Stolen Valor – Hoping for Less Prison Time, Man Falsely Claims to be a Marine Sniper – Photos: Public Domain – Photos: Public Domain

October 28, 2016

By Lorra B.

Shane Sperow, 43, finds himself in much more trouble than the initial 23 months he is serving in state prison for an assault conviction. The Pennsylvania man decided it would be a good idea to pretend to be an ex-Marine sniper, and a well decorated one at that, to get less time on his conviction.

Shane Sperow (Screen Shot, Check Point)

Shane Sperow (Screen Shot, Check Point)

Sperow’s charade has landed him up to five years of additional prison time at his sentencing Tuesday, according to The Reading Eagle.

Time serving in operations of Desert Shield and Desert Storm are just a couple of his outright lies. He goes on to claim he was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. If that weren’t bad enough he shamefully claimed earning both a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts!

Pennsylvania assistant district attorney, Charles Prutzman, while addressing the list of Sperow’s imagined accomplishments, stated, “In reality, none of those things were true. And you were never a U.S. Marine.”

According to Sperow he told the lies in order to not only get out of jail sooner but to turn his life around for his son as well.

Prutzman stated, “So not only did he disgrace veterans who actually made sacrifices for the county, but he basically exhibited a complete lack of respect for the court system as a whole and the legal process as it needs to function correctly.”

“If we can’t make accurate sentencing decisions, then it really impugns the entire system.”

Sperow began to realize he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was as his story began to fall apart. Prutzman, after reading Sperow’s written statement of all his accomplishments, said, “The list was so fantastical, it sounded like there should be a movie made about the guy.” That’s just about when the fact checking began and Sperow’s story ended.

The Eagle reported:

According to court documents, Elder noted that Sperow was a sniper with the First Force Recon, which is part of the Special Forces of the Marines. He said Sperow’s most notable service was his deployment in Fallujah, Iraq, in April 2004.

Elder said Sperow was watching over an Army checkpoint when it came under fire and was overrun. He claimed Sperow left his sniper post and went to the checkpoint, where he “personally saved four airborne individuals,” according to court documents.

Elder said that while Sperow was taking the other individuals to a safe place, a Humvee near him was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade. He said the explosion severely injured Sperow’s right hand, right shoulder and the back of his head, resulting in numerous surgeries.

Sperow gave forged documents in February of this year stating that he was Marine Corps member, well decorated and retired, all of which he admitted to.

District Attorney John Adams stated that the “masquerade” had gone on quite long enough and that, “We intend to hold this individual accountable. We will continue to honor those who served in our military, but those who lie about their military service will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.”

Stolen Valor, a false claim about a person’s military service, isn’t taken lightly and nor should it be. Our Brave heroes put their very lives on the line every day for the likes of you and I…and yes, even folks like Mr. Sperow. Woe to the one who steals the Valor from those who served this great nation. Hell hath no fury…

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By Lorra B.

16 thoughts on “Stolen Valor – Hoping for Less Prison Time, Man Falsely Claims to be a Marine Sniper

    • Do you remember when Trump first announced he was getting into the Presidential race? Of course, I wanted to comment on the article. It was strange. The more positives I gave for Trump, I was blasted. YES! Cruz operatives had taken over Donald Trump’s site.
      Their comments continued to remind me of something I read years ago. Come to find out, I was 100% correct. They were utilizing “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I un-subscribed to the site; and was invited back. My response: “No Bloody Thank you Anyway!”
      Tea Party Command had no idea this was going on.

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  1. With leaders of this Country claiming to be ‘Americans’ (Pro America) and ‘serving the American people for their best interesting’ (a bunch of bunk!) shouldn’t this follow? When the anti-American philosophy (bill ayers style) are in positions of power and control, the lack of value and valor fades, erode and the sense of selfless pride with it.
    Anymore Lorra B. it seems that the termites taking over what’s left of a structure that was once built upon God’s Word as the foundation. The Rock cannot be destroyed but the wood, hay and stubble unconnected to it as a base can be and easier burned up and blown away. Truth pure as gold, has been replaced and we are seeing what things are without it.

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      • Glad you concur! I was thinking of the phrase, quality of life, sometimes we’re indoctrinated (beguiled) to think of it as something it isn’t (mere illusion). I think that goes along w/ it too Lorra. Eve found that out and we’re still suffering from that choice! [Adam could’ve stopped her – that same mindset goes on today!]


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