More Veterans Will Be Filling Congressional Seats on Capitol Hill Next Year as Trump Takes the Helm

Former Navy Seal, Eric Greitens, with the machine gun, grins his way through the campaign. (Photo: Public Domain)

Former Navy Seal, Eric Greitens, with the machine gun, grins his way through the campaign.
(Photo: Public Domain)

November 9, 2016

Written by Lorra B.

Last night, in an epic upset, Donald Trump took out his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and will become the next president of the United States.

On Jan. 20, Trump will take the helm of this country and our military. Joining Trump on this new page in history are at least 27 veterans who won their congressional races last night and more presumably to come as the votes continue to be counted.

The majority are veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, according toMilitaryTimes. There are 26 veterans from those same wars currently with seats in Congress.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth, who served in the Army, was successful in bid for a Senate seat as well as decorated former Navy SEAL, Eric Grietens “who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, [who] won his election for governor of Missouri as a Republican against Democrat Chris Koster, the former State attorney general,” reports

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk, a reservist in Afghanistan, was the only incumbent veteran to lose his Senate seat. Duckworth, who lost both of her legs in 2004, won the seat over Kirk. Duckworth’s helicopter was shot down over Iraq.

A Florida Republican, Brian Mast, who also lost both of his legs to war, will be seated in Congress come January. In 2010 Mast unsuccessfully tried to defuse a bomb.

Republican Scott Taylor is another veteran heading to Congress to fill the Virginia Beach seat. Taylor is also a former Navy SEAL.

“Some 14 veteran incumbents kept their seats, including defense leaders Duncan Hunter, a Republican of California, Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois, and Martha McSally, Republican of Arizona,” reports

These are just a handful of last nights winners. Here is a full list of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who ran for Congress this cycle.

Congratulations to all the veterans who won their seats in Congress. Since 2006 the number of veterans in Congress has increased each election. However, for the first time since the 1950’s “the total veterans count in the House and Senate appeared poised to drop under 100,” according to MilitaryTimes.

Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain

Written by Lorra B.


35 thoughts on “More Veterans Will Be Filling Congressional Seats on Capitol Hill Next Year as Trump Takes the Helm

  1. Excellent article Dr.,perhaps with more and more vets getting elected we can avoid future wars and in Obamaneze, “Overseas Contingency operations. Taking to my spot for additional exposure. Thanks. xoxo J.C.

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  2. I also feel the excitement as a true American finally takes the helm of the highest office in the land. It will probably help him to have so many Veterans serving in public office. Not only do our active service members need protection, but also our retired Vet’s who are in dire need. I sincerely pray he can / will do something positive about the VA and quickly. There are so many Vet’s that require medical care, housing, support, etc. and they’re not getting it. Let’s all continue to pray that God will guide us and our leaders to do better things.

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  3. They have taken on great responsibilities as they continue to serve our country, and we should help them. Included in the work, much of which is obvious, are care for the wounded and families, making sure that our battles are for the sake of our nation, that troops are of sufficient number for each conflict, well trained and armed (no more,”An army must use what it gets.” from a Secretary of Defense), thorough study of reason for objectives and our ability to meet them, and establishment of our industrial base to meet all our requirements for action and wealth to avoid putting ourselves in such debt that our lenders will sown fuss.

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  4. Excellent summary Lorra. I am honored to call Scott Taylor Congressman, especially living here in the home of Seal Team Six. Lst weel had had the honor of teaching a friends wife to shoot a handgun. First time she ever shot. The honor comes partly from the fact that her husband is a Navy Seabee, a combat construction mechanic who is assigned to the Seals. He shoots with them all the time. She was awesome! Gotta laugh! When he asked, my reply after I stopped laughing was, ” So your wife doesn’t listen to you either!?” 😅😆

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