Obama Has Harsh Words For Iran Deal Critics And Many Americans May Take Offence [Video]

dAugust 6, 2015

By Lorra B.

President Obama boldly informs Israeli Leaders and Republicans serving in Congress that rejecting the Iranian nuclear deal will surly lead to war.

This statement may have been his most forceful ‘pitch’ yet to gain public support and portrayed the political deal as “the strongest non-proliferation agreement ever negotiated,” according to Tribune News Service.

Obama went on to say that if Congress votes this down next month “they will not only pave Iran’s way to a bomb, they will accelerate” Iran’s capability to do so more efficiently.

Pulling no punches, Obama tries to discredit his opponents stating, “Between now and the congressional vote in September, you are going to hear a lot of arguments against this deal backed by tens of millions of dollars of advertising. If the arguments sound familiar, they should. Many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran deal,” and would weaken not only international harmony but the United States credibility as well.

He continually stated that the ones opposing the Iran deal are the ones responsible for Americans being sent to war in 2003 with Iraq and listening to them would only lead the U.S. down that same path.

The Iran deal would put boundaries on Iran’s nuclear capabilities over the next 10 years and in “exchange for easing of energy and trade sanctions and release of more than $50 billion in Iranian funds frozen in overseas accounts,” reports, Stars and Stripes.

Will Obama’s speech thwart efforts by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House foreign affairs committee Mitch McConnell from voting on a resolution of disapproval, intended to keep Obama from implementing the Iran deal? As of Tuesday, they both have vowed to vote no on the deal.

Almost unanimously, Republicans are against the Iran deal leaving Obama to rely mainly of Democrats for the votes needed to pass the bill. Democrats, however, have been guarded when speaking publicly on whether they will back Obama.

“Obama has aggressively courted Democrats in recent weeks, hosting the entire House Democratic caucus at the White House last week and dispatching secretary of state John Kerry, energy secretary Ernest Moniz, and treasury secretary Jack Lew to provide numerous briefings—both closed and public—on Capital Hill,” reports The Guardian.

Behind the resistance to the Iran deal are ‘exaggerated threat,’ according to Obama. “Those who say we can walk away from this deal and maintain sections are selling a fantasy. Walk away from this agreement and you will get a better deal: for Iran.”

Using his tongue like a whip, Obama went on stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was dead wrong in his resistance to the Iran deal charging that Iranians would be benefited more should the deal fail.

Obama’s sharp-tongued speech may not only injure his rapport with American Jewish groups but with many American people in general.

Perhaps Cory Fritz, press secretary to House Speaker John Boehner, reveals what most American’s are truly thinking as he stated, “As Congress and the American people review this deal, President Obama’s rhetoric is raising far more questions than answers.”

Listen to the full speech from Obama:

By Lorra B.

21 thoughts on “Obama Has Harsh Words For Iran Deal Critics And Many Americans May Take Offence [Video]

  1. Glad you brought this up Lorra. With everyone focusing on the reality TV ‘debate’ I was wondering what’s going on – being ‘forced along.’ Basically, I’m hearing him say, ‘it’s this, or you’re getting bombed.’ It might just be both! Sept. is a key month for the occult illuminati and powers that be who run the show and with the practice the military’s getting w/ JH 15 (JH AI) they’re to be prepared for the outburst of what the ‘rulers’ have planned (bigger and better than the orchestrated 911). There’s a pic at the DIA of a gargoyle sitting in a suitcase with his hands over his ears – this blog posting brings it to mind – we know they (the evils that be) are planning something big and using their minion Bari to proclaim the threat. http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-the-denver-international-airport/

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  2. It will be interesting to see if the Jewish voters begin to turn on him after this. He has not been the greatest friend to Israel and yet has not lost the Jewish vote, perhaps this will be the final straw and in the next election they will hold all the Democrats accountable if this deal is passed.

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  3. What in the world would make you think I would give a hoot about what he had to say. With the veritable plethora on winners delivered to your home by Muslim Homing Pigeons, you send me this swill? Has he ever said the truth with the exception when he got trapped, big gulp, with my energy plan your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket. Shame on you !!! 🙂

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