Americans Respond Positively to Police In Military Riot Gear According to New Poll


Police in riot gear watch protesters in Ferguson, Mo. Aug. 13, 2014 (Photo: Public Domain)

July 22, 2016

By Lorra B.

Because of the recent murders of several police officers, and in spite of past public outcry, the 2015 ban on military equipment being given to police departments is being reconsidered by President Obama.

The ban includes items from surplus military such as riot gear and armored vehicles, confirmed a White House official on Thursday.

“As the recommendations provide for, we review the program regularly with law enforcement and civil rights groups to ensure that it is achieving its goals.”

It was this very gear that caused so much public uproar when the police in cities like Ferguson showed up in full-on riot gear, heavy artillery and armored vehicles to help control the crowds during police brutality protests.

A major study topic is being done at the University of California, Berkeley, The Deciding Force Project. This study’s intention is to help find factors that turn peaceful protests into violent protesters.

The lead researcher of the project, Nick Adams, began the project when he witnessed the intense clash between the police and protesters.

“We’re finding police have a lot of capacity to set a tone. When police show up in riot gear you get a different kind of interaction than when they show up in their regular uniforms,” Adams stated. “These things end up being provocative to a crowd of people not used to fighting.”

The study shows that violence increases considerably when police don riot gear. The recent shooting of police officers, however, has given Obama and many police departments reason to revisit the ban.

On July 11, three days after five police officers in Dallas were killed, eight police organization leaders met with Obama and VP Joe Biden to discuss military gear. A week later three more officers were gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

As protests and protesters continue to grow both in number and intensity there can be no doubt that police need to protect themselves. But is riot-gear the answer?

“Denver’s police chief doesn’t believe riot gear is warranted in most situations, and said police would continue to monitor demonstrations as they always have — with officers in their regular blue uniforms,” writes The Denver Post.

In a poll taken by The Denver Post, citizens were asked if riot gear should or should not be worn by police officers and the results may surprise you.


Clearly citizens, in this poll, are worried about the safety of police officers and rightfully so.

Still, the research shows that riot gear strikes fear and escalates violence. But, Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, stated “The White House thought this kind of gear was intimidating to people, but they didn’t know the purpose it serves.”

Americans responded positively to the new poll regardless of past negativity toward military gear. Time will tell if Americans riot-gear favoritism continues.

Silent Soldier: By Lorra B. 

16 thoughts on “Americans Respond Positively to Police In Military Riot Gear According to New Poll

  1. The simple reason most people are in favor of cops in riot gear is because most people don’t have anything to fear with cops in riot gear because they aren’t anywhere NEAR where there are cops in riot gear. Only the trouble makers fear it (as they should).

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    • Sorry, I was checking to see if my comment would ‘take’. Maybe I fixed the problem of leaving comments on some blogs? 🙂 Anyway, agree. Seeing police in Riot gear doesn’t upset me but what is upsetting is that they have to use it so frequently. Poor guys. I hope they can stay safe.

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  2. “The study shows that violence increases considerably when police don riot gear.” Then why not have them show up in peace and love tie died shirts; would everybody start hugging and kissing instead? The study sounds like somebody coming up with more political correctness crap, to justify jackass behavior. Its another excuse, the cops need to protect themselves with whatever it takes.

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