Female Army Officers With The Coveted Green Beret In Their Sights


Field Florida, Airborne Engages, Green Berets, Special Forces, Fire Training, Forces Green, Training Exercise, 3Rd Special. (Photo: Public Domain)

July 26, 2016

By Lorra B.

Two female Army officers have been accepted into the Special Forces training program with the hope of the Green Beret in their sights.

Maj. Melody Faulkenberry, a spokesperson for the Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Welfare Center, stated that the women could report to the program by October.

“It would be publicly unfair to name the women or provide information about their service backgrounds,” stated Faulkenberry. “We want to allow the soldiers the same opportunities everyone else has to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection,” she said. “If their names came out, it could possibly change the way they are treated … or add undue pressure on them in a course that is already very demanding.”

Out of 340 soldiers, both men and women, who applied for the program only 220 were accepted. Nine female Army officers in total were accepted into the program.

“According to the Army documents, officers must have been promoted to first lieutenant between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015, be cleared for world-wide deployment, possess a secret clearance and score at least a 240 on the Army Physical Fitness Test” to be accepted in SFAS, reports Stars and Stripes.

In order to earn that coveted Green Beret, officers must endure grueling physical challenges and Courses that could last 64 weeks. But according to Faulkenberry, only about half of the soldiers will graduate and earn the Green Beret.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the restrictions on women in the military be lifted last year and since that time 21 women have been commissioned into the infantry and one, Army officer Griest, had joined the infantry.

We wish you all the best soldiers!

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9 thoughts on “Female Army Officers With The Coveted Green Beret In Their Sights

  1. Anything a Commander-in-Chief who dresses ROTC men in red high heel shoes–I will stop top at that point, everybody knows where it goes from there–is worth questioning in implementation of his policy.

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  2. Excellent report, making it through initial training will not be easy and the advanced training is horrific. If women are up for it, let them do it. They would be particularly helpful when questioning women in our wars in sand land where men can’t question women according to Sharia.

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    • They deserve it just like any man. As long as the criteria and standards are not lowered. It is hard, hard, and double hard. There are some big bruisers fail, it is also about discipline, and character, as well as being a highly trained soldier, and best friend, … some of the standards in the early 60s were killers, of course that was what we were trained for. It was nearly as the song said, 100 tested but perhaps few selected just to go on with the training. Good luck ladies, and yes you do have the same opportunity for the beat-down you will undergo.

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  3. Sorry to ask them this, but was the phrase “John F. Kennedy Special Welfare Center” an error, form of humor, or real office? Anything is possible these days, even imposing political “correctness” on society regardless of expense or reduction of effectiveness of a program.

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  4. No desire to offend but I don’t think this is a good thing. It’s bad enough that men have to fight but to send women? We women are suppose to represent civilization and all that’s good not be wallerin’ around in the mud pits with the guys. I think this is yet another sign of our lack of respect for human life. It lacks humanity. Israel already tried this in their military and it was not successful. There are so many components to this issue it would take an entire article to state them. The most glaring is, what will our society think when women are captured, then tortured, raped, and/or beheaded? Anyway, I wish those women well. Hope they can stay safe along with all the other guys. Just my two cents.

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  5. I hope I don’t start anything here…but…If she really can do it without drumming/dumming down the physical demands, then, hey, I’m for it… Every man and woman ought to have to go thru the same demands. Just saying, wink.

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