Our Military Being Pulled into A Political Tug of War

Members of the United States Military Paying Close Attention To a Speech Being Made. (Photo: Public Domain)

Members of the United States Military Paying Close Attention To a Speech Being Made.
(Photo: Public Domain)

August 3, 2016

By Lorra B.

The political presidential tug-of-war between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has spilled over into the military arena and the results of that may have an impact on the military’s ability to serve under the future president of the United States and the way it is viewed by the American people.

Perhaps for all the wrong reasons, presidential politics have centered around military staff, veterans and their families.

Bill Rausch, executive director of Got Your Six’s advocacy group, stated, “Yes, we’re talking about military families and veterans on the campaign trail, and that’s normally a great thing. But we’re not talking about anything of substance. If we can’t talk about veterans’ health and…military transition issues, then this is a wasted opportunity.”

“Instead, campaign officials and many media outlets have highlighted the latest series of military-themed scandals surrounding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump,” reports Military Times.

Because both Trump and Clinton have given prominent roles to retired military officers and critics believe the military’s position to serve the next president, regardless of party affiliation, is jeopardized.

According to The Hill, there are officers in the military, both past and present, that don’t like what they are seeing politically.

In a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, Retired Gen. Martin Dempsey, previous chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated, “The military is not a political prize. Politicians should take the advice of senior military leaders but keep them off the stage.”

Instead of keeping the military off of the political stage, media and campaign officials have placed them front and center in a series of scandals, most lately surrounding Trump.

Americans are bombarded with images of Trump having words with the father of an Iraqi fallen soldier and Obama saying he is unfit to serve because of a joke about a Purple Heart. And let’s not forget about the booing mother of a deployed airman at a Nevada rally.


These incidents all have one thing in common, to take the spotlight off of the real military issues being discussed by our presidential nominees.

Very little about our military and veteran reform strategies that have been proposed by either candidate have been discussed in the media. The strategies by both parties include overhauling veterans’ healthcare, defeating both terrorism and the Islamic State, and vowing for a stronger military.

Where is all the media coverage about our political parties plans? They are being upstaged by Democratic and Republican controversies.

This has a direct effect on our military and how American’s view them.

Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, stated that the next commander in chief needs to be confident that the military “is completely loyal and completely prepared to do what must be done.”

“Importantly, as an institution, the American people cannot be looking at us as a special-interest group or a partisan organization,” Dunford said.

American’s and politicians need to know that the military is politically color-blind, that they can unbiasedly carry out their missions. Americans also need to hear about the real issues plaguing our military and our veterans. Turning political conventions into military-themed scandals does nothing more than divert attention and up ratings.

Rausch stated that all the latest military attention isn’t really getting the important issues emphasized.

“In a vacuum, theses [conventions] have been good events to start the conversation,” he said. “But if starting to talk about military strategy and veterans issues was two steps forward, all of these controversies are at least one big step backwards.”

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By Lorra B.


15 thoughts on “Our Military Being Pulled into A Political Tug of War

  1. Reply to Dr. Lorra: I added this to your offering as my lead. In one of the many oddities happening on a daily basis, those serving in the United States Military have their Constitutional rights restricted.

    “Our Military Being Pulled into A Political Tug of War.”

    Regarding search and seizure, when living in Military housing the military has the right to search your/their homes at will.


    Trial by a Random Jury of Your Peers.

    Minor violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (the military legal code) may be dealt with through punishment decided by commanders without any trial (“receive an Article 15”).
    However, the accused always has the right to demand a Court-Martial rather than accept an Article 15.
    Those who elect to undergo a Court-Martial, or whose alleged crime exceeds what an Article 15 can cover, do not face a random jury of their peers.
    Instead the jury is hand selected by the convening body, and will consist of officers unless the accused is enlisted and specifically requests an enlisted jury.

    10 U.S. Code § 825 – Art. 25. Who may serve on courts-martial


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  2. These incidents all have one thing in common, to take the spotlight off of the real military issues being discussed by our presidential nominees.” Amen to that! And that includes almost all the previous Commander’s In Chief. None of them to my knowledge has done much of anything to improve or care for military personnel. At least some have been more respectful than others.
    I’m truly amazed that anyone else also favors a Libertarian President, especially military. I just don’t see how we could possibly garner enough votes to get one elected. If we don’t all stick together this time and vote for the Republican candidate, we are truly lost. At least Mike Pence is mostly Libertarian in his voting and view points. We do have that.
    Good post again. Have a blessed day. ~:)


  3. sorry, I hit enter too soon…I think the Khan issue, the truth is really not being told about this…Trump never attacked the mother–he simply stated a question on why she didn’t speak? (clearly she was uncomfortable)–now, he ought to be a bigger person and apologize to Mrs. Khan. Period. The false narrative the press is putting out is very disheartening and hurtful to the military families and the general public.

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  4. I think, jmo, it all started innocently enough when Gen. Flynn was relieved of duty from Obama, whom was hiding facts and lying (Obama) and Flynn had had enough…my personal opinion, retired generals ought not comment, period. ALTHOUGH, they are private citizens now…I think most military folks realize that the current commander in chief is not their friend and I also believe that most of them know about faults of both candidates. As for Gen. Allen, he was relieved of duty of getting caught up in a scandal of having an affair and again, I think most service members and their families know this…how can he be effective when he isn’t living up to the code of honor that the others have to live up too?

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