Military Responds After President Elect Trump’s Epic Win – Some Compare it to the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Soldiers voting. (Photo: Public Domain)

Soldiers voting. (Photo: Public Domain)

November 10, 2016

Written by Lorra B.

Trump’s win in Tuesday night’s presidential run left many Americans shocked and our military members were no acceptation. At the Pentagon, service members indicated that they never expected Trump to actually pull off the election, though many were elated at the news and compared the win to the day Osama Bin Laden was killed, according to Checkpoint.

One Army officer stated, “More than one person has compared it to the day Osama [Bin Laden] was killed. “I guess there’s a feeling among soldiers that Trump will care about them and fix everything they see as broken about the Army.”

Programs Manager for the Defense Department, Air Force Maj. Todd Watson, who voted for Trump, stated, “I stayed up until about 1:30 in the morning, and I couldn’t believe it. “A lot of times what he said concerned me, and I thought he would have had a better time if he would have used a different tact. I was bothered by a lot of the same stuff most folks were put off by, but at the end of the day, I don’t know if the lesser of two evils was the right terminology … but it was a vote against Hillary Clinton.”

Watson just does not trust Clinton and defined Trump as “an outsider who will try to inject something different into the system,” he said.

Though there is plenty of reservation over Trump’s win, the military seems to be embracing it as well.

In California, at the Army’s National Training Center at Fort Irwin, soldiers were reported to have cheered as Trump won the election. Overseas, however, the tone was much more subdued. One soldier serving in Afghanistan stated that no one really discussed the election…that the “troops were more focused on what was going to be for dinner that night,” reports Checkpoint.

Back here in the states, a U.S. Navy officer not wishing to be identified, was amazed by Trump’s win saying, “It was kind of shocking. It just seemed like by all the polls that were coming out; everybody seemed to be saying Clinton was a shoo-in. I didn’t vote for either one of them,” reports

Many military members remain suspicious of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information and the double standard it implies to them, that they would have received severe punishments had they handled the information as she had. They, therefore, were leaning for Trump to win.

Service members’ beliefs are that Trump will bring change to ‘military’s cultural issues, including gender integration.’

Gender integration is a bigger issue in the military than most Americans are aware, which Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter finalized in December of 2015. Many service members wish for Trump to reverse the combat roles for women.

“Two active-duty enlisted infantry Marines, one at a sniper school and another in an infantry battalion, said some members of their units hope Trump looks at the data provided by the Marine Corps on its gender integration studies and comes to a conclusion that isn’t “political” and hopefully reverses the decision to allow women in combat roles. In 2014, the Marines started a nine-month experiment with a gender integrated infantry unit that concluded with mixed results,” according to a report by Checkpoint.

A female Army lieutenant, on the other hand, is concerned that the progress she deems having been made for women will be lost stating, “It is especially disheartening to see my male peers, subordinates, and superiors celebrate with such reckless abandon. “Last night’s results only reinforce that the misogyny, racism, and homophobia we have been fighting to stamp out in our formations have found a powerful outlet and will be given new life.”

Pentagon Brass have worries of their own about Trump and believe he may not fully grasp how the military should be run or how to defend our country.

Carter released a statement to the Pentagon concerning the election:

“I am very proud of the way each and every one of you conducted yourselves during this campaign, standing apart from politics and instead focusing on your sacred mission of providing security. I am committed to overseeing the orderly transition to the next Commander-in-Chief. I know I can count on you to execute all your duties with the excellence our citizens know they can expect.”

Trump plans to boost the size of the military and in September called for an increase for the Army of about 540,000 active-duty soldiers, the Navy an increase of 350 surface ships and submarines, the Air Force an increase of 1,200 fighter aircraft and an increase to the Marine Corps to 36 battalions. The Reserve and Guard figures have not been taken into account.

Soldiers were reported to have said that if the people and Congress got behind Trump to make these changes they could, and should, be made.

Watson stated, “I think a guy like Trump is going to work hard and get darn close … My hope is he can do a lot of what he says he is going to do.”

The sky is the limit and opportunities abound…Will Trump rise to the occasion and will Congress get behind him to ‘make America Great Again?’ The world watches and waits.

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Written by Lorra B.

18 thoughts on “Military Responds After President Elect Trump’s Epic Win – Some Compare it to the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

  1. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    I think Trump will restore the military to the greatest in the world and one that will be made up of mostly enlistees who are proud and would like nothing than to serve in the US Military. Our military today is mostly Marines (who enlist) and the guard and reserves. Which is fine, until they are called up numerous times to go and serve a tour, away from their families and livelihood, what happens to them is wrong because it forces them to put their lives on hold, which in many times is cut short, or drastically changed forever, with no or little support when they come home. Combat on the frontline is a far too serious issue to be forced fed “political correctness” one reason that the military should be run by the military, not congress and a political correct president with the honorary title of Commander-in-Chief. The President and congress, should decide when to put our military in harms way, but then leave the military be the military, not mandated policies and ideologies of the president.

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  2. The women in the military shouldn’t worry. Trump will protect them, as he is not anti, military. I would not hesitate to serve under this, “Macho-Commander-in-Chief.” To quote a real hero, “Let’s roll.” Looking forward to his presidency. Changing lanes here, briefly,” Happy early Veteran’s Day to my brothers, and sisters. Hooah! Blessings.

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  3. I was thinking about them Lorra – how REFRESHING for them to have Trump over the Wicked Queen! I bet most all, except for the trannies (Michael. obama types) were ELATED – EXUBERANT!!
    Maybe Trump can get the troops actually do what they sign up to do – protect America instead of the politics, corps, globalist, drug lords, Lolita island, etc.
    I see Happy Birthday Marines is in order! 241 years! YAY!
    Agree w/ JCscuba, ObL wasn’t killed the way they stated and he wasn’t the ‘boogieman’ – rather used as a scapegoat! The real ‘boogiemen/women’ in leadership positions in the US and Israel (yes the Pharisees are still ruling not the little flock! surprise, surprise!!). And that’s not ‘fake faith/imitation faith’ of the so-called faith movement – another Ruse!
    Comes to mind, that the Mission of the US to kill the lie and resurrect TRUTH to rule and reign! Doing that will help get the gears working again in this Country to make it Great Again!! The lie destroys and we’ve had too many Prez. working for the Lie – sucking Life out rather than putting LIFE IN!
    I just had 3 large green Military copters fly right overhead. If they’re working for the ‘liar in chief’ they’re not working for me/us – one day I hope to have more comfort knowing they’re on a PRO AMERICA mission rather than Pro World Agenda. I think the troops need to be given a choice to work for us and not the globalist! They ‘swear in’ one thing and are forced to do another. Let them do the ‘real intention’ Protect and Serve the BEST for this Country, its people & their loved ones! Make it REAL AGAIN! Amen!

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  4. Osama – Obama … works for me. Same ideology. Same hatred for humanity. They have the same father of all lies. *wink* I’ll help him pack his bags so he can leave America now. These past 8 years need to be expunged from the record books. Just put a black spot because we’ve not had an American President.
    I also pray that Trump-Pence can do anything to help the military with healthcare, housing, etc. I hope they will be patient. It will take some time and he must have the House & Senate to go along with any changes. Hope people know that.
    And that one guy who didn’t vote for anybody: that’s not a noble approach. Not voting is voting for Hillary. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke. It’s true! So what if Trump is loud, a bit brash and a mild womanizer. I’m not gonna marry him. I remember that Winston Churchill was all these things and more, and we all remember how he guided his country during some very dark hours to victory. Perhaps that what we need right now, a warrior. Warriors know how to play in the mud. Politics is certainly dirty enough to qualify for that.

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  5. Other that the fact do not bear out that Osama bin Laden. I agree with the premis but believe it to be more like killking the progressive movement for the next 50 years. One shot, to Obama’s and Hillary’s skulls. I’m being very serious!

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