14 thoughts on “This Is The ONLY Correct Response To The Beheading Of An American

      • I know you wouldn’t. It will always take the Army to finish up the ground work and put the enemy into the shape that will make the most of victory. The WW II Pacific war was an excellent example of coordination, and it was completed with General MacArthur quickly changing feudal country worshipping an Emperor in their religion to a vibrant, capitalist democracy. Unfortunately, our country isn’t what it was; our government possesses neither the desire nor the ability, I am afraid, to repeat that history. Propagandist lies telling us that our conflicts are to promote democracy are no longer believed. The objective is to kill and destroy all necessary to leave the remains to please those left alive.

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      • Thank you. Sad but true. Our Military has been malign to the extent, that we are not respected as we should. I’m also afraid that history will repeat itself. Those propagandists, probably have never served. Can’t understand why they hate us so much, but hey, I served, and will still answer the call, if needed. Hooah! Blessings.


  1. Good Day Lorra, came across this and posted it in a comment on Steve’s blog: THE CHINESE PLAN TO OCCUPY AMERICA http://christianpatriots.org/category/government/ from, David Hodges – you know the sort of things he writes about. With terrorist in the WH, and other (anti-representive America governing branches), we’d be bombing our own nation capitals and residences. Just as the 911 ‘alleged’ jets flew off course for hours and air traffic controllers said & did nothing [nor did the air force – who monitor our air ways], those in leadership positions might not literally hold the knife in their own hands but they provide support and resources to those who do, and maybe even point the way.


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