From Don’t Ask Don’t Tell To Full Disclosure – Transgenders In The Military

Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

July 30, 2015

By Lorra B.

Our Military once allowed absolutely no homosexual individuals in the military. On February 28, 1994 and under the Clinton Administration, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ was instituted and prohibited military discrimination or harassment of gay or bisexual soldiers until it was lifted in 2011On Monday the Pentagon will begin to take apart the ban on Transgenders in the military.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, there are over 15,000 transgender soldiers currently serving in the armed forces.

By early next year it is the intent of the Pentagon to have Transgender individuals serving openly and “end an ‘outdated’ regulation that harms the armed forces, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter on Monday,” according to The New York Times.

There will be much controversy over the military decision, both for and against. 

We The People writes about the below video, “The anchor on Young Turks puts his liberal thoughts out there to provide the reader with a great laugh. Can you imagine how he would have handled himself and his little sycophantic female had a real President, George W. Bush put this entire fiasco in play. Forgive me if I seem a bit obtuse, but what does the Supreme Court decision to allow the LGBT community to get married have to do with?”

One thing is clear, however. Whether you are for or against Transgender soldiers in the military, the move is being pushed forward, though not without it’s complications.

“How transgender troops will be housed, what uniforms they’ll be permitted to wear and what medical treatments they’ll be entitled to will be among the key issues for the Pentagon to resolve, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss details of the discussions publicly,” according to USA Today.

This decision came after several weeks of talks at the Pentagon and involved several top military chiefs, Defense Department leaders and secretaries.

“We have transgender soldier, sailors, airmen and Marines — real, patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit,” stated Carter. “The Defense Department’s current regulations regarding transgender service members are outdated and are causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions.”

Carter is creating a working group given the task over a six month period to determine what impact the transgender ban will have on the military as a whole. Included will be training for the troops to ensure a ‘smooth transition.’

By Lorra B.

29 thoughts on “From Don’t Ask Don’t Tell To Full Disclosure – Transgenders In The Military

  1. What I find incredible is the uber-inflated number of transgendered individuals serving in the armed forces. Gays would love you to believe that they make up 10-15% of the population. The number is actually closer to 3%. Transgendered would love for you to believe they make up 5-7% of the population. It’s actually under 1%. And you’re telling me the armed forces attracts 15,000 of them? I find that very hard to believe.

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  2. I do not think there is any such thing as “transgender.” Rather, these people are psychopaths. They should not be permitted in armed forces on that basis alone. I mean, why would any rational person arm a psychopath?

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    • Good point Mustang. The ‘conditioning’ going on today by ‘the powers that be’ is to create psychopathic and sociopathic mindsets in society by the ‘entertainment’ media and whatever other means they can think of – EMPs and low frequency mind control techniques, etc. Notice tv and movies have been depicting that sort of ‘thinking’ – showing people ‘how’ these people ‘think’ this way. Instrumental teaching – look and see. Just as Common Core (screwy thinking) is being taught in the public schools.

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  3. If it’s good enough for the 1st lady, it’s good enough for the military!
    It’s like having a co-ed bathroom – no distinction or ‘respect’ of gender. Which is a big part of the commie NWO take-down plan > strip people of dignity and personal identity. Deeper into inequity, do the corrupt and degenerate rulers lead astray the ignorant & darkened souls taught to follow without question (just doing ‘their duty’ or slave mentality), rather than be open to Truth and fighting for it!

    Lorra, here’s a little sample of what I was suggesting. Hope it plays for you!

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    • Thanks for the RB, appreciate it! 🙂 And, I agree. The reasons for joining the military have vastly been changed and their objectives, though undoubtedly mostly the same, have probably been altered to include much more focus on American’s and the possibility of growing “American Terrorists.” It’s a new world out there for sure and our fears of being targeted are justified, IMHO.


      • A little suggested reading to take up your many hours of spare time, ha ha, David Rockefeller’s “Memoirs” (first reading the second paragraph on page 405), then, “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy”, one of many books by Jim Marrs that explains much, although this one is five years old.

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  4. Until November, 1963, the general purpose of our military was to accomplish via combat or fear of combat against us what the efforts of the State Department could not achieve in their function of maintaining the standards of the American way of life as established in the latter part of the 18th century. Wars were to be won as quickly as possible and with as few casualties and loss of as little property and wealth as possible. That is done by using the best personnel available working efficiently in coordinating units. Selection of troops, of course, is best determined by competent military officers of flag grade, not civilian social workers.
    Unfortunately, the objectives of our Department of Defense and State Department have changed. Our country is now used by globalists to be drained of honestly earned wealth, resources, and human lives as the leaders of the NWO use the inhabitants of their territories in the way that boys play with toy soldiers.
    Just an aside, not everyone who goes into the military does so for the sake of America. That is always given as the noble reason, but it is not completely the truth today. Jobs in manufacturing have been shipped to a country once declared a great enemy, then, almost overnight, there was a one hundred and eighty degree turn led by promoters of the UN, NWO, and many other alphabet soup interests, including the central and world banking system, to be a source of labor obtained at subsistence level wages. Destruction of our nation is part of the plan, and troops who once entered military service are to be used pointing guns against fellow American citizens.


  5. The details of this “Transition” are not so important in my eyes but there is something about this entire rotten mess that is important in my eyes and that “something” is this:

    In the Golden Age of Greece — many many moons ago ….. I understand that soldiers went naked into combat against Greece’s enemies accompanied by their gay lovers who fought side by side with them.

    Imagine what happens in combat when the gay buddy gets blown to bits in sight of the lover and what follows when the lover who just lost his — (fill in the blanks) — is beside himself or herself with grief and says, “There is nothing left for me to live for” and plunges headlong into death himself or herself in abject and incurable grief.

    It means the loss of a hell of a lot more fighting men and women that would have been the case had the —– homo-agenda intoxicants not prevailed.

    Following the “Golden Age” of course was the ….. downfall of the empire.

    Are we following in the same path here in ever-gaying Amerika?

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    • I agree Scuba and hope I am correct because Barry’o and the libs are sure sissyfying this nation. Just by letting transgender into the military means they are knowingly welcoming nut jobs (excuse the pun) into our fighting ranks. What soldier is going to feel comfortable with someone so mental as they don’t know what sex they are covering their six?


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