After a Decade Pentagon Demands Soldiers Who Went to War Return Reenlistment Bonuses

California National Guard Chinooks airlift Marines training in mountain warfare tactics to high elevation landing zones.  (Photo: Public Domain)

California National Guard Chinooks airlift Marines training in mountain warfare tactics to high elevation landing zones.
(Photo: Public Domain)

October 25, 2016

By Lorra B.

Thousands of California Army National Guard Soldiers who were given reenlistment bonuses over 10 years ago are being asked by the Pentagon to give the money back.

Feeling the mounting pressure to enlist soldiers during peak war time, California Guard officials overpaid reenlistees. The Los Angeles Times said that many to the 10,000 soldiers ordered to repay the bonuses served and risked their lives during several combat tours.

“Investigations have determined that lack of oversight allowed for widespread fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets,” writes The Los Angeles Times.

Soldiers, however, insist that they reenlisted in good faith and served their times, that now the military wants to renege on their agreements.

The financial burden this would place on these soldiers would be severe.

Christopher Van Meter, a former Army captain, stated, “These bonuses were used to keep people in.” The 42-year-old Van Meter stated that he had to refinanced his home mortgage to repay the “$25,000 in reenlistment bonuses and $21,000 in student loan repayments that the Army says he should not have received.”

“People like me just got screwed,” says the angry Van Meter.

Army Sergeant Robert Richmond said he is not going to pay back his $15,000 bonus, per The Times.

“I signed a contract that I literally risked my life to fulfill,” Richmond said. While in Iraq, Richmond sustained permanent injuries due to a roadside bomb attack.

The Army, however, states that Richmond wasn’t eligible to receive the bonus at the time because he had already served in the Army for 20 years.

Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, deputy commander of the California Guard, said that they would be happy to relieve these soldiers of their debts but to do so would be breaking the law.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarther released a statement that the repayments should be waved and that the matter would be thoroughly investigated so that the soldiers involved “are fully honored for their service.”

“It is disgraceful that the men and women who answered their country’s call to duty following September 11 are now facing forced repayments of bonuses offered to them. Our military heroes should not shoulder the burden of military recruiters’ faults from over a decade ago,” he stated. “They should not owe for what was promised during a difficult time in our country. Rather, we are the ones who owe a debt for the great sacrifices our heroes have made – some of whom unfortunately paid the ultimate sacrifice..”

Of the 14,000 California Guard soldiers who received incentive bonuses, 9,700 retired and current soldiers have been informed they are to repay their bonuses. So far the California Guard has recovered $22 million dollars.

It will likely be many years before this issues is put to rest as many soldiers refuse to comply and protests and appeals continue.

By Lorra B


29 thoughts on “After a Decade Pentagon Demands Soldiers Who Went to War Return Reenlistment Bonuses

  1. We serve, and go wherever they order us to go. No questions asked. We give up our normal, usual way of life, and endure it for whatever years we sign up for. No questions asked. Some of us have sacrificed our life. No questions asked. We have left our families behind, hoping that they will make it through, during our absence. No questions asked. They promise us a bonus for e-enlisting, and we are elated, as this will be a huge break for the families we leave behind. No questions asked. Suddenly, and without warning, those soldiers in California have to repay the government, the bonus they received, and they don’t expect them to question this insane decision? Here is where we draw the line. We ask, and we demand answers. Why are you treating them like trash? Why are you breaking your promise to them? And, why should they repay you, when they were the ones who sacrificed, and not you, who sat in your fancy offices, went home to your families in the evening, and slept in luxury? No way should these soldiers repay what is legitimately theirs. “Hey, Obama. You love your executive orders. For once, do something decent, and write one, wiping out these repayments.” This Army Veteran thanks you for your service, my brothers and sisters, which doesn’t seem to be appreciated by this administration. God Bless You. HOOAH!

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  2. Every veteran organization must make enough noise to bring down the house (and the Democrat scheme).
    Not just the old(er) guys in the barrooms having a beer (or ten). All veterans have to make so much noise because election day is what, 13 days away? Trump would probably jump on the issue.

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  3. So, what exactly will be done in some cases?
    Give the money back and then what?
    Wave the magic wand, and those who lost an arm or leg, will be restored?
    The blind will see?
    Those whose faces were blown off are healed?
    Those who lost their minds, reset?
    Those who lost their lives, instantly rise from the grave?
    How exactly can the government justify this?
    In my opinion, veterans, should get more, because every last one, gave of themselves.
    Expand the payouts to all the veterans, and stop giving money to ISIS and their dictator regimes.

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  4. Maybe they can fight this? They need a good lawyer. And, you know, I hate to say this but I wonder if they ought to all just go home and say ‘screw it’. You can’t tell me this is from the very top (i.e. DingleBarry). That man is so evil.


  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    What is next, everyone who paid their fair share of taxes will have to pay more because the rate was not properly judged? Wait, isn’t that what is happening when we attempt to pay down a national debt created by dishonesty?

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  6. The reenlistees met their obligations in the contract, payment not to be returned. America, do we have any idea what our country would be like under martial law written by psychopaths? A possibility well worthy of public discussion.

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  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Then the Pentagon, needs to return the LIFE, and TIME, two commodities to the military personnel. Maybe in some cases, emotional experiences. But how can any of that ever be exchanged? Think about it. In my case, I was 17 years old, and did not return home until age 20. Give me back my youth. It cannot be done.

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  8. With all the money those in the Pentagon have stolen you’d think they’d be ‘set’ (evidence blown up during the 911 false flag – just happened to hit the area where it was stored – showing the Trillions ‘misappropriated’.)
    A couple short vids to bring it to perspective:

    Today: ‘Audit: Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion Dollars Is Taxpayer Money’
    So, they just NEED MORE MONEY LORRA B. what don’t you GET ABOUT THAT? !!!
    We’re not talking thousands of $$$, not million $$$$$ but Trillions $$$$$$$….
    I see some sites ‘debunking’ this info. Now that we have ICANN (I can control what’s on the WEB and what isn’t! and that doesn’t mean us! – which has prob. been in operation for some time now already!), soon like rewritten History this too will only reflect what the ‘elite global rulers’ want the masses to know and think (which isn’t really thinking at all ~ but social conditioning at its finest).
    If WW3 (depopulation Agenda) takes out those the ‘evils that be’ intend to wipe from the face of the earth, the concern of this article won’t be an issue. But, it sure does speak to the mindset of those running the System doesn’t it.
    “The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by the Fiscal Times.” (2016) And it sure didn’t go to those you’re writing about here!!!


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