Watch: Wounded Warriors Compete In The Triumph Games

Triumph Games Warriors Snapshot Credit

Triumph Games Warriors
Snapshot Credit

September 4, 2015

By Lorra B.

The Triumph Games is a new show being aired in October on the NBC Sports Network and will featuring competitions by wounded warriors. These Triumph games will test these soldiers both mentally and physically.

“Many people would be destroyed by the burdens veterans have to carry, and especially our wounded vets,” reports Rare. “Yet, they’re able to rise above and not only lead fulfilling lives, they’re able to lead extraordinary ones. For the Triumph Games, 12 veterans and athletes were chosen to battle through three rounds of competition: a triathlon, a live-streaming gaming competition, and motorsports. Called the “Terrific 12”, the founders of the Triumph Games believe they are role models who serve as an inspiration. And while all of the competitors are amazing athletes, only one can go “from war to winning”, and become the 2015 Triumph Games Champion.”

The Triumph Games should prove to not only be a great show, it will be a great inspiration to many Americans knowing that if these contestants could find the strength to aspire to greatness then they can too.

Good luck to you all and we will be watching soon!

By Lorra B.

8 thoughts on “Watch: Wounded Warriors Compete In The Triumph Games

  1. Thanks for posting this Lorra This is without a doubt a good idea and a way to allow these brave Vets a way to shine again. Often what happens in war fades or never reaches the headlines it is our bravest that sign up knowing they might have to give all.


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