Veterans No Longer Eligible for Gender Reassignment Surgeries at VA Hospitals

Obama to Joint Chiefs: Cut A-10 Warthog & Abrams Tank: We Need Funds for Transgender Surgery. (Photo: Public Domain)

Obama to Joint Chiefs: Cut A-10 Warthog & Abrams Tank: We Need Funds for Transgender Surgery. (Photo: Public Domain)

November 15, 2016

Written by Lorra B.

Due to the inability to come up with a cohesive plan to cover the exorbitant cost, the VA has squashed the rule change that would have allowed gender reassignment surgeries.

According to, the Department of Veteran Affairs covers the expense of mental health care and hormone therapy for the preoperative qualified gender reassignment veterans. “The change would have added gender reassignment surgery to that list.”

The VA stated, “VA has been and will continue to explore a regulatory change that would allow VA to perform gender alteration surgery and a change in the medical benefits package, when appropriated funding is available. Therefore, this regulation will be withdrawn from the Fall 2016 Unified Agenda.”

President of the pro-LGBT Amirian Military Partners Association, Ashley Broadway-Mack, said that the decision is ‘deeply disappointing.’

“All of our nation’s veterans, regardless of their gender identity, deserve access to the medical care they earned serving our nation,” Broadway-Mack said. “This is a deeply disappointing setback in making sure an often medically necessary procedure for transgender veterans is part of that care. Moreover, as we face a new incoming administration, we implore fair-minded Americans to stand united in holding our new administration officials accountable by insisting this be fixed. The medical care of all our nation’s heroes, including transgender veterans, must be a priority.”

Gender reassignment is a very expensive undertaking and, according to the Transgender Law Center, surgeries can be between $25,000 and $100,000. Taxpayers have very mixed feeling on the issue and just how their tax dollar are and should be spent.

In 2011 President Barack Obama made clear that costs were to be taken into consideration when suggesting rule changes. Because the VA did not submit a plan to cover the cost of the reassignment surgeries the rule was scrapped, though plans for funding are still in the works.

No view has been stated by the Trump administration on the issue of government-funded gender reassignment surgeries or their care.

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Written by Lorra B.

20 thoughts on “Veterans No Longer Eligible for Gender Reassignment Surgeries at VA Hospitals

  1. The answer to the concerns about much-needed plastic surgery for recent vets is again, closing down the system and allow each vet to go to the surgeon of his choice at or near his home.

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    • Exactly how can the VA system be fixed? It was the four runner of Obama Care, closed drug formularies, generic substitution when many drugs have been proven not equal. Within class institution of drugs, make no sense other than to save money while blowing it elsewhere.

      I’ve worked in the VA system in Sales and Clinical Cancer Research. Only one acronym is appropriate.


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  2. Lorra, the problems with the V.A. could be fixed easily but when liberals are in charge … well … we know how things are. If they would just give the vets vouchers or something that they could go to any doctor if they have to wait for V.A. assistance then that would really help a lot of the vets who need medical attention and can’t wait for the “system” to follow through. As far as this transgender action … it’s beyond my grasp why this is even considered.

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  3. Oh, we need priorities in order somewhere. There are so many homeless vets, vets with PTSD, and their medical care is lacking. I would sincerely like to see money put into those places first. It is like triage; you have to assess logically where the emergent needs are and aim to get those urgent needs tended to.

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  4. Oh darn Lorra. Don’t we want them all Hi-Appy and BE who they want to BE! Be FREE!
    I’m w/ Sparky, this is just another messenger from hell wanting to corrupt more souls appealing to the lust of the fallen nature and the Lie Program (not God’s Truth, which would really FREE them!). Anytime I get a dark turning sense in my gut when reading or ‘seeing’ something like this – the mindset of perverted thinking calling evil good and good evil – I know it’s from the pit.
    I thought Hospitals were suppose to ‘help heal’ people not aid their sickness! (which today is being called something else).

    Tossing this in the mix, a bit off topic but another arm of the octopus:

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    • There is so much needed surgery and plastic surgery from war needing attention and, as I stated earlier, that should come first! Now, I am aware of folks who were born with both sexes and I can see them needing some closure as to what gender they should be but that is VERY rare. Based on what they expect the government to pay for then that particular service should be offered to Allllll Americans! Why was the government only going to pay for those in the service??? Makes no sense to me. Well, hell, not much does! 😂😁

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      • I did run across a someone on utube that revealed to me about having both sexes (which I wasn’t aware before) and it was very ‘pressing concern’. That reality is a whole different can of worms than someone going into the military as a male and wanting to be made a female because he ‘feels’ he should be a female. Some can’t get women as males so this is an option I guess or vice versa … Seriously though the weed mentality has caused ALOT of this and is part of the dark lord’s devising plan to suck goodness and life out of a person/Country! So, there needs to be mature adults and sane minded in positions of authority making those hard decisions (on moral and ethical grounds), who are discerning (based on God’s foundation) and not the insane globalist or the enemy.
        That’s one reason for the fallout right now w/ the choice, the pit demons lost and those who’ve drank and were taken by their lies, ‘new reality’ and worldview are grinding their teeth or unable to process it because it doesn’t make sense in their nonsensical ungodly perspective.That is the power of the lie and insidiousness of the tar pit thinking (indoctrination).
        You’re right Lorra Hell doesn’t make sense and THAT is the POINT! That’s what the major of sinners voted against in this election! So, that’s encouraging! Trump could do a whole revamping of the VA and let’s pray that’s on his list of things to do. Maybe he needs to stick you in a position to represent them and help kick out the trash, bring in the clean linen! 🎺🎺💐💐

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  5. Golly, just when you think the military brass can’t get any weirder … I had no idea what a “gender reassignment” is. It must be the new PC way of saying sex change operation? How sad. These people need Jesus before they mess up their lives any further. If someone was an alcoholic would you keep filling their glass with booze saying “this will help”? I don’t think so.
    Anyway, let’s just disband the inept, corrupt, puzzling VA, shall we. Give the Vet’s and the active members a voucher, or some such thing, and let them find their own health care. I’m sure they will be better cared for that way. It would certainly be much quicker.

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