It’s Official, Transgender Recruits Will Be Accepted into the Navy and Marines by 2017

The Pentagon celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender Pride Month. (Photo: Public Domain)

The Pentagon celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender Pride Month.
(Photo: Public Domain)

August 9, 2016

By Lorra B.

In June the Defense Department ended its ban on transgender service members. New policies for the Navy and Marines are now being implemented including a time-frame as to when transgender troops will have full military acceptance, care for medical transition inclusive.

According to Navy Times, “…the Navy Department is preparing to provide medical and administrative support for transitioning sailors and Marines, train personnel on the particulars of serving in a transgender-inclusive force and, by next summer, accept transgender recruits into boot camp.”

A transgender service member is described as anyone diagnosed by military personnel as medically in need gender transition, according to ALNAV 053/16.

Both the Navy and the Marine applicants who meet all standards related to service will be admitted by July 1, 2017. Forced separation from other service members or being denied re-enlistment because of ‘gender identity’ will be strictly prohibited.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stated, “The gender identity of an otherwise qualified individual will not bar them from joining the Navy or Marine Corps, from admission to the United States Naval Academy, or from participating in Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps or any other accession program.”

“These policies and procedures are premised on the conclusion that open service by transgender Sailors and Marines, while being subject to the same standards and procedures as other members with regard to their medical fitness for duty, physical fitness, uniform and grooming, deployability, and retention, is consistent with military readiness.”

In the works are training handbooks to provide guidance to all involved, from the commanding officers to the rest of the force.

By November 1, instructions outlining procedures, responsibilities and policy will be released that relate to “personnel matters for transgender troops, including retention and accession standards, in-service transition, and medical coverage.”

It’s a new world. Transgender Sailors and Marines who desire to undergo the medical gender change will be able to begin the process by October 1.

By Lorra B.


15 thoughts on “It’s Official, Transgender Recruits Will Be Accepted into the Navy and Marines by 2017

  1. You know, if I can decide on what gender I want to be on any given day because of how I’m feeling that day, can I also decide on a daily basis whether or not I want to pay my bills, or follow the laws? I mean, if I can challenge nature and my God-given body, then why can’t I choose rules passed by man? Gee…maybe I can even decide if Hillary wins the election that she can’t be MY president based on how I’m feeling that particular day. Wow! This stuff is getting good!!!

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  2. Oh dear … this is insane. Rather than banging my head, I’ll just go for a long ride and zone out … *sigh* “Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the pride and glory of the Babylonians, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah.” [Isaiah 13:19] LORD Jesus please come back soon.

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  3. Never thought I’d see the day, when our military would be monitored by the politically correct police, instead of the MPs. It’s a miracle that our soldiers haven’t been ordered to confront the enemy by singing, “Kumbaya my Lord,” instead of confronting it with the appropriate weapons. Now you have done it. I’ll need to repair the hole in the wall, caused by me, as I banged my head against it. It’s a sad day for us. As I have stated in the past. I could not serve under this administration. We are supposed to be feared by our enemies, and respected by our friends. The world merely laughs at us. Our leader is nothing but a wimp. As a Veteran, I cringe as to how he has denigrated those of us who have served proudly, and are currently serving. Our Commander-in-Chief does not have our backs.

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    • Not a funny matter at all but I will tell you I LMBO thinking you had knocked a hole in the wall! LOL! You have to wonder just how many fists HAVE gone through walls… Hang tight my friend, God has this… 🙂

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  4. {{{Banging my head}}}}….and folks want to know why we are the laughing stock in the world…stupid things like this…{{{back to banging my head}}}
    (bring on the heat—I am sure there are folks out there who will disagree with my thoughts)

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