Over A Thousand Protesters Demand Americans Leave Incirlik, Turkey

imageedit_2_9995329007July 29, 2016

By Lorra B.

No longer wanting American presence in Turkey, a U.S. Military Air Base at Incirlik, filled with thousands of protesters yesterday demanding the base be closed.

Incirlik is a primary NATO base and was affected by the recent coup attempt. “A senior Turkish commander at the base was arrested for joining the coup attempt, and local authorities cut off power to the base after it was discovered coup plotters used a tanker aircraft based there to refuel fighter jets involved in the coup attempt,” reported Daily Sabah Turkey.

It was reported that many Turkish citizens believed it was the U.S. behind the coup.

Americans were cautioned about the protest in advance by U.S. diplomatic missions to steer clear of the demonstration.

A Pentagon spokeswoman, Henrietta Levin, stated, “It did not impact operations at Incirlik.”

The protest was being broadcast by some networks:


Demonstrators were screaming Anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans, according to RT stringer. Police found it necessary to block the military base entrance to avert any possible intrusions and “the US State Department had already informed American nationals in the country that its Adana consulate will close sooner than usual,” reported Press TV.

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 There has been an immense crackdown on anyone considered having taken part or being coup supporters. More than 60, 000 people have either been detained, suspended or fired according to reports.

Either controlled or owned by the United States. Incirlik houses NATO’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons used to conduct airstrikes on Iraq and Syria.

(Picture Credits, Snapshots Press TV)

17 thoughts on “Over A Thousand Protesters Demand Americans Leave Incirlik, Turkey

  1. Anytime the ‘nonAmerican’ gov. administration’s involved, openly or in secret, it’s always against the people and for the global elitist. The staged events and hoaxes here in the US, France or wherever, it’s all orchestrated and manipulated for the sake of the Agenda. Nothing’s done except for the advancement of ruin, just like what happened in Turkey. They plant people in positions to ignite the flames then use the chaos to justify heavy restraint and control (like the Boston staged bombing) – they set people up to take the fall and use it strip away freedoms and install what they’ve had planned to do all along.The two power Nations that profess themselves to be ‘for the people … it’s for the children!’ are the very one’s setting up these ‘powder-keg events’: cause the problem, act like they’re fixing it, resulting in gain for them, lost for the masses.
    ‘Failed Turkish coup led by ex-military attaché to Israel – surprise, surprise’ http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/07/18/zio-coup/


  2. OOPS! America is not respected, nor feared, as a powerful nation anymore. We are a joke to many of our enemies. Our leaders tend to bark loud, but their bites are nothing but little snips. When all hell breaks lose around the world, and Obama displays a red line, we are scoffed at. As a Veteran, I cringe whenever our leaders warn any of our enemies, for the simple reason, that nothing will be done. Glad I didn’t serve under this administration. Blessings.

    Liked by 2 people

    • First of all, God bless you for your service and sacrifices, though ‘Thank You’ will simply never be enough, thank you I do! Secondly, you couldn’t be more right and have chatted with many veterans who feel just as you do (as well as fellow patriots and citizens). It is a shame where this country seems to be headed and I, for one, am sooooo ready for a change!


  3. Oh dear … gotta fan because it’s about to hit it. Big. NATO is a joke. They nor the Department of Homeland Security will protect any Americans since they are pro-muslim. Please all Americans need to get out NOW before it’s too late.


  4. Just my humble opinion, but all Americans need to avoid that area…no vacations, no visiting etc and by all means, close the embassies and get those folks home. As for the Incirlik Base, we only lease it from the Turks. I worry about our men and women who are stationed there…that area is def. a hot bed for terror, including its president, whom I had to do a report on as a case study for my International Relations class and had to present it as if presenting it in front of Dept. of Homeland Security (tough when you have pro –well…never mind). As for NATO…well…they are not living up to their side of the bargain, either. Just saying…


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