While Worrying About Flags And Cakes, You Missed A MAJOR Massacre

The first Muslim bomber blew up a church, killing the pastor, a mother and her two children.

The first Muslim bomber blew up a church, killing the pastor, a mother and her two children.

July 9, 2015

Mad World News:

If it doesn’t involve the perceived racism of an inanimate object or the flaunting of a rainbow-colored cake, you probably haven’t heard much about it. Much to the leftist government’s delight, the outcry over symbols and symbolism from feminists, the LGBT, blacks, and society in general have shielded our eyes and ears from a major massacre of innocent civilians that should be breaking the Internet like a celebrity’s greased up derrière.

Maybe it’s because we hear about these Islamic atrocities on a daily basis and it perpetuates our selfish boredom or complacency, or perhaps it’s because the media is in the pocket of demanding Islamists. Either way, a Muslim massacre like that of the Islamic Prophet himself has been committed against unsuspecting victims all because they are the unbelievers Allah commands be killed.

The Christian Post reports that over 100 innocent men, women, and children were brutally butchered in their own homes after a militia of Muslims raided their Nigerian city. This massacre proves jihadists’ efforts to bring about a genocidal cleansing of Christians from Africa, as they have done in other countries throughout the world.

Panic ensued when a suicide bomber, suspected of having ties to Boko Haram, blew himself up inside of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, killing the pastor, a mother, and her two children.

More attacks were carried out as the day went on, including the bombing of a local mosque and Muslim restaurant, killing at least 44 people. Devout Islamists often slaughter fellow Muslims who they accuse of disobeying Sharia law or twisting the violent passages of the Quran for their own non-violent purpose.

Just before the bombers detonated, Muslim jihadists headed to a couple of northeastern Nigerian villages and slaughtered at least nine people, USA News reports. The group burned down 32 churches in total and around 300 homes, many with families still inside.

“They killed dozens of people and burned houses after attacking worshipers,” said survivor Mallam Yahi to The Associated Press last week.

“The latest attack by Boko Haram on four churches and those innocently attending Sunday services inside once again affirms the religious motivation of this group’s heinous crimes against the Nigerian people. For years, the Christian population of north Nigeria has faced a devastating offensive by Islamic militants that has yet to be effectively countered,” said Cameron Thomas, International Christian Concern regional manager for Africa.”

While Worrying About Flags And Cakes, You Missed A MAJOR Massacre

Within the last week, dozens of Christians have been savagely butchered by Muslim militants in these few Nigerian towns, yet their plight goes unheard. Many more who are homeless, injured, captive, or in fear for their life have their cries for help ignored.

“The bloodied soil of Kwada and Kautikari villages serve as a heart-rending cry for greater action to ensure the safety of Christians wishing to exercise their right to practice their beliefs free from fear of retribution at the barrel of gun or trigger of an explosive.”

More than 2,000 people this year have been slaughtered by Boko Haram alone, and an estimated 750,000 have been displaced by their terror tactics. Just as in any other country in which Muslims became a large minority, the majority are fleeing their own homeland because of religious and political persecution.

Muslims make up 45 percent of Nigeria’s population and are quickly succeeding in turning yet another country into an Islamic wasteland governed by Sharia law. The peaceful Christian majority is now subject to the intolerance and inhumanity that comes along with Islamic practice.

“Going to school, attending church, or identifying yourself as a Christian is a very brave decision in Nigeria. It is turning into a bloodbath. Christians in the West must stand in the gap with our prayers and support,” says Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. David Curry.

It’s most likely that this story will not make it to the mainstream media, other than a highlight of world affairs. There will be no protesting, no outrage. The “moderate” Muslim community won’t even speak of it, and their leftist apologists will hide it to senselessly protect their already bloodied reputation.

It is up to us to show our government and those who represent us what is most important. If we continue to circulate repetitive stories about ridiculous symbols that have no inherent power while we turn a blind eye to the same religious and political ideology within our borders that is slaughtering en masse overseas, we have just as much blood on our hands.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of worrying about the banning of objects as long as the slaughter of innocent people is on the rise with the empowerment of Islam. We must take it head on, lest we usher in our own slaughter.

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Photo Credit [AL.com, WND, Jews News, Christian Post, The Guardian]

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

5 thoughts on “While Worrying About Flags And Cakes, You Missed A MAJOR Massacre

  1. Very sad and ugly stuff, isn’t it? I find it really bizarre that people care so much about trivial things, the Dukes of Hazard car, putting rainbows all over our facebook icons, but the outright slaughter of people is completely ignored. I am not without empathy here, I myself would much prefer to focus on something completely stupid and ridiculous, rather than the genuine ugliness going on in the world, but still I know we ignore it at our peril.

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