Watch And Be Proud As A Chattanooga Marine Veteran Direct A Video Address to Mr. Obama

July 28, 2015

By Lorra B.

Being proud of this brave Marine for speaking his mind would be a gross understatement. Not only does he eloquently speak his mind, he speaks it in truth and with a clear passion.

If this Marine doesn’t make you proud and make you want to take a stand then I can’t fathom what would. No matter what your political stance is, this country was founded on the right for this Marine to speak his mind.

We Salute You Sir and thank you for your service and sacrifices!

H/T LadyRaven

20 thoughts on “Watch And Be Proud As A Chattanooga Marine Veteran Direct A Video Address to Mr. Obama

      • Now that’s just strange. And misspelling your name … I know it’s not Lorna! Lorra. (thanks spell check!)
        Basically I stated that the very ones who need to hear this won’t, and if Bari listened to any of it he’d be patting himself on his back for his success – causing more division and dissatisfaction among the masses. This Marine see Bari as part of the bigger problem – which I hope he helps convince those who’ll listen about the ‘Enemy in Chief’! Even though he’s just the ‘false front’ for the ‘powers that be’, his actions are still inexcusable, as well as all the rest of them in leadership positions who back him or are a part America’s destruction. Well – at least you got to check the spam and get that out of the way! Thanks!

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      • LOL! Darn Spell check AND spam! 🙂 My twin sister’s name is Lorna so I didn’t even really notice. We always answer to both names to avoid confusing others, LOLOL. And I thhick you naild this. The ones who really need to see it will either not or won’t give two damns about it. I pray that those who do see it and are convicted by it will stand up and start shouting. God willing…

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      • How interesting you have a ‘twin sister’. IF you’d been an ‘identical twin’ you would’ve used ‘answering to your sister’s name; to avoid consequences when you did something wrong and acted like you were the ‘innocent one’! I don’t know where that thought came from … but I see the logic in it!
        It might be that God’s using things that are going on to open people’s eyes to see that there’s evil and this world system and in the nature of mankind. Once they realize that, it might open people’s minds to God’s Truth! That would really help! As you know, God wills ‘that ALL be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.’ [Leaders, will that all are kept numb, dumb and stupid!] Wanting & choosing truth is a conscious choice – after a person is informed. Truth makes us free! Lies and liars don’t.
        OT – Lorra – have you ever considered doing a video of your info – basically, putting your post into a audio / visual to go along w/ the posting? I could arrange one for you if your interested – free. A short 1-2 min. Check this:
        Just a thought! You can check my Utube – at the bottom of the home webpage for example vid shows. Might be fun!


      • We ARE Identical!! I just worded it incorrectly because I was in a rush… LOL! Folks would think were were conceited in high school if we looked at them funny because we didn’t know who they were. They, of course, thought they were talking to the opposite twin. We just learned to have very long conversations with folks we didn’t know and it kept the confusion down, LOL! Eventually it would work itself out… I guess that’s why I can talk to just about anyone with ease… 🙂
        HA! No, never have thought of doing a video. I didn’t know you had a site. Whenever I click on your name it say’s the site is no longer available…? Not sure I’m interested but ya never know…and thanks for the nice offer, really!! I will have to check it out a bit later… 🙂

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      • I no longer use the blog site – just use the Zip sign- in. But if you click on the link I left in the comment – that’ll get you to the website and utube vid shows. See if it brings some excitement to mind and give it whirl if you want!
        Funny about you being placed in situations while growing up – with your twin – where you learned to ‘converse’ with many and making the most out of it w/ a good attitude – good for both of you! Takes a particular kind of person to ‘see’ it as an opportunity to swash confusion and respects others – rather than taking the low road!


  1. This Marine stated the values we are to uphold, but too many in power are fighting our love of our country. Marine, you are too good for many of those people. More important than BHO’s listening to your message is the delivery of it to the American public.

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  2. Damn Laura I couldn’t have said it better myself and I love speaking to large groups. What an example of a fine young man. Of course he is, he’s a member of the United States Marines. May God bless him and all involved thanks for posting this Lorra. xoxo ME

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