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My name is Lorra and since you have so graciously taken the time to stop by I will cheerfully tell you a little about myself! By the title of my blog, The Silent Soldier, I will go out on a limb and gather you already have a bit of a clue as to what this blog is all about… 🙂

I have never personally served in the armed forces but do have a tremendous love and respect for every single individual who puts their life, not only on hold but, on the line as well. They unselfishly carry out this act of love for the likes of someone like me, and you.

Watching family and loved ones who have served this great nation of ours sacrifice so much and receive very little has made me want to do whatever I can, if only in a very small way, to make a difference.

Jumping on the political bandwagon wasn’t my intention when I started writing for SilentSoldier.us but jump on it I did by becoming a Voice, be it ever so small, for our Veterans. It seems veteran issues are very much political issues, like it or not.

Be it political ups or downs, justices or injustices, hilarities or sorrows, I will be either writing about it or sharing other writers thoughts about it.

Whatever happens on the political arena has a direct correlation to our Military arena and for that reason alone, I search for truth and justice (perhaps a bit of humor to boot!) and very eagerly and happily share with you the fruits of that labor.

Please check out SilentSoldier.us. They are dedicated to helping our Veterans—past, present and future. Silent Soldier is a resource center providing a wealth of information to better or enhance the specific needs of our Veterans and their families. It is a pleasure to be affiliated with them and a joy to write for them.

I guess you could say I am a ‘Byproduct’ or ‘Sister Blog’ of SilentSoldier.us. Because I enjoy writing for them so much it spilled over unto this blog, The Silent Soldier. 

To every man and woman of our Armed Forces—past, present and future—Thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice, though ‘Thank You’ will simply never be enough…

Have a great day!





72 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is actually a wonderful way to honor the military. They really don’t get heard as much as you would think. Especially in mainstream media. Thank you for honoring our troops by getting the word out. 🙂

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