15 thoughts on “Male Privilege Eh Hillary?

  1. And to change all that, now women are given the honor to ‘fight along side the men’ – no longer the ‘primary victims’ rather empowered and privileged just like the men (to fight the Anti-American banker’s/elite’s wars) – never mind that the military had to downgrade the physical requirements & demands so women could fit the bill. Everyone wins …! Esp. the brainwashing politicians, but not the kids (upcoming Global Citizens), who, if lucky enough to not have been aborted, will be raised by the State/NWO while their parents are doing the bidding for the ‘powers that be’. Hilly is ‘okay’ w/ that – as long as her many ‘heavily armed SS bodyguard’ are taking care of her – maybe she’ll even have a few females ones to show how she ‘supports’ women Privilege! Salami, Benghazi, Baloney. Better to not to be Privileged! Another word perverted for the sake of the 2030 Agenda.


  2. I love this it is great Male privilege to protect the American way of life and so many other lives. Would she have us as “President” to simply sit on the sidelines as people are murdered in mass numbers? Women are the victims, to be spared is a bad thing?

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    • She has a very messed up view of life. I get, that as a result of war and the sacrifices the men (and, BTW Hillary, WOMEN, make that many women are left losing loved ones but does that make them victims?? Hmmmm. No. It makes them and anyone who loses a loved one to war, CASUALTIES of war, not victims. But, that’s just MHO. 🙂


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