She Defended Banning Military Members From Bars. It May Be a Choice Democratic Senate Hopeful Deborah Ross Regrets

United States Marines. (Photo: Public Domain)

United States Marines. (Photo: Public Domain)

November 2, 2016

By Lorra B.

Deborah Ross, while serving as executive of the American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina, was all in for bars wanting to ban military members from their establishments, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

North Carolina:  Deborah Ross.  (Photo: Public Domain)

North Carolina:
Deborah Ross.
(Photo: Public Domain)

“Critics of her ACLU record have pointed to cases that Ross took up and also cases that she chose to ignore.Ross, who is in a battle to defeat Republican Sen. Richard Burr for the State Senate seat, has come under fire for defense of banning military members from state bars and has been forced to answer questions about it.

“One group that never received her help was a group of active military members in North Carolina who were told they could not attend certain bars because they were part of the armed forces.”

North Carolina has a very robust military tradition but in 1996 it’s city of Wilmington began refusing entrance to anyone within the military and set about instilling a “no-military” rule.

Why you might ask? The bars cited that Marines were violent. So, the new rule went into effect and if anyone even looked as if they might be in the military they were asked to leave.

Club owner, Ian Mosely, wrote to Camp Lejeune requesting that they give notice that they would no longer be open for business to troops stating, “I truly believe in the armed forces. “But when you’ve been told kill, kill, kill seven days a week, it’s hard to calm down when you go out on a Saturday night.”

Mosely went on to say, “Having girls get blood splattered on their blouses isn’t good for business.”

Basically, Mosely was lumping all the armed forces into a stereotype with reckless abandon and throwing out the entire batch because of a few bad apples.

Marine Capt. George Josephs stated at the time, “How can they pick a certain class of people? That’d be the same as saying only people who make a certain amount of money can come in. They could just as easily say they don’t want blacks in or Jewish people in.”

Ross contended that service members of the military did not qualify “as a protected class” such as race or gender.

Besides, Ross could not be bothered with such issues because she had other pressing matters on her mind, the right to burn the American Flag.

While Ross busied herself with helping to defend the right to burn American flags, she had no time to help Vietnam War veteran, Robert McClure, who was told he could not fly the American Flag on his own property.

McClure wrote to Ross in 2001:


A spokesman for Rep. Sen. Richard Burr, Jesse Hunt, stated, “There was one common theme during Deborah Ross’ dangerous ACLU career: she’ll stand up for convicted criminals and sex offenders, but can’t be bothered to help veterans or military members in need.”

Though Ross stated that the Armed Forces cannot be a protected class, most would contend that any group being singled out and banned from entering an establishment of any kind a despicable act and disgraceful.

Perhaps bars should, under Ross’s rules, ban all politicians from their establishments?

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By Lorra B.


33 thoughts on “She Defended Banning Military Members From Bars. It May Be a Choice Democratic Senate Hopeful Deborah Ross Regrets

  1. She’s part of the bigger problem – indoctrinated by the Agenda and sucked into the BORG!
    Here’s something of interest: Ohio calls on National Guard to defend state’s election system from hackers (doesn’t like ad blocks)
    One site was stating that World Now already has a page someone got their digital hands on that has the finally poll counted numbers will Hilly winning. So, even if the Guard didn’t find anything or closes some group down (election hackers – like the ones who helped Bari) if those numbers are already ‘set’, then what?
    Meanwhile:Military Leader: Iran Sending Elite Fighters Into U.S., Europe ‘The IRGC “will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon,” according to the Iranian military commander, who said that these forces would operate with the goal of bolstering Iran’s hardline regime and thwarting potential plots against the Islamic Republic.’
    If the globalist see things not going their way I guess something like this could happen. Some people still think this election will be put on hold or delayed (and it wasn’t for all the evidence coming out associated w/ Weiner’s (apropos name) laptop ‘insurance evidence).
    Seems more’s hitting the fan than micro-managing but that is the mindset of this Regime isn’t it!
    Thanks Lorra! (plz correct all typos and errors!! 🙂)


      • It’s difficult to know – how to look at those in the FBI or similar agencies – since the den of snakes is large and mostly in the dark. Those that we can see, we can’t trust what they say is true. BUT we do know they’ll protect themselves and cover-up whatever they can. I read about the White Hats conducting a silent coup of their own that battles the Clinton’s election fraud coup (already set).
        Puts flesh on the verse Lorra of when the ‘tempter’ tells Jesus ‘the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.’ Matt 4:8-9 Usurper, god of this world system. Strangely enough he was in charge of ‘musick’ in heaven before he fell – does that strike a cord of what’s going on today! Ez 28:14 …
        Is 24:21 Trusting Is 26:3-4 our true Hope Lorra B 😃as you know!


  2. That’s not legal. It’s discrimination. Only the military can ban someone from doing whatever. Also, I wish people would stop voting for these idiotic Demoncrats. Demons are nothing but heartache. Stupid is and stupid does, I guess.


  3. Bars and clubs used to like having servicemen drink there.
    We also usually got in for free showing our ID cards. So we “helped” out as and when.
    Quite simply if someone got out of hand, the bouncer usually found a couple of us giving them a hand to control the situation. And it didn’t matter who was out of hand, service personnel or not.

    Then something changed.
    Initially we didn’t know what but off limits signs appeared everywhere “on request of the management”.
    The local bouncers were ‘mildly upset’ to say the least. (Hell, more incandescent with rage would be more accurate).
    A couple of venues lost their licences within weeks because trouble flared once the local idiots found out, and the bouncers got overwhelmed. The two bars were totally wreaked!
    A couple of well liked and respected bouncers left the area in disgust, they knowing the value of having well disciplined ‘helpers’.

    Then the truth came out.
    The police had ‘advised’ club owners that service personnel were unstable and should anything happen they would be held liable.
    When challenged the word apparently had come down from division.
    A political decision from someone who had never served one moment of his life.

    Upshot was trade bombed, multiple bars closed, and after a while the signs disappeared.
    Then ‘free tickets’ to venues appeared. Now they wanted our trade.
    Only the ‘damage’ had been done with most of us preferring to hire a minibus and go elsewhere.

    There is also another point to raise.
    Once, serving in the UK had ‘benefits’.
    BUT for some reason (we think media and fad driven) the forces became a problem.
    We were all tarred violent. Wearing a uniform got refusal of service.
    The weak of mind said our presence offended some of their customers.
    (Take a flying guess what sort of customer they were talking about!)
    It got fashionable to ‘be nasty’ to service personnel.
    Even those attending comrades funerals and collecting awards were turned down access to bars.
    This in our capital city LONDON.
    Then came the stupid rulings about wearing uniforms and “concealing that you were service personnel” because of the terrorists. Our top senior ranks. Old men, weak bladders, shiny pants, and no pride.

    People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night
    Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf.
    Those men are soldiers. George Orwell.

    Only those rough men are never given any respect in the limp wrist world that is all around us today.

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    • As I read this my heart just sinks. Political Correctness and the Heavy Hand of the Government (at least in the US) have made folks a little gun-shy, I believe, and have started to fear the uniform because of it. Unacceptable! Everyone is on the edge thinking their rights will soon be taken away, along with their guns. Regardless if you think the military can’t handle their drink and get into fights, it seems folks view them as the long arm of the government and the results could have a devastating affect. This administration has turned our country upside down and I pray (though our current candidates are both a joke really) for change, and soon! The world has gone crazy!!!

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  4. Wow! Had no Idea I was such a violent person. Lol. We are taught to kill the enemy, not those we defend. This club owner has it all wrong. Politically correctness has turned this nation upside down. We don’t know who we are anymore. How sad. Hope this moron does not get elected, not even for the dog catcher office. I would feel bad for the dogs. They deserve better.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Take that one to the bank lovely Lorra, Seriously, you didn’t think democrats especially those running for office were smart did you? If they were they would be Republicans, trying to Make America Great Again, not completely destroy it, Great piece, xoxo J.C. Taking to my spot for more exposure, Thanks.

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  6. Thanks, I just about choked on my water, lol (at lunch)—-“Marines are violent” comment in that post. I’ll Remember this so I can repeat this to my Marine when I get home ,lololol.

    Total pinheads—especially that congresswoman.😊

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