Veteran Anger – Has Obama Really Made a Difference In Veteran Care & Homelessness?

End Veteran Homelessness (Photo: Public Domain)

End Veteran Homelessness (Photo: Public Domain)

August 2, 2016

By Lorra B. 

In a speech on Monday, President Obama addressed the many issues facing the veterans health care system. In fact, Obama insisted that long wait times to see doctors had dramatically declined since he took office and that veteran homelessness had been cut nearly in half since 2010.

Out of the nearly 40,000 veterans that are homeless, 13,000 are living on the streets. According to this figure that was released on Monday, there are 56% fewer homeless vets living on the streets, according to HUD and the VA.

Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ affairs, Rep. Jeff Miller, said the cost of the homeless program is increasing dramatically and the program is showing limited results.

The cost of this program is 1.5 billion annually, reports USA Today.

Obama had promised to end veteran homelessness by 2015. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, stated, “The effort has been an unqualified success over the last few years.” But has it really?

Even Obama calls the delays that continue to plague the VA system “inexcusable” and that veterans “remain frustrated by the health care bureaucracy,” according to The New YorkTimes.

“We’ve hired thousands more doctors, nurses, staff,” Mr. Obama said at a conference of the Disabled American Veterans. “When we really put our sweat and tears and put our shoulder to the wheel, we can make things better.”

These are some of the statements by the Obama Administration that completely frustrate Veteran and Fox News affiliate, Pete Hegseth.

“This is exactly why people are frustrated with Washington DC because our ruling class in Washington tell them time and time again that things are getting better, their lives are better,” stated Hegseth. “And then they look at their own lives, and in this case for veterans, their own waits [wait times], [the] care that they are getting and then they say, ‘It’s not better, in fact it’s even worse.’ And the stats they are quoting to people are stats that grow government. More spending, more staffing, more clinicians. If you’re adding so much more on top, why is my life not getting better. Why has my wait time actually increased? Why do I still not have a choice?  Why has no one still been fired?”

“This is why Donald Trump resonates, because elites are lying to us about the reality. And this speech at the VA from…Barack Obama is a perfect example of that.”

Donald Trump supports more privatization of the Department of Veteran Affairs, though Obama adamantly rejects that idea.

The current secretary, Robert McDonald, has been a critic of the Obama administration. In 2014 problems and corruption within the VA surfaced including manipulated waiting lists to see doctors and the compulsory resignation of Eric Shinseki.

According to McDonald, more people need to be held accountable, though he does remain optimistic about putting an end to veteran homelessness.

“I don’t know when we’ll get to zero,” McDonald said. “Zero continues to be the goal.”

The cost to create and maintain the VA programs have skyrocketed and, according to many, the payoff has been tremendous and the programs a huge success. Others believe the programs to be a failure and that the continued wait-times, homelessness and deaths remain unacceptable.

There is one thing all parties can agree on and that is that the VA system needs vast improvement. No veteran should die waiting to see a doctor or remain homeless. No president, past, present or future, should be content with the status quo but do all in their power to protect the very Heroes that have risked it all for this great Nation.


By Lorra B. 

16 thoughts on “Veteran Anger – Has Obama Really Made a Difference In Veteran Care & Homelessness?

  1. When will these politicians realize they AREN’T the answer to every problem? People that have worn the uniform and sacrificed for our country should be given top of the line treatment, wherever they choose, for free for the rest of their lives! They shouldn’t have to settle for a third-rate, third-world animal hospital where golf tee times take precedence over their health. You want to solve the VA problem? Privatize it! It’s that simple of a solution!

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  2. To answer the question. NO! It has not helped Veterans at all. This administration see us as expendable, and treat us as GI(government) Issue. The powers that be, and I venture to say, a great majority of them have never served. I always say, “You have no clue, until you have served.” They malign us, treat us as trash, and tend to look the other way, when confronted with their ineptness. In have experienced some of this malady. Oh, they talk big, but do little. They want us to protect them, and we willingly do, but there’s no reciprocity. Just today, I saw an Army brother who served in Nam. First time I have ever seen him. We talked for a while, and you could tell that even after all these years, we do have a bond that will never be broken. As he left, I could see him limping so badly, that it brought tears to my eyes. Wonder if he has received any assistance from the VA. I pray so. Blessings.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more my friend and it saddens me to no end. Just reading what you wrote about the guy who served in Nam brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. There are those in government who are content to treat veterans like so much trash, or yesterdays news…use’em and toss’em. But for every waste-of-space in government not doing their part to help and provide for our veterans there are others, civilians, who are fed up and shouting from the roof-tops their displeasure! Sooner or later something will have to give or I fear an uprising. Just sayin… 🙂


    • Thanks for your service. Unfortunately these elitist / bankers wars are as you say ‘to protect them’ and not for the cause you all were led to believe (or us rooting you on)!
      I’m glad a Power Greater than those behind the scenes (shadow rulers) who blesses you guys/gals for your service with a bond they can’t touch.

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  3. I loveeeeeeeee Pete Hegseth & Brian Kilmeade (we were just listening to him on the radio while driving back from Walmart), just saying, lol.—No, the issues with the veterans have not gotten better…only worse…don’t even get me going on the why’s, what’s, where’s etc.

    Sparky hit it right on the nail (and you must of had Linda on your brain, giggling and smiling)…thank you Lorra for keeping up with what is going on…not many folks are…sad to say.

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  4. I’m not the least surprised. Our country is waxing worse and worse. For one thing, the man who calls himself Obama is a perpetual liar, just like the Clinton’s and many others in our government. They all follow the lead of the devil, the father of all lies. I really worry about their eternal punishment. They need to get saved and stop working at being so evil! The Bible says that the more sins that the unsaved commits (and lying is definitely one of them) that they “heap up coals of fire on their heads.” This is not a good scenario.
    Our local churches have been reaching out to the homeless and veterans. We have an organization called Sycamore Tree that is trying to do all it can to help the needy. It’s a daunting task. We need more volunteers, supplies, money, etc. and the government works against us at every turn.
    If our country elects Hillary Clinton in the highest office in the land, it will be more of this and worse. She’s not only evil she is inept. This is a woman who doesn’t think that “the unborn have no constitutional rights” (her words). That’s sick! Just imagine what she’ll do to our wonderful veterans. I shudder at the prospect.

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    • You hit many nails right on their heads Linda! So many veiled eyes that may never know the Lord…though we will not stop trying. In His will and in His time. All we can do is vote, walk and voice our conscience for God. The rest is all Him. It does break the heart, however, to watch and hear the horrors going on…sigh. LOVE what you are doing for our vets! Keep up the good work, though the enemy fights you every step of the way. It sure can be daunting but we know who wins! Ya! 🙂

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    • Sinner’s sin – the nature of mankind w/ out God, being alienated from LIFE and so blinded by the sin nature, to even consider God being the answer, is foolishness to the unsaved. Good for you and your group for answering the call of helping the where you’re needed. And ‘yes’ the ‘warped minded leaders’ (satanically induced) don’t want you doing that! of course!
      What you wrote brought this vid to mind. The host does a good job analyzing how the truth is being veiled by the liars in charge. “Independence Day Resurgence & Hillary Clinton | Illuminati Disclosure”
      He even uses some clips from Friends regarding ‘the THEORY of evolution’ that’s taught as FACT. It runs 15:22 mins, but worth the time I thought (much of the end of it are the ‘Friend’s’ clips.

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      • No offense please, but I humbly don’t agree about the Illuminati. There is no such thing but your comments have been spot on otherwise. I hope you continue to share your knowledge with others. It’s wonderful to have another voice that understands “the Word rightly divided.”
        May the LORD bless and keep you. 🙂

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      • OK, no offense taken. Evil is evil by any name and that spirit manifests in people and groups just like the ones Jesus confronted, who were in power positions, he called vipers (empowered by the god of this world [serpent] (Luke 4:5-6, 2 Cor 4:4 KJV). The vid contents are very controversial, but there’s many things that’ll catch your ear as true that he speaks about. We’ve been raised on so many lies it take Truth a while to clear away the smoke and mirrors! BUT, learning and realizing the lie from the truth is gratifying! as you know! Like the fresh feeling we get after a shower, a welcome rainfall and calming winds, cleaning off the dirt, being renewed in our minds and Life to our spirits by the Word and Grace of God! Learning to rightly divide truth from truth of God’s word (2 Tim 2:15) is important, but like Paul states in 1 Cor 8:1, knowledge has been known to puff up, and we need God’s charity to keep us balanced; for it edifies, and is above all things to put on (it’s of God – put on Christ) and lived out; the bond of perfection! Nice to meet you as well Sparky! I’ll check out your websites! 👍

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