Russia Debuts ‘Straight Pride’ Flag, Kicks Militant Gay Crowd In The Teeth

(The original French design)

(The original French design)

July 10, 2015

Mad World News:

In a move that’s completely opposite of every other Western nation, Russia has debuted their answer to the homomania sweeping across the United States and other nations. Despite outside pressure, they’re not backing down.

Russia has faced mounting pressure to cave to the leftist social engineering schemes to which the rest of the West has fallen victim, but the nation has once again taken a strong stand for traditional values and a strong family unit by adopting a “straight pride” flag, Breitbart reported. That’s right, President Vladimir Putin’s party is celebrating their #realfamilies campaign with a ceremonial flag representing pride in marriages which can produce children without having to adopt them.

“This is our answer to same-sex marriages, this mockery of the very concept of family,” said Russia United politician Aleksey Lisovenko. “We must prevent gay fever in our country and support traditional values.”


Believe it or not, the new Russian flag is an adaptation of a similar flag from France, where marriage for all marches in favor of heterosexual marriages have been growing in popularity but aren’t widely reported for obvious reasons. Lisovenko told reporters that the Russian flag was created with “allies” in France as a symbol of friendship after social media users accused the Soviets of ripping the design off.

The flag’s release came on Wednesday, as the nation celebrated Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia, who are the patron saints of marriage in the Orthodox Church. The holiday was re-instituted in 2008 after being done away with in 1917 during the Red Scare, and it’s celebrated as the Day of Family, Love, and Faithfulness — the Orthodox version of Valentine’s Day.

Russia has promoted heterosexual marriages ever since 2006 to grow their population without having to open their borders to mass immigration. In fact, the “Mother Russia” program paid a hefty bonus of over $25,000 to couples that had their second child; meanwhile, the government would throw concerts for young couples in which love ballads were played to get them in the mood to go do the dirty and start a family.

The sad thing is that all Russia is doing is standing up for the traditional family, yet they get skewered from every angle for being homophobic. It’s not homophobic to promote the only relationship which the human race can depend on for its survival, and that’s a fact. Modern medicine doesn’t change nature, and according to nature, you need a man and a woman to reproduce, period.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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