“You’re Fired!” Are The Words Heard by Teen Helping a Veteran & It Has Gone Viral

Veterans hungry and homeless. (Photo: Public Domain)

Veterans hungry and homeless. (Photo: Public Domain)

August 5, 2016

By Lorra B.

Jack-in-the-Box is in the hot seat for terminating 19-year-old, Alex Mestam, in Bakersfield California for giving an Army veteran 2 free taco’s, taco’s that were about to be thrown out anyway.

Mestam stated that a friendship had developed with the veteran. “Him and I would just share stories, and I’d ask how he was doing,” Mestam recalled. “Since he’s a vet, I don’t think I should charge him for a coffee. It’s like, not even a dollar for his coffee.”

Jack-in-the-Box’s corporate office, while viewing the surveillance camera, noticed Mestam giving the veteran two tacos that another customer ordered and happened to have left behind. Coincidentally, the veteran had also ordered 2, 99 cent tacos.

“It’s either throw them away, or make them for him,” Mestam stated.

On Monday morning, and without any warning, Mestam was fired from his 2-year-long employment.

Corporate claimed that Mestam had “mishandled funds” and that his employee violations where the reason he was fired, not for helping the Veteran.

“We too are grateful to our veterans and to the men and women currently serving in the armed forces. Regarding this incident, while it would not be appropriate to provide complete details on an internal disciplinary issue, our actions in this case were not based on just one incident and had nothing to do with the guest’s military experience,” stated Jack-in-the-Box representatives.

There has been a call to boycott Jack-in-the-Box as the Facebook post has gone viral.


“I mean, I’ve been there for two years, that was my first job,” he said, although he stands by what he did. “I know what I did wan’t right to them, but to me it felt right,” explained Mestam.

Perhaps Jack-in-the-Box would like to take this opportunity to introduce a nice discount for our veterans.

By Lorra B.


23 thoughts on ““You’re Fired!” Are The Words Heard by Teen Helping a Veteran & It Has Gone Viral

  1. I think it’s deplorable what Jack-In-The-Box did. However, I’m a retired business woman and I think I would have handled giving the Veteran food differently. Next time, pay for whatever you’re giving to the needy, even it is going to be thrown out. I learned that from reading the Apostle Paul’s advice about living a blameless life so that no one may accuse us of anything. But, I’m old and have a lot of life experience.
    And that poor veteran. I pray that he can receive the kind of help he needs. And no matter what happens, kindness is never wasted. We must never tire in doing what is right.

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  2. Cool, another place I never patronize will not be patronized by more folks after I take this to my spot and make it go even more viral. Yea I’m sure the kid did it more than one time.

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  3. Fox stated it wrong in their header. Mestam gave him a left order that was going to trashed – like you pointed out Lorra B. And, the rotten human (fallen) nature corp. heads,justified themselves saying whatever they want, because they know they can get away w/ it – just like the leaders of this country. We’re talking 99 cents here and the principle of this young man’s conduct in question. Opening the visor 👀 some and realizing how the ‘principle’ is abused in the Gov. who gives 99K + to support groups that fight against US troops and they don’t even get a slap on the wrist. I think this incident is being picked up because it shows in a very small way what’s going on in a very HUGE way; that affect even the little people. The Vet, the guy wanting to help and the big bad Corp. out for Profit all prove out the fact: ‘When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.’ Prov. 29:2. Raises the question: What would things look like if godly people were running the show? Maybe Corp. leaders would hire the Vets and they could have free coffee on the job!

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  4. This is my take. Jack in the Box, could have contacted this young man, and advised him regarding company policies, and that would have been the end of it. The tacos had been paid for, and I’m sure that if that customer had returned, they would have given him/her new tacos. What kind of an example are they setting? Are they telling these impressionable young people not to honor Veterans? They are sending the wrong message. I wear my military cap at all times. I receive a 10% discount at most places. I never ask for it. Jack in the Box has never offered me anything. But hey, that’s ok. I don’t need it. I have a PhD, I Psychology, and I’m doing quite well, but there are Veterans who are not as blessed. Those are the ones I fight for. Thank for your enlightening pos. Blessings.

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    • I agree, no need at all to fire this kid. As you say, so many veterans are in need of help so why didn’t Jack-in-the-Box take the opportunity to reach out to them by taking the lead from this giving soul? Sad.

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  5. Oh oh…I am probably going to step into it…I disagree with being fired and applaud that young men for wanting to help. BUT/HOWEVER, that young man might have- should of paid for those tacos…did the veteran pay for them? (it doesn’t state)–now, I think Jack n Box ought to have perhaps not jumped the gun and fired the kid(sorry, young man) AND perhaps had a talking to with the young man and some sort of payback or whatever. I often wonder what happens to all the food leftover at the end of the night…does it go to the homeless or does it go in the trash? My bet the trash…Having worked in a soup kitchen, I have to tell you, these companies get under my last nerve. Rather throw the items out then feed the poor and needy. (not all companies, but most)

    BTW, my sil was fired from a bread company because she took a item out the trash after her shift—they-the company were throwing items away —what kind of nonsense is this? I am just wondering. Feed the poor and needy…just saying…

    I hope the young man can file for unemployment, knowing how hard it is to find a job now a days…shaking my head. Shame on Jack n the Box…maybe a little understanding would of gone a long way. (on both parts–jack and the young man)

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