Soldiers Murdered Trying To Protect a Woman Being Attacked


Jonathan Prins, left, and Charles Allen Judge, Jr., right. (GoFundMe/Facebook)

July 27, 2016

By Lorra B.

Sunday, two soldiers were murdered trying to protect a woman at a bar in South Carolina. The owner of the bar, Justin Brooks, stated that the soldiers were trying to help her escape from a man attacking her.

After the soldiers dragged, Joseph Mills, 25, off of the women they were shot multiple times in the chest by Mills.

“They both have their hands up trying to talk to him and he just shoots them in cold blood. And then just walks off like nothing happened. Walked off like he was shopping at Walmart, right down the aisle — put a shirt over his head so people couldn’t see him,” Frayed Knot owner Brooks told WLTX-TV in Columbia.

Mills stated that a girl grabbed drugs from his car and ran. When he got to the girl he stated that he was in fear that the two men were going to “lynch” him so he shot them. Mills added that he apologized for what happened.

Mills has been charged with two the two murders of Charles Allen Judge Jr, 40, and Jonathon Michael Prins, 29.

Judge Arthur Myers cautioned Mills several times to remain silent during his hearing but refused. Bond was denied for Mills.

“Judge, 40, was a staff sergeant with South Carolina National Guard, while Prins, 29, was a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson,” according to



May you RIP brave soldiers.

Americans Respond Positively to Police In Military Riot Gear According to New Poll


Police in riot gear watch protesters in Ferguson, Mo. Aug. 13, 2014 (Photo: Public Domain)

July 22, 2016

By Lorra B.

Because of the recent murders of several police officers, and in spite of past public outcry, the 2015 ban on military equipment being given to police departments is being reconsidered by President Obama.

The ban includes items from surplus military such as riot gear and armored vehicles, confirmed a White House official on Thursday.

“As the recommendations provide for, we review the program regularly with law enforcement and civil rights groups to ensure that it is achieving its goals.”

It was this very gear that caused so much public uproar when the police in cities like Ferguson showed up in full-on riot gear, heavy artillery and armored vehicles to help control the crowds during police brutality protests.

A major study topic is being done at the University of California, Berkeley, The Deciding Force Project. This study’s intention is to help find factors that turn peaceful protests into violent protesters.

The lead researcher of the project, Nick Adams, began the project when he witnessed the intense clash between the police and protesters.

“We’re finding police have a lot of capacity to set a tone. When police show up in riot gear you get a different kind of interaction than when they show up in their regular uniforms,” Adams stated. “These things end up being provocative to a crowd of people not used to fighting.”

The study shows that violence increases considerably when police don riot gear. The recent shooting of police officers, however, has given Obama and many police departments reason to revisit the ban.

On July 11, three days after five police officers in Dallas were killed, eight police organization leaders met with Obama and VP Joe Biden to discuss military gear. A week later three more officers were gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

As protests and protesters continue to grow both in number and intensity there can be no doubt that police need to protect themselves. But is riot-gear the answer?

“Denver’s police chief doesn’t believe riot gear is warranted in most situations, and said police would continue to monitor demonstrations as they always have — with officers in their regular blue uniforms,” writes The Denver Post.

In a poll taken by The Denver Post, citizens were asked if riot gear should or should not be worn by police officers and the results may surprise you.


Clearly citizens, in this poll, are worried about the safety of police officers and rightfully so.

Still, the research shows that riot gear strikes fear and escalates violence. But, Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, stated “The White House thought this kind of gear was intimidating to people, but they didn’t know the purpose it serves.”

Americans responded positively to the new poll regardless of past negativity toward military gear. Time will tell if Americans riot-gear favoritism continues.

Silent Soldier: By Lorra B. 

Flags Of Our Daughters: Honoring The Women Warriors Who Serve Our Country

1st Lt. Ashley White Stumpf who was killed during combat operations in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on October 22, 2011. (Courtesy the White family) (Screenshot credit, Fox News)

1st Lt. Ashley White Stumpf who was killed during combat operations in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on October 22, 2011. (Courtesy the White family) (Screenshot credit, Fox News)

July 6, 2015

Fox News:

“Make no mistake about it. These women are warriors.”

The man who shared these words was among the most tested special operations leaders of the post-9/11 wars, Lt. Gen. John Mulholland. And he was speaking of Ashley White-Stumpf and her sisters-in-arms who were part of an all-women team recruited, trained and deployed to serve alongside special operations on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2011 while the combat ban remained very much in place.

Battlefield necessity drove the creation and then the recruitment of this all-star band of sisters –women who met as teammates, became friends and ended their deployment as family. 

This group of 55 women – 20 of whom served alongside Army Rangers and Navy SEALs and other special operations teams on nighttime combat operations — went to war as part of Cultural Support Team 2 after answering the call to serve issued by a U.S. Army Special Operations Command recruiting poster urging “Female Soldiers. Become A Part of History.”

For these young women all they had ever wanted was a chance to serve a cause greater than themselves. To complete a mission that mattered. To work with the best of the best and to test their limits on America’s behalf.

These new teams for which only the best would be selected would put women on special operations missions to help U.S. forces could do something that men alone could not in this conservative, traditional country: talk with Afghan women. The idea was for servicewomen to fill the security gap that the strict separation of the sexes so frequently seen in Afghanistan created, and to allow U.S. and Afghan forces to access people and places and information that had previously been out of reach.

The wars America is fighting are changing. And so are the people recruited to serve on their front lines. 

The women who answered that call to “become part of history”  — serving from Alabama to Alaska and many points in between – raised their hands not to prove a point, but to serve with purpose. Patriotism, not politics, motivated them to go out each night on their nation’s behalf alongside Rangers and SEALs, some of whom were then on their 10th, 11th, 12th deployment in America’s post-9/11 wars.

For these young women all they had ever wanted was a chance to serve a cause greater than themselves. To complete a mission that mattered. To work with the best of the best and to test their limits on America’s behalf. From Kate, a West Pointer who played high school football to Amber, an intel officer who served in Bosnia and had once helped the FBI bust drug gangs to Ashley White, a Kent State grad married to her ROTC sweetheart who loved to cook and bake andloved to ruck march for miles and bust out 25 or 30 pull-ups from a dead hang.

As we pause to celebrate America’s foundations and to remember those who fought valiantly for the nation’s independence, let us also take a moment to celebrate the future force ready to defend the nation come what may. And that force is, increasingly, filled with women like Ashley White and her teammates.

In the Gulf War of 1991 more than 40,000 women went to war for the U.S. By this last decade’s conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, that number had climbed more than seven-fold to close to 300,000.

More at Fox News

Diclaimer: This article was not written by Silent Soldier.

Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Approved Arms For Terrorist Enemies Of U.S.

dJuly 3, 2015

Fox News Insider:  H/T We The People:

Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed this morning what he has concluded after reviewing hundreds of pages of documents and emails related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

The judge wrote today in a Washington Times column that the documents “persuaded me beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that Mrs. Clinton provided material assistance to terrorists and lied to Congress.”

Napolitano said he looked at transcripts from a Fox News interview with an American arms dealer named Marc Turi, in addition to reviewing emails between Turi, State Department officials and lawmakers.

On Fox Business Network this morning, the judge told Charles Payne that he believes a “conspiracy existed” among President Obama, Mrs. Clinton, congressional leaders and other officials to “get arms shipped to rebels in Syria and Libya.”

Napolitano said some of the rebel groups were on the United States’ list of terrorist organizations, so providing “material assistance” to them would be a felony.

Napolitano said arms dealers received permission lawfully from the State Department to sell the weapons to the government of Qatar.

“Qatar then sold, delivered, bartered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he said, adding that it is “crystal clear” from the documents that U.S. officials knew where the weapons would end up.

“How does this unravel? Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, is assassinated using American weaponry that Mrs. Clinton illegally sold to terrorists, in violation of American law,” said Napolitano.

More at Fox News Insider

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.


dMay 19, 2015

If you haven’t checked out Desert Musings, you should! Here is a piece he wrote that I simply can’t argue with. Maybe you have a different opinion?

When you let a little boy do the work of a man, what do you get? You get hammered with the results you’re not looking for. Would you like it if a 4 year old built your new car? Or a 7 year old put together the Freedom Tower in New York City? Of course not! So why in the world are we sending Bobo Obama in to do a man’s job in fighting a war against a fifth rate group of terrorists?

The simple answer is, he’s the commander in chief. The more complicated answer is, he’s costing American lives, and just as deadly, he’s costing America it’s standing in the world. We have the best trained, best equipped, most honored group of fighting men and women in world history. And yet, this man-child of a president isn’t man enough to stand up to a terrorist group and fight them like a man. Instead, he’s afraid of getting drawn into a bigger war. Someone needs to tell him we’re already drawn into the bigger war, and even though it’s not our choosing, sometimes you have to fight.

Every single president going back to FDR has had to undertake military action somewhere in the world. Most of the time, we’ve come out smelling like a rose. Sometimes, when you have a commander in chief that takes that title too literally, and they try to execute the war themselves as opposed to allowing the professionals to fight it, you end up with massacres. I’m thinking things like Vietnam, Mogadishu, and yes, Syria and ISIS. When you let little boys in to do a man’s job, this is exactly what happens.

And we’re stuck with it until 2017. But hopefully, this clown of a president won’t ruin our chances of getting out of it in one piece…even though he’s trying his best. Let’s face it. Bobo Obama doesn’t know how to fight a war. He doesn’t know how to run a business. He doesn’t know how to lead a nation, and he doesn’t know how to work with congress. What does he know? He knows how to smoke pot, and organize people to go to the polls and vote, so long as he has a little flash money.

Obama has usurped so much power from a feckless congress over the past six years, and has bungled every single decision he’s put out there, that congress needs to do some usurping of it’s own. Its’s congress’ duty to declare war, and that’s what they need to do against radical Islam. Notice I didn’t say a country, or a sect of Islam. I said radical Islam. They view this as a holy war…it’s time we did too. If Obama isn’t going to put troops on the ground in Iraq to fight this war, and win this war, congress needs to step in and do the job for him.

dThis is what happens when you send a boy in to do a man’s work. It’s time we wake up and take matters into our own hands. We need to fight this war, win this war, and defeat the enemy by destroying the enemy. Otherwise, this “war on terror” WILL go on for decades.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission was given by Desert Musings to Lorra B. to post his articles in their entirety.

Marilyn Mosby -VS- The Baltimore Six – The Agenda Continues To Surface As The Case Implodes…

dMay 7, 2015

The Last Refugeby

In our previous research outlines we have shown how State Attorney Marilyn Mosby manipulated her life story to gain election success and then specifically advanced her intention to seek justice for Freddie Gray “by any means necessary“.

She and she alone created the determination for charges via ‘direct action’ No consultation with anyone except her inner circle, her husband and a closed staff of activist sycophants.

Toward that end we initially identified six false bricks, specific aspects of her intent, SA Mosby laid upon a foundation she is building – cemented entirely with an activist agenda.

Brick seven was the false presentation of the Knife being legal; it wasn’tBrick eight was the claim that no aid was rendered; it wasBrick nine was the claim of an unjustifiable stop and frisk; it was entirely justified, as yesterday’s EXPLOSIVE new video showed.

dToday we are going to show Brick ten, and Brick eleven.  Eventually this entire fabrication will collapse.

BRICK Ten – “Mind Made Up” – Evidence is now surfacing that Mosby had pre-determined to file charges before the Baltimore Police Department even gave her their investigative finding.

In fact, a sympathetic Police Commissioner Batts rushed to deliver what they had in hand, but remained unfinished (Thursday), the day before her announcement (Friday) because he was alerted to Mosby charging the Baltimore Six the following day.

[…]  Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told CNN in an exclusive interview on Tuesday said Mosby called him about 10 minutes before she told the world about the charges.

However, Batts had an inkling that Mosby was preparing for a surprise move, according to people familiar with the matter, which is why he turned over his department’s findings a day ahead of the deadline he had set. (link)

This aspect is further cemented when you realize that Mosby’s office never asked a single investigator -who prepared the documents- a single question about the content therein.

Think about it – Less than 24 hours after receiving the rushed to completion investigative task of delivering the report, and not having asked a single question from any contributing member of the report, she filed charges.

Criminal Charges Announced Against Baltimore Police Officers In Freddie Gray's Death

BRICK Eleven – “Changed/Modified M.E. Report” –  Research is also supporting a claim made by an anonymous source on the morning of Mosby’s announcement.  A claim that Mosby’s office put political pressure on Medical Examiner, David Fowler, to change his report from cause of death “undetermined”, or “accidental”, to a specific cause of “homicide”.

[…]  In addition, homicide investigators who were briefed by the medical examiner’s office believed the examiner’s autopsy report would likely find the cause of death to fall short of homicide, according to one official familiar with the case.

Instead, Mosby said that the medical examiner concluded that Gray’s death was a homicide and that Gray’s fatal injury to the head occurred in a police transport van that was taking him to the police precinct.

According to an official with Maryland’s office of the chief medical examiner, where Gray’s autopsy was performed, information was shared with police investigators throughout the process, a common practice.

But the official said there is only one conclusion on manner of death and that was contained in the final autopsy report delivered to Mosby on the same day she announced her decision to bring charges. (link)

It is important to read between the lines and apply Occam’s Razor to the highly controversial claim that political pressure was applied to change the report.  Look at the highlighted segment above, what you’ll note is the same thing that Page Croyder identified.

How can a medical examiner claim the “fatal injury” occurred specifically in the van?

Nothing in the Mosby probable cause statement identifies how this “fatal injury” could have occurred in the van, let alone DID occur in the van.

Why? Because there is doubtful any evidence Medical Examiner David Fowler could specifically point to indicating the specificity of the time/location.

*IMPORTANT*  Remember, Mosby filed the charges within THREE HOURS of getting the M.E. report.  Implying she already had the statement outlining probable cause –delivered at her press conference– written before she held the M.E. report.  AND she had no other experts look at the report, nor question the determinations therein.

With the script already written, the only thing she needed that Friday morning was the report itself; and the report HAD TO show “homicide”.

Marilyn Mosby 2

However, even within the report as shared, David Fowler puts a huge flag on the content by specifying the time and location of the fatal injury.

If Fowler was feeling pressure, and not comfortable with the needed narrative, you might read that M.E. finding as him: giving what was demanded, yet simultaneously building inside the report a self-destruct mechanism easily deployed by anyone adversely impacted by the fraudulentuncomfortable construction therein.

The construct of the ME report -as stated by Mosby herself- completely removes any fatal liability from any of the officers prior to Freddie Gray being placed in the van.  Given the nature of all the unknown variables, at least on the surface, it appears virtually impossible for Fowler to give such specificity; yet he does.

As Page Croyder pointed out, “how could he know” – and without Mosby questioning it, or asking for experts to confirm, how could she also be so certain?

So certain she was – that she alone chose, without any feedback from any investigative agent,  to chargedepraved heart Murder 2of officer Goodson the van driver.

(Via CNN) […]  Another issue could arise from the team Mosby relied on to lead her case: one of her top investigators, Avon Mackel, is a former high-ranking Baltimore police officer who was stripped of his command post in 2009 for failing to follow through on a robbery investigation that two of his officers mishandled and did not report. A Baltimore Sun report said police in the district were accused of classifying serious crimes as lesser in order to log lower crime rates. 

In October 2009, four months after his demotion, Baltimore County police sent a SWAT team to Mackel’s home, responding a drunken incident in which he was seen holding a gun, according to a police report of the incident obtained by CNN.

Officers said an intoxicated Mackel refused to cooperate and was visibly upset, according to the report provided in response to a public records request. An officer then “observed the barrel of Mackel’s handgun hanging over the edge of the molding at the top of the steps and saw Mackel pull the gun out of sight,” the report said.

Police used a Taser on Mackel while he was on the phone with his father “crying and yelling,” before he barricaded himself in his bedroom. The report doesn’t say how the incident ended, but police said there was no arrest. A spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department said “the [SWAT] tactical unit did assist with this incident, which ended peacefully.”

Mackel didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment. No one answered at his home.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B. The original source can be found here…read more

Watch How a 95-Year-Old World War II Vet Fought Back Against a Would-Be Thief Will Make You Want to Stand and Salute

(Screenshot Credit, The Blaze)

(Screenshot Credit, The Blaze)

May 6, 2015

The Blaze:


Arthur Kemberis knew something wasn’t right after he entered a Walgreens in Manchester, New Hampshire, to pick up a prescription for his wife.

As the 95-year-old World War II veteran was making his way around the store on Saturday morning, Kemberis was being watched.

Surveillance photo of man who allegedly attacked Kemberis. (Image source: WBZ-TV)

Surveillance photo of man who allegedly attacked Kemberis. (Image source: WBZ-TV)

The vet, who uses a cane to get around, said he noticed a man watching him take cash from his wallet.

“He saw me after I took out the amount, and I pushed everything back in my wallet,” Kemberis told WBZ-TV.

But it got physical after Kemberis made his way to a credit union and the same man approached him in the parking lot, trying a number of times to grab his wallet.

Despite his insistence that he’s “not a fighter. I am too old to do that,” the vet wouldn’t let himself be a victim — besides, he had a lot to lose.

“I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace,” he told WMUR-TV.

While he admitted to WMUR he was “very nervous” of the would-be thief, Kemberis still managed to ram the man’s shoulders “three or four times” with his cane.

Image source: WBZ-TV

Image source: WBZ-TV

“He wasn’t very aggressive, but I was,” Kemberis told the station, adding that “I probably hurt him a little bit.”

Soon a driver who saw the incident got out of his car to assist and the perp fled.

Kamberis wasn’t hurt but hoped the man who attacked him will straighten out. “I would say to him … stay honest, that’s all,” Kemberis said.

As for what he’ll do next time he’s out alone, the vet who lived through the invasion of Okinawa 70 years ago told WMUR, “My .357 Magnum will be with me all the time.”

More at The Blaze

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

How Much Free Speech Is Too Much?

dMay 6, 2015

The Last Refugeby

These past few days pundits and politicians have been either vilifying Pamela Geller’s Texas competition to draw the prophet Mohammed, or supporting her first amendment rights.

Greta Van Susteren’s post on Facebook this morning – The First Amendment free speech clause right is key to a democracy, but how one exercises that right is likewise important. Good judgment is important.

Mayor Douglas Athas told the Dallas Morning News that he wished anti-Islam activist and conspiracy theorist Pam Geller had taken her business elsewhere.

On Bill O’Reilly’s show, Donald Trump and Bill opine:

DONALD TRUMP: It looks like she’s just taunting everybody. What is she doing? Drawing Mohammed and it looks like she’s actually taunting people. You know, I’m one that believes in free speech, probably more than she does. But what’s the purpose of this?

BILL O’REILLY: Mr. Trump is correct. By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed, the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent attack.

Donald Trump believes in free speech more than Pam Geller does?  Yeah, right.

The purpose, you idiots, is to tell radical Islamists that they can’t dictate what we do or what we say, because we have the right to free expression, and their prophet is entitled no more reverence from us than any other religious figure.  Does it make sense to conform to the dictates of radical Islam?  It seems to me that if we do that, we are buckling under to the threats of terrorism.

Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say:

So here are people at a convention. Pam Geller… You’ll hear her in a moment. We have sound bites coming up. She simply doesn’t hate anybody. She just doesn’t want any part of Sharia law. She doesn’t want any part of Islamic extremism becoming mainstream in the United States. You know, I have a question, folks. It’s very simple question.

If Americans are to respect and obey the laws of Islam that say the drawing pictures of Mohammed is not permitted and should not be done — and you deserve what you get if you do — then why wouldn’t we have to respect or obey other things in Islam? What is it about drawing cartoons of “the prophet”? Why don’t we respect Islam’s punishment for gays and women, hmm? I mean, if they’re right, they’re right, aren’t they?

When do we follow and when do we not?

Now that you know what I think, here is what the Trifecta team has to say about the matter:

Post Texas Shooting: Is Free Speech a ‘Mousetrap’ for Terrorism?

More at The Last Refuge

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.


dApril 22, 2015

The Gatestone Institute

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper Infidel and Patriot.

“Does it really make any difference what the brain washed opinions of Jihadists believe on this topic?

normal_quran_910They are just following the directions from the Qur’an as any devout Islamic Terrorist should.

Did I just say devout Terrorist?  Factually, the writings of the Qur’an apply to all practicing Muslims.

The report also shows how Western jihadists are justifying their brutality based on clear instructions found in the Koran and other Islamic writings. As such, the report effectively demolishes claims by U.S. President Barack Obama and other Western leaders that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.

Garre describes Hamdouch as one of the “most dark and contemptible” jihadists alive today who “consistently posts photographs of himself waving decapitated heads, crucifying men and later decapitating them, and videos showing tortures and murders of the utmost cruelty.”

Spanish investigative journalist José María Gil Garre (left) conducted a series of exclusive interviews with the jihadist Mohamed Hamdouch (right) over the past year, offering a disturbing glimpse into the religious and ideological mindset of Hamdouch and his wife.

The report also shows how Western jihadists are justifying their brutality based on clear instructions found in the Koran and other Islamic writings. As such, the report effectively demolishes claims by U.S. President Barack Obama and other Western leaders that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.

(Utter nonsense as Islam has hated the West and what it stands for since the beginning of the cult of death.)

Garre describes Hamdouch as one of the “most dark and contemptible” jihadists alive today who “consistently posts photographs of himself waving decapitated heads, crucifying men and later decapitating them, and videos showing tortures and murders of the utmost cruelty.”

“There is global unanimity that jihad is an obligation.” — Mohamed Hamdouch.

“My convictions emanate from what Allah said: You must kill the non-believers, regardless of whether they are Muslims or atheists.” — Mohamed Hamdouch.

“Beheading is permitted in Islam. I recommend you read the Suras [chapters] of Al-Anfal (8), At-Tawbah (9) and Mohammed (47).” — Mohamed Hamdouch.

“I swear by the name of Allah, this is not violence. We are defending our religion.” — Mohamed Hamdouch.

A Spanish woman married to a Moroccan jihadist has given birth to the first Spanish citizen born in the Islamic State.

The child’s father, 28-year-old Mohamed Hamdouch, is notorious for his exceptional brutality and cruelty both on and off the battlefield. He is known in Spain as the “Beheader of Castillejas,” in recognition of his penchant for posting photographs of himself smiling while holding the decapitated heads of Syrian soldiers.

The child’s mother is Asia Ahmed Mohamed, a native of the North African Spanish exclave of Ceuta. She married Hamdouch after he gave her a suicide vest as a dowry.

Spanish nationality law stipulates that individuals born of a Spanish parent are Spaniards by birth, including those born in the Islamic State. At last count, more than 100 Spanish citizens have joined the Islamic State,including at least three women, which suggests that more Spanish “jihadi babies” may be on the way.

A new report by Spanish investigative journalist José María Gil Garre, who conducted a series of exclusive interviews with Hamdouch over the past year, offers a disturbing glimpse into the religious and ideological mindset of Hamdouch and his wife, whose commitment to jihad appear to be complete and total.

The report conveys a sense of the challenge ahead for Spain and other Western countries when faced with a generation of Western passport-holding jihadi parents who are — presumably — inculcating their “Western” children with fundamentally anti-Western values.

Hamdouch — whose aliases are Abu Tasnim Al Magribi, Kokito Castillejas and Kokito Yu — hails from a poverty-stricken town in northern Morocco called Fnideq (Castillejas in Spanish) that is situated just two kilometers from Ceuta (which is Spanish territory).

Hamdouch is believed to have been recruited by Mustafá Maya Amaya, a Spanish convert to Islam who was born in Belgium but eventually settled in Melilla, another Spanish exclave in North Africa. Amaya was arrested in March 2014.

According to his parents, Hamdouch, who arrived in Syria in 2013, was radicalized through the Internet, where he discovered Takfirism, an offshoot of Salafism which is committed to an unwaveringly literal interpretation of the Koran and which condones acts of extreme violence to re-create the Islamic Caliphate.

In his report, Garre records the contents an interview in which he asked Hamdouch about the decapitations. Hamdouch replied:

“We have not come to kill civilians or Muslims. On the contrary, we have come to help Syrian Muslims and to ensure that our religion and our brothers triumph. We have come to implement Sharia law — it is our constitution — adopting a model of the Caliphate as according to the Prophet Mohammed. These decapitated heads belong to traitors and agents of the United States and Al Salul [a derogatory term for Saudi royalists], who receive help from the United States and countries in Europe and the Persian Gulf to ensure that the Islamic State does not extend in Iraq, Sham [greater Syria] and soon in Rome. We are fighting in Syria, but our eyes are fixed on Palestine.”

More at The Gatestone Institute

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.


dApril 11, 2015

Desert Musings:

Hillary Clinton isn’t short on ego. She’s short on a lot of things, but ego isn’t one of them. And at a time when even liberal pundits are warning her not to get involved in the upcoming presidential sweepstakes, she’s decided to throw caution to the wind.

Hillary Clinton will become the third presidential candidate officially on Sunday.

She’s on her way to Iowa and will make the announcement at noon, eastern time. It will be followed by a video on, and a bunch of conference calls to media. And of course, she’s hoping to rule the day on Sunday and Monday (which is why you announce on a Sunday in the first place…you get two days of news cycles, not just one).

And then the fun starts. See, Iowa has never been kind to Hillary. The last time she ran, she finished third there. It was a LONG time before she set foot in the Hawkeye State again…not until last year actually. That’s six years to be away. Not smart for someone who wants to be president. But that’s Hillary.

It will be very interesting to watch Hillary as she tries to make a go of it in less than admirable circumstances. She’s got about a dozen scandals swirling around her, not the least of which is the Benghazi debacle that she was in charge of and ultimately will be found to be the cause of (just speculation…but wait…it’s coming!). She has her testimony before Trey Gowdy’s select committee, which probably won’t help her poll numbers at all…and they’re already falling.

And then there’s the inevitable “Hillary Fatigue”. The more people see Hillary Clinton, the more people hate her. I know she’s hired this consultant who is supposed to give her a personality makeover…but I don’t really think it will help. Look, there are a bunch of brain-dead, low-information voters out there that think she’s great and would vote for her if she killed every member of the Duke basketball team. But I have this gut feeling that America really isn’t “Ready For Hillary” just yet. I don’t really think America will EVER be ready for her. Just like in the long run, I don’t think America will ever be ready for Jeb Bush. It’s not a political thing, it’s a dynastical  thing. I can’t see either making it to the White House. Of course, I’ve been wrong before…but my hunch is, I won’t be wrong this time. There’s too much fodder for Hillary.

Add to that one thing that is going to be the final nail in her coffin…the GOP candidates are spending more time attacking her than they are attacking each other. THAT is exactly what they should be doing. Spend a year and a half asking America if they really want her to answer that 3 am phone call. Ask America if they really want someone leading the country that hasn’t successfully led anything in her life.

And ask America if they really want a second person in the White House in a row that has more ego than brains!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission was given by Desert Musings to Lorra B. to post their articles in their entirety.