Facing Court’s-Martial for Rape, Air Force Colonel Commits Apparent Suicide

imageedit_2_9201716482September 29, 2016

By Lorra B.

The Air Force Space Command colonel accused of multiple counts of sexual assault and facing courts-martial was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Colorado home on Sunday.

According to Colorado Springs Police Sgt. Tim Stankey, “There is no indication of foul play. We are awaiting the findings of the coroner’s office.” The exact cause of death is still under investigation.

Col. Eugene Caughey, 46, was scheduled to begin his courts-martial on October 17 “in what would have been a rare instance of the military placing a senior officer on trial for sexual assault,” according to Checkpoint.

According to the press release, Caughey, “was under investigation for multiple charges including several alleged sexual offenses, adultery, and conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman.”

On June 17, 2015, Caughey was removed as vice commander.

Ryan Coward, Caughey’s lawyer, would not give a statement about the surrounding circumstances of the colonel’s death and stated, “This is very unfortunate for an officer that served our nation honorably for over 20 years,” Coward said in an email. “His family is grieving and asks that folks respect their privacy during this tough time.”

Documents that were filed by the Air Force report that one woman was raped by Caughey and that in two other instances he ‘groped’ women. Also, in violation of an order from a two-star general, Caughey refused to keep his distance from a third victim.

Caughey was one of the September 11 terrorist attack survivors and was at the Pentagon when a plane crashed into the building.

An autopsy will be performed and the exact cause of death will be determined although Sgt. Stankey added that, “We are suspecting no foul play at this time.”

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By Lorra B.


12 thoughts on “Facing Court’s-Martial for Rape, Air Force Colonel Commits Apparent Suicide

  1. Another great one Dr. We must consider in today’s upside down world the he said, she said situation involved. Was it rape or alcohol or unwanted sexual advances. In any event it the woman ginned up the story two lives will have been lost as the result of this story. Thanks taking to my site. Jim


  2. As a former military person, my heart goes out to his family, and his subordinates. I’m always at a loss, when I hear, or read articles as such. Let me clarify something. Sin is attractive to many an individual. Many do succumb to the enemy’s tempting, alluring calls. A full Bird,(Colonel) throwing his careen and ending a life that is precious to God, and for what, a second of pleasure? I did witness a few of my commanding officers, flirting with death. Thank God they were not ensnared in this, so destructive life style. Blessings.

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  3. So sad to hear of yet another tragedy in our military. As if these folks don’t have enough to deal with, something like this comes along. Well, prayers of comfort for the family and friends of not only the fellow who passed but also the victims. May we all learn from their mistakes.

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  4. I lived on several military posts/bases…here and abroad. Usually, if you heard about this type of crime, it was an E 3 (that’s a joke, but has truth to it.) Adultery, if the powers that be don’t like you, is a crime punishable by jail, court martial and a dishonorable discharge. The wives on a military base (I’m basing this on my experience between 2002-2008, what I’ve seen) generally speaking among the enlisted troops, are (were) uneducated, very young moms, first time away from home..bored, jealous & gossipy. The newer wives latch on to the older more “experienced” wives (whose husbands are E 7+). Big mistake. When the husbands are deployed, lots of them get really wild. Enlisted men’s wives are immature at best… officer wives are rank pulling bitches (in a lot of cases).

    I don’t know the Colonel, he could have been a Bill Clinton type predator, using his rank and position as a club, manipulating wide eyed innocent women (ok that was snarky). Then again, she was a more than willing participant… got caught and narc’d him out! The old “man in a uniform” is still a very strong draw… a man with power. Yummy.

    My thoughts are he had some enemies and they wanted to nail his ass to the wall! And he couldn’t face the humiliation, loss of pension & family…the advice of : “keep it in your pants” is a bit late for this man.

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