After 72 Years The Bodies Of 36 Unidentified US Marines Come Home

dJuly 27, 2015

By Lorra B.

After 72 years the bodies of 36 unidentified US Marines killed during the Second World War are returning to America.

It was in Japan and on the island chain of Tarawa that one of the bloodiest battles claimed more than 6000 lives, 1000 of which were US Marine lives.

The 36 remains “were recovered by a group called History Flight and were flown to Pearl Harbour where a ceremony was carried out yesterday to mark their repatriation,” according to Daily Mail.

It is the plan of the Marines to return the remains to their families once they have been identified. The identification process has been started by History Flight and completing this process will be done by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, bringing closure to so many military families.

According to, there are approximately 520 US troops still unaccounted for from this battle. “More than 990 U.S. Marines and 30 sailors died during the three-day Battle of Tarawa in 1943. Japanese machine gun fire killed scores of Marines when their boats got stuck on the reef at low tide during the U.S. amphibious assault. Americans who made it to the beach faced brutal hand-to-hand combat.”

There were 1,200 slave Korean manual workers on the island of Tarawa and only 129 survived. Of the 3,500 Japanese troops only 17 made it out alive.

The discovery of the remains was pleasing to Gen. Joseph Dunford, the commandant of the Marines Corps. “This battle demonstrated the indomitable fighting spirit of our Marines. It was also the first contested landing against a heavily fortified enemy, and a turning point in the development in our amphibious capability. The lessons learned at Tarawa paved the way for our success in the Pacific campaign and eventual end to the war.”

After 72 years being away, welcome home brave Marines.

Lorra B

21 thoughts on “After 72 Years The Bodies Of 36 Unidentified US Marines Come Home

  1. Seen this on Scottish TV News earlier, then on social media and the net.
    May God keep them and help their loved ones left behind be comforted. x They committed the ultimate sacrifice. For me and others I wish their families well and hope and pray they are at peace with God.. x

    The Monument Men, a movie, I loved it. I have read this story in 20 places now, seen all views and comments. My Scottish mind made me think of a movie, but a true story, a true story like this one. The sacrifice these guys make for many causes blows my mind. They have my utter respect. Knowing how much I dislike war. But these people amaze me still. Just so sad, yet so empowering for the human soul. Enjoy if you have not seen this, please try and watch this movie. It is this story made into Hollywood. Powerful, as powerful as all the stories of bravery.. x

    The Monuments Men – Official Trailer (2013) George Clooney, Matt Damon [HD]

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    • I find it interesting that you heard so much about this in Scotland yet one of my followers thanked me for writing it because he hadn’t seen it anywhere yet. How sad for us here in the U.S. that this wasn’t shouted from every network. Don’t get me wrong. There are sooooo many who would go to the end of the earth for our troops but sometimes articles like this can be pushed aside for more pressing news I guess. Politics. Thanks for your support of our troops Shaun!! They are the backbone of our great country!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the video and I will watch it! 🙂

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      • My last comment about how it ‘Seems’ some, very small % of American’s think the USA is the center of the Universe 😀 I think you just hit the nail on the head.
        Your ISP (Internet Service Providers) like, Time Warner stop news platforms I can view, that you can’t. Often when I write about the USA and people say “Not True” It is the EXACT same as your friend thanking you for sharing. You guys really don’t get the full picture. I do not hate, I tell it as I see it…2 years I have warned the USA the Dollar is falling. The World all traded oil (Black Gold) in the US Dollar. Iraq stopped, we seen the outcome. Libya stopped, we seen a man die live on TV. I know people from both Iraq and Libya and they are like “We had a life! School, College, Work, Sports, Shopping Mall’s” Basically Iraq, although under strict supervision, but not as bad as Media says had it’s problems, but all Iraqi’s I speak too say “We were good, why did the Media and Politicians say this?” And I was none the wiser back then, now I write I know. I used to be out in the World, Soccer coach, DJ and more. Then M.E came and sat me down, so I started to write. And I seen things that blew me away.
        I share news. ShaunyNews. I give my opinions based on speaking to people in the area’s and from Media from Eastern Europe, more honest media.

        Many links here. Please understand most of the time I am asking the question. But due to your lack of news, life your friend and the news we got on Scottish satellite TV but your friends never…This is why I wrote most of this…
        People are still in denial, thankfully more Americans are awake than say 10 years ago. American’s with a brain now know Iraq was a lie.

        Check the 1st video here:
        There is a huge SEX empire around the World. This guy speaks about GWB.


        Good chat!!


  2. Hey Lorra, hope your vacation was good & refreshing. Good to have you back, safe and sound!
    Nice to honor these men and give their family a closure. Surprising it took this long, and so few recovered.
    Should I bring up rotten McCain who didn’t want to have anyone look into possible POW’s still being alive when he was released … ah, no, let’s just savor this.

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    • LOLOL! You went there! Well, like you said, savoring the moment sounds better, though by no means gets him off the hook. 🙂 🙂
      It was the absolute best vac ever and truly had a hard time leaving the ocean…big sigh… Spectacular seems such an understatement. Thanks!! 🙂 Good to be back, though I won’t lie cuz I’d leave again tomorrow if I could!

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      • I hear ya Lorra – I think God meant for us to have that ‘vacation’ mindset (I’m sure Adam & Eve did until they messed it up … Okay, we probably would too, but not the point!). Living the Grace Life is the closes we’ll come to the Real Reality and having Problem-free Vacation’s!
        Clarification about 100 xgreat-grandson of Cain (McCain), he had no problem bringing home the dead and their remains, it was the ‘alive’ POW’s that rattled his ‘fragile’ Manchurian psyche.

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      • I knew I followed Him for a reason! LOL! I jest of course…heehehe. Yesssssss! One has to wonder about why he didn’t wish to go back for possible fellow POWs still alive. I may have to delve into it and do an article…Hmmmmm. But NOT today. 🙂

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