Pretty White Girl and Boyfriend Facing Death By Firing Squad in China

December 6, 2014


Kalynda Davis is facing the prospect of being shot to death by a firing squad.

“I’ve been a naughty girl, daddy.”

Foolish young women in the West, accustomed to being pampered and kowtowed to by an indulgent culture are really too stupid to get the idea that life is serious. When there’s a problem, a plastic surgeon, a boyfriend, or daddy will fix it for her.

Kalynda Davis is learning that the whole world isn’t her oyster. The Chinese don’t tolerate drug running. They quickly try and execute people for crimes that might merit a visit to a rehab center in the West.

That’s one reason China is so safe. The Chinese have their faults, but a sick, degenerate culture modeled after the West isn’t one of them. They block Internet porn, for example, from Chinese computers.

I believe every ethnic group has right to its own culture and its values. Interlopers should respect those values. Thus, visitors to the US should obey US laws. Likewise, visitors to China should obey their laws.

Ready … aim … fire!

Barring a government-to-government negotiation, Kalynda Davis is among the walking dead.

Can somebody wake these girls up to reality?

Excerpt from

UP to nine Australians now face the prospect of being executed by firing squads in China prisons for drug offences, following the arrests of Sydneysiders Kalynda Davis, 22, and Peter Gardner, 25 in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou.

The pair were the latest to be busted trying to smugglemethamphetamine, also known as “ice” and “crystal”, into Australia from China’s drugs hub as part an intensifying national anti-narcotics sweep by the administration of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

The couple, from the western Sydney suburbs of Penrith and Richmond, were allegedly attempting to smuggle 75kg of the drug; now they face a minimum of life imprisonment and probably death, according to Chinese lawyers who spoke to News Corp Australia.

Wang Jinhe, a lawyer in Guangzhou who has represented several casesinvolved with drug trafficking, said: “76kg of drugs, in my legal careerof 15 years, is an extremely high amount, record breaking to my knowledge. I’m representing a case with an African accused of drug trafficking for of 60kg and I am afraid none of them can escape death penalty.”

I suspect Miss Davis is not smiling any more.  There's nothing like facing the death penalty to turn a smile into a frown.