“We Don’t Need A Department Of Veteran Affairs.” That’s What Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson Says

Ben Carson on the Dave Ramsey Show Snapshot Credit, YouTube

Ben Carson on the Dave Ramsey Show
Snapshot Credit, YouTube

September 4, 2015

By Lorra B. 

“We don’t need a department of Veteran Affairs,” according to Presidential hopeful and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

“The size of government has to be reduced significantly,” Carson told the Dave Ramsey Show. “There’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing that doesn’t make sense. We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs should be in under the Department of Defense, and it should be a smooth transition,” stated Carson.

It is the belief of Mr. Carson that the problems with the VA system are a huge deterrent for attracting new military recruits.

“We need to be looking at the way that we take care of soldiers,” Carson Stated. “You know 14 percent down recruitment for our voluntary Army right now. Why? Because they’re looking at what we’re doing to our veterans.”

What Carson is suggesting is a health savings account instead of the current system. A health savings account would allow veterans to obtain treatment at any medical facility instead of restricting them to government-run hospitals. The VA would then be turned into a specialty hospital to care for traumatic injuries such as loss of limb or severe brain injuries.

Not everyone is happy with Carson’s suggestions.

According to Military Times, it wasn’t long before some veterans were outraged by Carson’s remarks. The Veterans of Foreign War ripped apart Carson’s plans for veteran health care indicating they would be damaging and certainly not helpful.

Veterans of foreign Wars National Commander John Biedrzyck made a statement, “To suggest that disabled veterans could be sent out into the economy with a health savings account card overlooks the fact that civilian health care has waiting lists of their own…and presupposes that civilian doctors have the same skill sets as VA doctors, who see veterans of every age and malady every day. It provides an irreplaceable service to the nations wounded, ill and injured veterans and my organization will not let any candidate for any office suggest anything otherwise.”

Even Former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland threw his displeasure with Carson’s proposal into the ring and tweeted “Apparently @RealBenCarson didn’t talk to vets for his vets plan. We should fight for vets, not cut care.”

O’Malley further tweeted, “Unlike @RealBenCarson, I am working with vets across the country on a plan that is worthy of their service and sacrifice.” Now, to be fair to Carson, not all vets are in agreement that we need the VA system either and I have added a couple of those comments as well.

After the Twitter War, O’Malley publicized his plan to bring veterans to full employment. In his ‘National Service’ plan, he will also help find work for anyone who, for medical reasons, is unable to join the military.

Also not happy with Carson’s VA plan is retired Army major general Paul D. Eaton. “Rather than think of ways to nickel and dime our veterans, Dr. Carson should be thinking of other areas of fat in government — particularly in defense contracts — that can be cut, so we can hire more doctors and caregivers, to provide returning veterans with the kind of care they earned.”

There are problems in the VA system, there can be no doubt. The country has been distressed by the waiting lists and horrified by the number of veterans who have died waiting for their health needs to be met.

Yes, the VA is a mess and in need of serious repair. No matter which side of the fence you are on, wanting a ‘do-over’ for the VA or dismantling the VA, one thing is certain…Perhaps Ben Carson is doing the VA a good service by bringing it further into the light.

By Lorra B.

9 thoughts on ““We Don’t Need A Department Of Veteran Affairs.” That’s What Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson Says

  1. Weird – your blogs haven’t been showing up in my Reader feed like they should. I totally missed this.

    Addressing this issue, you know I’m a veteran who has been using the VA health system for over 30 years. There can be no question that it’s broken. Part of the problem is that each hospital seems to function as the individual fiefdom of the top administrator – and his performance bonuses are ALWAYS tied to keeping costs down, which can only depress quality of care.

    I think Ben Carson may have an idea – but it really doesn’t look like it goes far enough. My thought is that the VA should issue ID cards (like the one I already carry) that would instantly be recognized by any health care provider in the country – and they would just directly bill the VA for needed service with no co-pay from the veterans.

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  2. Well, let me revise my statement. All federal agencies exist to steal money and give jobs to losers who can’t make it in the private sector. Therefore, get rid of the VA, have veterans obtain health care anywhere they want and if their condition was caused by a combat injury, it’s free for life. Otherwise, same healthcare as anyone else anywhere they want and can go.

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  3. I’ve always felt the VA gave second rate treatment, and to the exact wrong people…these are the people that deserve the best doctors, the best hospitals. I have always believed in giving as part of their service a lifetime of free, top-quality, private-run medical care, anywhere in the country…and they cannot be denied service, but are put at the front of any line. Isn’t that the least we can do???

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  4. What I heard Carson say was that if we have a Department of Defense, we shouldn’t require a Veterans Administration; taking care of veterans should be a DoD function. I agree with this with regard to wounded, injured, debilitated veterans … and retirees, which was always the intent before LBJ created Medicare and couldn’t find out any way to fund it without taxing military personnel along with everyone else (except members of Congress and the executive departments). So I think we need to find out what Carson actually intends on this issue. Now I have to confess that I don’t understand any veteran who thinks that the VA is doing a good job. Look at the numbers of veterans the VA has killed since the end of World War II. How is killing veterans a worthwhile service?


    • THAT is one thing that turns me off about Carson! He may just be uninformed (ignorant) to the facts of the damaging affects and the ill-intent behind these Agenda vaccines – the vaccination Plan.
      If he’s supportive of the VETS he can be informed about this and NOT support the Globalist toxic vaccines!
      Here’s a site w/ more info than the vaccination agenda, but it encapsulate other things included in the Agenda 2030 (revised Agenda 21).


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