GRAPHIC WARNING: Video Showing 10-Year-Old ISIS Boy Killing Two Russian Spies

(Screen Shot from ISIS Video)

(Screen Shot from ISIS Video)

January 14, 2015

By Lorra B.:



Disturbing hardly comes close to describing the latest propaganda video splattered all over the internet. Though it cannot be certain if the two men in the video are actually Russian spies because brutal force is often used to coerce statements or confessions, or if the video is even genuine, we do know for certain that the adult in the video has made appearances in other propaganda videos.

The videos the adult has appeared in are training videos for children to learn to fight for the Islamic State as soldiers.

The boy has also been identified by a service that monitors jihadist groups, Flashpoint Partners. Flashpoint verified the boy’s name as Kazakh and that he has been in two previous ISIS videos.

Kazakh “is part of a 150-person family that arrived in Syria more than a year ago and has been part of ISIS operations,” according to Flashpoint.

“Allah has gifted the Islamic State security agency with the apprehension of these two spies,” states the adult. “By Allah’s grace, they are now in the custody of the lion cubs of the Caliphate.”

In the video, the two Russians are murdered by the boy who then “pumps his gun in the air” and “smiles,” according to Fox News Insider.

‘Cubs of the Islamic State,’ is a term used by ISIS to describe the recruited boys. What they do not tell them in the recruiting film is that they will be used as suicide bombers and human shields.

By Lorra B.