal immigrant host claims documentary is not about shaming white people


The illegal immigrant behind MTV’s controversial new show White People, in which white people are shown sobbing over their “white privilege,” has been forced to defend against accusations of racism, claiming that the documentary is not about publicly shaming white people.


This is a strange comment given that Vargas seemed perfectly OK with re-tweeting a review which said the show “wants to make white people feel very uncomfortable.”


As we reported earlier in a story that went viral after being picked up by the Drudge Report, the show, which is set to air on July 22, confronts white people about their “privilege,” while also featuring interviews with Native Americans and black people who blame whites for their woes.

The trailer for the show prompted a huge backlash, receiving over three times the amount of ‘thumbs down’ compared to ‘thumbs up’ on YouTube. The comments section (don’t be surprised if this gets disabled soon) is also filled with irate users slamming the show for racism, including numerous comments made by black people.

Jose Antonio Vargas, the illegal immigrant creator and host of the show, took to Twitter today in an attempt to stem the backlash, asserting that the show is not about publicly shaming whites.

This is a strange comment given that Vargas seemed perfectly OK with retweeting a review which said the show “wants to make white people feel very uncomfortable.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said the show was about promoting “white guilt,” while WND’s Bob Unruhhighlighted a number of other individuals who were disgusted at the content of the trailer.

Liberal media outlets like Salon.com (which previously said all whites must apologize for the Dylann Roof shooting), celebrated the show, saying it would appeal to those who “enjoy watching white people cry”.

The reaction on Twitter was also pretty savage, with some directly accusing Vargas and MTV of peddling racism.


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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

8 thoughts on ““Racist” MTV `White People’ Show Receives Huge Backlash

  1. I am OFFENDED by this racist piece of shit show! Can they not see how racist this is. Why is there no such thing as Japanese privilege in Japan, or with any other race that predominates any given country? Only white people. Why aren’t white people whining that my people took their people as slaves for hundreds of years? It’s always a double standard. And, for anyone who wants to say, that it’s not racist for blacks or other minorities to make slurs, because you don’t have power–bullshit! You are making yourself unequal by applying one standard for you and another for white people.


      • EVERY SINGLE DAY, Lorra…….wouldn’t you THINK we’d reached the insanity point? Now, with Obama wanting to mandate that poor live in rich cities? If THAT doesn’t get people irate, what WILL?
        (It does crack me up a little, tho, because his punishment for NOT allowing poor housing in very rich cities is to hold back federal housing funding, like rich cities NEED IT?HEH HEH!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • HAHA! That IS funny…the Putz. I just don’t get his program. Let’s just try to make everyone THE SAME. Well, I have news for you Obama, we are all NOT the same and all have unique abilities and disabilities… Forcing everyone on the same playground will NOT force them to play well together. If you want a bunch of folks to really understand what they DONT have, place them in a DO HAVE environment. I know, why don’t we place a housing project not only right next to the White House but also next door to wherever his new digs will be. Hmmmm, think he’ll be down for THAT??


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