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My name is Lorra and since you have so graciously taken the time to stop by I will cheerfully tell you a little about myself! By the title of my blog, The Silent Soldier, I will go out on a limb and gather you already have a bit of a clue as to what this blog is all about… 🙂

I have never personally served in the armed forces but do have a tremendous love and respect for every single individual who puts their life, not only on hold but, on the line as well. They unselfishly carry out this act of love for the likes of someone like me, and you.

Watching family and loved ones who have served this great nation of ours sacrifice so much and receive very little has made me want to do whatever I can, if only in a very small way, to make a difference.

Jumping on the political bandwagon wasn’t my intention when I started writing for SilentSoldier.us but jump on it I did by becoming a Voice, be it ever so small, for our Veterans. It seems veteran issues are very much political issues, like it or not.

Be it political ups or downs, justices or injustices, hilarities or sorrows, I will be either writing about it or sharing other writers thoughts about it.

Whatever happens on the political arena has a direct correlation to our Military arena and for that reason alone, I search for truth and justice (perhaps a bit of humor to boot!) and very eagerly and happily share with you the fruits of that labor.

Please check out SilentSoldier.us. They are dedicated to helping our Veterans—past, present and future. Silent Soldier is a resource center providing a wealth of information to better or enhance the specific needs of our Veterans and their families. It is a pleasure to be affiliated with them and a joy to write for them.

I guess you could say I am a ‘Byproduct’ or ‘Sister Blog’ of SilentSoldier.us. Because I enjoy writing for them so much it spilled over unto this blog, The Silent Soldier. 

To every man and woman of our Armed Forces—past, present and future—Thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice, though ‘Thank You’ will simply never be enough…

Have a great day!





72 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, I’m Ollie Jarvis and I’ve worked with Cliff Beeler on the Apollo program down in FL. I was wondering if you can somehow connect me with him, because he sold me a shotgun and I just wanted to tell him thank you for the service. Email me if you can connect us! Thanks Lorra B.


  2. Hi Lora. Just read your, “About me” post. As a veteran, I thank you for your support. It’s not everyday that we get to interact with someone who understands, and appreciates what soldiers must confront on a daily basis. Again, thank you. Blessings.

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    • Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Soldiers, like yourself, deserve so much yet receive so little for all that you scarified and continue to sacrifice… God bless YOU sir! 🙂 🙂


  3. You’ve served, maybe not directly, but when you have had family that have served in the military and sacrificed, your support is not only for them but what they do. It is a service to them and the country, without that support are family members in the military could not serve not effectively anyway. You are a supportive cast, and a key member of that team. You have served, and with your support still do.


  4. Lorra,
    Just wanted to know if you saw my postings regarding Congressman Paul Ryan recently… one is his responses to my questions when I was trying to call his office and tell him as a constituent that I did NOT want him to vote for Boehner again and if he did, that I would never vote GOP again. You can see his response to me on my site as I have posted it. I also posted, tonight, an email that I received and it speaks of his new Chairmanship and immediately asks for money! LOL I cannot imagine what it takes to get through to these people! But, because of our discussions regarding him, I wanted you to know of those two postings. Feel free to reblog if you like!

    God bless you and all you do here on this blog! God bless our military!!!
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

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  5. Hi.
    I’m a European but I love the idea of America because to me America is first and foremost an idea, a great idea.
    For all its faults America has done more good than bad for the world.
    We live in an unprecedended era in human history
    Never in human history have lived so many people in peace and safety and with so much freedom and prosperity than in the time since 1945 despite the regional wars that happened.
    I want to thank all American soldiers for their sacrifices and their service that made all that possible,
    Of all the things i cherish, freedom is the thing I cherish most. It’s the greatest, most inspiring and most powerful of all ideas. This is the idea that America represents. Freedom.
    I want to thank you for what you are doing.
    As I’m writing this, dark clouds are over Europe. The clouds of war.
    We have been at war for a long time but many people, deceived by the media, failed to notce it.
    This is a war that did not break out suddenly but it intensifies gradually with ever increasing ferocity.
    I call it low intensity jihad. I’m convinced that we will prevail because the more those jihadis attack, the more people wake up. That’s why we have to provoke them instead of appeasing them.
    I want to share with you some amazing, inspiring videos that I found by accident.
    These are the stories of more than 100 living Medal of Honor recipients in their own words.


    I’m shure these videos are as inspiring for you as they were for me.

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    • Thank you for you kind and inspiring words… The world is a bit of a mess right now, no doubt, but appreciate your taking the time to speak out and to leave the videos, of which I will look at soon!
      Have a great day!!! 😊😊😊


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