UPDATE: Watch And Be Proud As A Chattanooga Marine Veteran Direct A Video Address to Mr. Obama

dJuly 31, 2015

By Lorra B.

On July 28th we wrote about a Chattanooga Marine who had a lot to say to President Obama and he did so in a scathing, yet eloquently presented video, which can be seen below. Well, it seem the Marine is also involved in helping others and could use some help form YOU. So, if you are so inclined, read on and lend a hand if you can.

Again, We salute you and all of our armed forces. Thank you for all you do and all you sacrifice, though those words will simply never be enough!

Lady Raven stated, “By now you and more than half a million people have seen this video –Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama.

I followed the Marine Veteran’s links and found his We The People Facebook page.  Their mission statement:

Our goal is to bring people together who want to see America become great again. By using power in numbers show that We The People have had enough and want change. The plan for this site is for all like minded individuals to share and connect. Plan peaceful protests. Raise awareness of real issues. United we can do something about them.

Their site is very active and one of the most patriotic you will find.  They are working on several projects including this – Don’t Tread On Us March 9/11/15

There was another link which is the reason why I am putting this post up.  The link is to a GoFundMe page called, of course, We The People.  Note, they established this request for donations to help raise funds on July 13th.

We the People is a group created to unify people of all backgrounds, to pursue the common goal of fighting back against a broken system. The America we leave our children and grandchildren does not look promising if we don’t fight back now. So far we have 2 events planned: a Don’t Tread on US March and a Veteran’s Day cookout for the Chattanooga community veterans. We are looking for support from anyone who feels that America is not what it should be. We need your help for promoting the events, hand outs, candles for the March, supplies and food for veteran’s cookout. Donations are greatly appreciated. You’d be helping us give back to the people and the veteran’s that gave so much for us. Thank you for any donations no matter how small. We stand for change.

You know already that three days later on July 16th, four Marines and a Sailor died in Chattanooga.  This was added to the We The People page two days ago:

WE currently trying to get in contact with the Marine Corp and Mayors office to discuss plans for permanent memorial, and how we can help financially, and to volunteer our time. Please help us let the world know that Americans don’t let our fallen be forgotten. Thank you!
We The People

In sixteen days they have had 588 people sharing the site on their behalf but only four donations totaling $270 of the $5,000 they hope to raise.  That is pretty sad.  I know times are very tough but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate! 

They need help.  Our help.  The math is easy – 946 more donations of $5.00 each and they would reach their goal.  473 donations of $10.00 each would do it.  It just wouldn’t be that hard.”

Original Article:

July 28, 2015

By Lorra B.

Being proud of this brave Marine for speaking his mind would be a gross understatement. Not only does he eloquently speak his mind, he speaks it in truth and with a clear passion.

If this Marine doesn’t make you proud and make you want to take a stand then I can’t fathom what would. No matter what your political stance is, this country was founded on the right for this Marine to speak his mind.

We Salute You Sir and thank you for your service and sacrifices!

H/T LadyRaven

15 thoughts on “UPDATE: Watch And Be Proud As A Chattanooga Marine Veteran Direct A Video Address to Mr. Obama

      • Awesome!!!! I am working on another post in conjunction with this for tomorrow. More simple, more direct.
        I will use the video of the father and children again. Lorra when my daughter was about ten we used to drive down the road with music blaring, head banging and just having the best, best time like they were. Just flat out broke my heart.
        Anyway – THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

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      • That video was sooooo great and brought tears to my eyes. I tried to incorporate it into the article but it wouldn’t allow me permission. I’ll try it again later… Believe me, it is my pleasure. My measly donation is the very LEAST I can do. Now, let’s see who will step up to the plate!! I have faith!


      • It took me FOREVER to figure how to grab that video. i guess it was done thru facebook. Turns out it is very simple to do.
        For Facebook, just grab the link and post it in the WordPress download ad media, insert from url section.
        It ends up looking like this.
        You will note I actually grabbed it from John H. Bundy III’s facebook page.

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