No Easy Way: Ex-Navy SEAL Learns a $6.6 Million Lesson the Hard Way Over Book On Bin Laden Raid

Former Navy SEAL, Matthew Bissonnette; Osama bin Laden (Photo: Public Domain)

Former Navy SEAL, Matthew Bissonnette; Osama bin Laden (Photo: Public Domain)

August 22, 201

By Lorra B.

Matt Bissonnette, a former navy SEAL, has been ordered to pay the U.S. Government $6.6 million for failing to first get permission from the Department of Defense before writing a book about his experiences during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.

No Easy Way was published two years ago under the pseudonym Mark Owen and has stirred much controversy and publicity, none of which was lost on the government. An investigation by the Pentagon was opened to decide whether or not any classified information was leaked in the book but no criminal charges against Bisdonnette were ever filed.

The Justice Department released a statement, declaring that the action reinforced service members obligations “to protect classified information after leaving the U.S. military and government in an effort to protect our nation’s national security.”

Not only is Bissonnette ordered to pay all profits and royalties from the book or any movie rights that so far total $6.6 million but he also has just under 30 days to pay an additional $100,000.

According to the settlement, Bissonnette gave presentations using slides that he failed to first get approval from the Defense Department to use.

“As a Navy SEAL, Bissonnette signed a non-disclosure agreement that would prohibit him from releasing sensitive information from his time in the military,” stated RedState. “His book, the Justice Department claimed, contained sensitive and classified material. Under the agreement made, Bissonnette will acknowledge his mistake of not submitting the book for review. Between that and the payments, the U.S. Government will not pursue more liability claims.”

The accuracy of the story itself is not being questioned but simply the way with which Bissonnette went about telling it.

Bissonnette, however, had no problems when his second book detailing his journey as a SEAL Team Six member was published. The Government gave him the nod on No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy SEAL with only a couple of redactions.

No Easy Way was on The New York Times best seller list and sold out of 575,000 copies on its first run.

By Lorra B.

26 thoughts on “No Easy Way: Ex-Navy SEAL Learns a $6.6 Million Lesson the Hard Way Over Book On Bin Laden Raid

  1. Absolutely! Put your life on the line for the safety of your country. Go on a dangerous mission. Succeed at that mission with flying colors and become a hero, and then when you try to do something that would financially reward yourself and your family, have the very same government that put you in that dangerous position in the first place, step in and take away millions of dollars that you legally earned. What a country!

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  2. It has been so difficult for me to believe these guy killed Bin Laden. Too many variables. That brief burial was too much for me to digest. Perhaps, since Obama doesn’t really have a legacy to leave behind, he would like to be remembered as the one who killed Osama. I still have too many???????? Blessings.

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  3. This is strange isn’t it! JC brings up some interesting points about how all this went down to begin w/ and the helicopter crash killing those involved – if that was even true. Who knows! Some much of this is fabricated (the Bin takeout) it’s really tough to know the full truth (acknowledging there’s a bit of truth mix in w/ a major leavening of lies)!
    Of course, this strikes the cord of Justice and it sure sound out of tune. Boy Lorra you sure know how to pick ‘um don’t you! 🙄

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  4. Here you go great woman…

    So why doesn’t everyone believe this is true? When did Osama bin Laden actually die?

    Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, shortly after 1:00 am PKT (20:00 UTC, May 1) by United States Navy SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

    Was he?

    Obama stone walls SEAL Team 6 helicopter crash.(Source) Why?

    No true member of the SEALS unless he had run a muck in the lust for money would have discussed this mission with anyone.

    Osama Bin Laden’s Ghost Lurks

    Navy SEAL FOX NEWS INTERVIEW – Rob O’Neill, How He Shot Bin Laden, Al Qaeda Leader: DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT

    Obama’s Big Ruse: Osama Bin Laden Died 14 Years Ago !

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  5. well…now… I have conflicting feelings about this one… personally, its just a shakedown by the government for money, however, they did train these men and those men did sign a non disclosure. I can clearly remember when my husband was in the Marines and clearly could not tell me where or what he was doing…and was told this also when he got out…so…I get it…I wonder if their going to go after Taya Kyle next for her late husbands book and movie.

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  6. Gee, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the IRS, you know I suppose that I’ve personally written over 25 well sourced articles that clearly show that Osama did not die at the hands of SEAL TEAM VI. Taking this to my place great job as usual. Hope you are feeling well, I broke my big toe in martial arts training on Saturday. I’m out of action for awhile. Cheers, J.C.

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