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Christian Patriots:

“The Government of Mexico is quick to condemn, yet fail to police their own people”

Tensions have sparked after the Mexican consulate issued a harsh statement blaming the U.S. Border Patrol for a boat crash that left a child and two agents injured.

In response to the harshly worded statement, the local chapter of the National Border Patrol Council rushed to defend the name of the agency pointing out the hypocrisy of the Mexican government and stating that the agents were not at fault in the crash.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, a Mexican fishing boat with a family on board abruptly cut off a U.S. Border Patrol boat leading to the collision. Two agents were ejected with one of them suffering head trauma. Right after the crash, people on the Mexican side began throwing rocks at the agents who were trying to come out of the water. Texas state troopers had to use less lethal weapons to fight off the attackers.

Soon after the crash, the Mexican Consulate issued a written statement condemning the crash and apparently blaming the agents for the child’s injuries as well as stating that the use of less lethal weapons following the incident had been an unjustified use of force.

Full report at BREITBART

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US Labor Department grants $1.4M to help Mexico support anti-discrimination laws

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November 19, 2014

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May 1, 2013: A youth carries national flags of the U.S. and Mexico through the streets of San Diego, during a demonstration about workers rights and immigration reform. (Reuters)

The U.S. Department of Labor is coming under fire from some who say a $1.4 million grant to the Mexican government to support anti-discrimination laws in that country is a waste of U.S. time, money and resources.

“Is there no end to the madness?” Judicial Watch writes on its website. “Each year, Americans are forced to pay tens of billions of dollars to educate, feed, house, incarcerate and medically treat illegal aliens – most of them from Mexico – in the U.S. and now we’re sending cash south of the border for a cause that’s hardly ours to fund.”

The goal of the grant, according to the Department of Labor, is to increase compliance with the expanded protections against labor discrimination under Mexican labor law, with a specific focus on combating gender discrimination, forced pregnancy testing, sexual harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“Countries like Mexico are making welcome progress in reforming laws to better protect workers from discrimination and harassment based on gender or sexual orientation,” Carol Pier,  deputy undersecretary of labor for international affairs, said in a written statement announcing the grant. “This project will support the Mexican government’s efforts to more effectively enforce such non-discrimination provisions of the Mexican Federal Labor Law Reform of 2012.”

“Is there no end to the madness?”- Judicial Watch

Much of the money will go toward improving enforcement by labor inspectors in Mexico, increasing employer participation in government social compliance programs and raising public awareness of the recent legal reforms on labor discrimination.

“It may seem bizarre that our Labor Department prioritizes issues in a foreign country, but this has been going on for years and the allocations for causes abroad have increased tremendously under President Obama,” JW writes.

The deadline for the grant was Nov. 7, and the winner will be announced before Dec. 31. The duration of the project is up to 3 years – or 36 months – from the effective date of award, according to the grant.

The Labor Department touts on its website that The Mexican Federal Labor Law Reform of 2012 has been called “one of the most significant legislative developments of the administration led by former President Felipe Calderon.”

In Mexico, pregnancy testing was cited as the No. 1 discrimination against women. In November 2012, the country passed sweeping reforms to its federal labor laws. Despite the new reforms on the books, implementing them has been difficult for the country.

One significant challenge to effective enforcement, according to the grant proposal, is the small number of workers filing any labor discrimination with authorities. Mexican government officials say abuse cases are often underreported, in part, “because workers are sometimes encouraged to file discrimination cases under more general labor law provisions, such as the ban on unjustified firing, since discrimination cases are so hard to prove.”

JW launched an investigation that showed that in the last few weeks of 2012 the Labor Department dedicated nearly $40 million to global programs that will produce little, if any, benefit to the U.S. The programs, which included formal agreements with Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica that the U.S. would vow to protect the rights of migrants from those countries who work in the U.S., caused some backlash when made public.

“About one-fourth of the money went to combat the labor abuse of ‘vulnerable groups’ in Ecuador and Panama, specifically Afro-descendant, indigenous and migrant populations,” JW said, adding that the “unprecedented initiatives” to help illegal immigrants have proven costly to American taxpayers.”

‘Like Some Kind of Animal in a Cage’: Sgt. Tahmooressi Tells His Story of Mexico Inprisonment

November 12, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi went “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren in his first and only interview since being released from a Mexican prison.

The Marine spent 214 days languishing in two different Mexican prisons before his release.

See highlights below from the hour-long exclusive interview.

‘They Were Very Helpful, and Then it Shifted’

Tahmooressi told Van Susteren about his experience crossing the border. He said that he immediately reported that he had guns, and that one man was initially helpful.

“I was thinking, hopefully these guys are going to be considerate and caring and understanding […] You know, they were very helpful and then it shifted,” he said.

Tahmooressi landed in a La Mesa prison cell with 20 other prisoners, though he said the cell was fit for six or seven prisoners. He said that the other men in the cell were initially cordial, but said he was worried and feeling vulnerable.

“So they see my weakness and I think they started taking advantage of my weakness, just to maybe have fun with me. Or maybe they feel threatened by me because I was this odd-out guy, you know, kind of keeping to himself over there.”

He described a prisoner who he played tic-tac-toe with.

“He made it seem like it was the last game of tic-tac-toe that I would ever play,” he said.

Tahmooressi also described having his arms and legs handcuffed to a bed because he “wasn’t a behaved prisoner.”

“I believe they did it because they were afraid of me, afraid that I might do something again and really end up doing something like successfully killing myself or harming somebody and that they would get in trouble for it by not being able to control the situation,” he said.

Still, Tahmooressi said he tried to look at the positive that would come out of the ordeal.

“I was like this is going to bring our family closer together and this is hopefully going to bring Americans closer together and America and Mexico closer together.”

Why Did Tahmooressi Have Guns With Him?


“Because I like guns,” Tahmooressi said. “I enjoy guns. You know, I grew up liking guns […] It’s like, you’re stressed out and some people go and smoke a cigarette but some people go to the gun range and go shoot their gun and relieve some stress,” he told Van Susteren.

Tahmooressi admitted that he once made a mistake in a confrontation. He said that he felt someone was threatening a family member and then pulled his gun out to get the man to back off. He said he then called the police himself.

“Us Marines have guns on them all the time. Our gun is our safety […] And it’s easy to go from there to the civilian world carrying a gun around because, you know, you feel like going over there and people are after you. And it’s just a different world from there to here. It’s a totally different world,” he said.

‘Like Some Kind of Animal in a Cage’

Tahmooressi then detailed his attempt to escape from the first Mexican prison.

“I was very afraid. I felt like it would be the last night of my life right there, that these guys were going to kill me. That these guys were going to brutally kill me, I was thinking. I built up strength to run away because I thought running away was my only hope to get away from a situation like that,” he said.

The guards “beat him up a little bit,” then strapped him to the post of a bunk bed naked for eight or nine hours, Tahmooressi revealed.

“I felt like guards outside were having fun with the whole thing, like they were mocking me outside, making fun of me, so that was hard. So I’m like some kind of animal in a cage here […] like I don’t even have life in me.”

‘I Was Looking At These Light Bulbs As My Way Out’

Two or three days after his attempted escape, Tahmooressi said he tried to take his own life.

Tahmooressi said he saw two light bulbs on his ceiling.

“I was looking at these light bulbs as my way out,” he told Van Susteren, describing how he broke one over the toilet and stabbed himself in the neck.

The guards heard him break the bulb and came to his cell. They took him to the hospital, where they put some IVs into the Marine.

“I got revived, I came back.”

‘Glad, Happy’: Marine Finally Heads Home

In the 214 days he was imprisoned, Tahmooressi kept thinking his release would be soon.

“I kept on getting my hopes up, you know, and it just kept on dragging on and dragging on,” he said.

When he was finally released, he said he was “glad, happy.”

Van Susteren asked if there’s anything Tahmooressi needs.

“A job would help, getting busy would help, you know, doing productive things would help. It’s not just going to see a doctor, it’s doing good things, you know, and good things for other people, being busy and just helping out.”

‘We All Need to Look After Each Other’

At the end of his interview, Tahmooressi had a message for America.

“I don’t want this to come off as these people against those people, or those against these. But that, you know […] we make mistakes and […] I think if we take the lesson from this and that is that we need to look after each other, we all need to look after each other. We all should care for each other and take the time to care, pretty much,” he said.

Tahmooressi told Van Susteren that he is going to be OK.

“I’ll be just fine, I promise you.”


#AceNewsServices – MEXICO – Nov.08 – This is the story l have been following since the first discovery of these missing students. The latest information is that the  Forty-three Mexican students who went missing six weeks ago were likely abducted by police and handed over to a local gang who murdered them and burned their bodies, Mexico’s attorney general said Friday.

' 43 Mexican students likely 'burned to ashes by gang': Grisly details of mass murder '

Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said three members of the Guerreros Unidos gang were apprehended last week and confessed to burning a number of bodies near Iguala in the Guerrero state in an effort to remove evidence of the killings.

READ MORE: Mexico’s missing students: New mass grave uncovered

“They didn’t just burn the bodies with their clothes, they also burned the clothes of those who participated,” Karam told a news conference. “They tried to erase every possible trace.”

“I know the huge pain this information gives the families, a pain that we all share in solidarity,” he added.

The victims were young male students from an all-male liberal college in rural Ayotzinapa. On September 26, the students arrived in the city of Iguala where they planned to stage a protest over a lack of government education spending. Following a clash with police, 43 members of the group disappeared.

Karam presented videotaped confessions by the murder suspects that included a segment showing charred bits of bone and teeth dragged from the San Juan River in Cocula, a town near Iguala.

Authorities announced Friday they had discovered six bags of unidentified human remains along the river’s bank.

In a telling testament to the violence now proliferating in Mexico, the district attorney noted that human remains found in hidden graves after the students went missing were not those of the 43 young men.

Karam said the abductors questioned the students about their alleged membership in other gangs, adding there was no evidence to support the claim the missing students were involved in gang activity.

The attorney general said the government was carrying out DNA tests to confirm the identity of the bodies, a process that he said “will be a challenge”due to the badly burned fragments available to forensic experts. The remains would be delivered to the University of Innsbruck in Austria for concluding DNA identification, he added.

“I have to identify, to do everything in my power, to identify, to know if these were the students,”Murillo said.

Student teachers hand out merchandise from a truck, which they blocked on a highway, during a protest in support of 43 missing students, in Chilpancingo, November 7, 2014 (Reuters / Daniel Becerril)

Student teachers hand out merchandise from a truck, which they blocked on a highway, during a protest in support of 43 missing students, in Chilpancingo, November 7, 2014 (Reuters / Daniel Becerril)

Meanwhile, more details are emerging in the shocking story that has stunned Mexico, a country that is no stranger to violence, much of it drug-related.

This week, authorities arrested Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, who is believed to have ordered the abduction of the students, and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda. Investigators say the mayor ordered his police chief Felipe Flores Velasquez, who remains a fugitive, to prevent the student protest in the city.

To date, 74 people have been arrested in connection to the case, authorities said.

Meanwhile, the parents of the 43 students have been highly critical of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who they say didn’t do enough to track down their missing children. The lingering frustration after weeks of failed efforts to find the students has fueled protests and even violence across the country. This week, thousands of demonstrators marched on the capital, Mexico City, to protest the government’s response to the incident.

READ MORE: Furious students burn Mexican govt. building in protest over police corruption

Peña Nieto, who was elected two years ago after pledging to tackle gang-related violence, promised that justice would be served.

“The investigations will be carried out to the full, all those responsible will be punished under the law,” he said.

“The capture of those who ordered it isn’t enough; we will arrest everyone who participated in these abominable crimes.”

About 100,000 people in Mexico have lost their lives in violence related to organized crime since 2007.


President Obama, In the Immigration Hot-Seat – An Ulterior Motive?

imageedit_23_3153419420President Obama has been in the Immigration hot-seat for his unconventional handling of immigration reform throughout the country. Just who is to blame for the influx of immigrants? Fingers are pointing to Obama and today, that hot-seat is getting hotter to sit in. Arizona, for one, has had enough.

Arizona officials are not sitting by nor turning a blind eye to the problem. Officials are threatening legal action to halt Obama and his administration from continuing to transport hundreds upon hundreds of undocumented immigrants from the state of Texas unto Arizona territory. The latest plight of Arizona’s immigration woes didn’t start in Arizona, however, but in Texas.

The boarder town of Mission Texas has been inundated with illegal immigrant traffic and there seems no end in sight. “That’s the way it goes, day in and day out, in what has become ground zero of the latest immigration crisis,” reports Fox News. “Thousands upon thousands of people from Central America exploiting the porous border of the Rio Grande Valley to enter the United States.”

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar stated, “He [Obama} still has a long way to go to improve this, and we’ve been asking him, don’t just listen to the words of the bureaucrats up there in Washington, listen to the men and women who work here.”

Cuellar went on to say that the men and women who work at the borders are instructed not to talk to the media but the media are the very one’s who need to be heard about this situation. Refusing to be identified, one Border Patrol officer stated the “massive influx of unaccompanied children and family units has taken the Border Patrol completely off mission.”

Officials indicate that approximately 1000 illegal immigrants from Mexico a day are crossing into Texas alone.

The Executive Director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition, Don Ray, stated, “How do you prepare for that? You can’t have an influx of people like that without having an impact; I think we saw that after Katrina. It’s relocation services that are really taking place. In the case of Katrina, most of them were United States citizens or people that were here lawfully, and now you have people that aren’t here lawfully.”

 Ray went on to state that there is a public health concern. “You have that many people in one place – you have the potential for illnesses that could spread that could have an impact on the local community.”

Texas, completely overwhelmed with the influx, began transporting the illegals to Arizona and the U.S. Border Patrol acknowledged the flying of illegals by the hundreds to both Tucson and Phoenix and dropping them off at Greyhound bus stations.


To make matters worse, Arizona officials were never notified of the transports. Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne (R), who is prevented by law to sue the federal government directly, wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security insisting that “the department’s border security units stop the transports,” as reported by The Washington Post.

Border Patrol can barely begin to muddle through the number of illegal immigrants crossing our boarders. “From last October to the end of May, 162,000 people from countries other than Mexico have entered the United States across the southern border. That’s nearly 100 percent increase from the previous year…47,017 unaccompanied children were among them,” according to Fox News. American’s are wondering why there has been such an increase and just how we are going to take care of them.

Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio couldn’t agree more. Arpaio is also worried about the dangers of such an influx and that “When you put 1,000 or 1,500 people in just some little facility and they just came from another country, you never know what they’re bringing into the country.”

Immigrant families, after being released in Arizona, were instructed to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office within 15 days. Not too many American’s seem to believe this will happen.

“In our jails, we found that about 2,000 inmates in the past several months are in jail for several state crimes, but they’re here illegally and we found out that over and over again they’re being released to ICE and they keep coming back. So that tells you either they’re being led out the back door or they’re being deported and they’re still coming across the border. So that’s sad when you have so many illegal aliens that committed crimes, that you have turned over and yet what happens to them, they just commit other crimes and come back to jail,” argues Arpaio.

The immigration reform issue is getting much bigger and with no probable end in sight unless the President steps in to do something. Just what is President Obama doing to help, not only Texas and Arizona, but the entire country? Apparently, he is doing nothing.

Obama is taking a step back from the issue and giving it to House Republicans instead of making changes on his own, much to the disappointment of his supporters.

“This week, lawmakers from both parties summarily declared immigration-overhaul efforts dead after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suffered an unexpected defeat at the hands of a fellow Republican who criticized him as too soft on the issue. But Obama still voices hope Congress will act,” stated ABC News.

Jennifer Palmieri, the White House Communications director, stated, “Our strategy has not changed…The impetus for action remains on the house.”

So, while the sides play ping pong with the immigration issues facing our country, we all suffer, as well as the immigrant. Taking care of the monumental number of immigrants costs the tax payers money. After all, whose side you are on is of little consequence when it comes to feeding and sheltering fellow human beings. We are not barbarians in this wonderful country of ours. But this does beg the question of why. Why, when a staggering number of Americans are up in arms over the lack of Immigration Reform, should the American people have to foot the bill? America gives an exorbitant amount of money to other countries while our own go without basic needs. Why, then, is the money being sent abroad when we need it right here and right now?

Perhaps more importantly, is Obama to blame for the rapid influx of immigrants to our country? There are those who say, absolutely, and, if he is to blame, he should be held accountable, on so many levels. After all, if he started this, he can end it before its too late…but is that something he really wants to do?

Newsmax TV reported, “The fact is, the administration caused this flow of people,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Krikorian stated, “The question is, what messages did we send that enticed these people to come? And the Border patrol has actually talked to the people they’ve apprehended. They’ve done surveys of the people in detention and they said, ‘Why did you decide to come now?”

“And almost all of them said, ‘You know, we heard, the word came back from the grapevine that you were letting people go,’” he said. “’When you caught them you were giving them some kind of paper and then just letting them into the United States and we figured we’d take advantage of that.’”

“So we created this problem – the administration certainly shouldn’t be surprised by it,” said Krikorian, ‘whose group is a conservative, nonpartisan research organization advocating immigration reduction in the United States.”

Rush Limbaugh has a fascinating take on the whole immigration issue and it is worth looking at.

Rush believes that many may be mistaken who are looking at the situation as it being an election year and, therefore, looking “at events they think are political in terms of an election.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama has two and a half years to transform this country. He’s got two and a half years to remake this country. He’s got two and a half years to do whatever he wants to do to this country. Two and a half years. He also knows that he’s not on any ballot coming up in this election year. So it doesn’t matter to his electoral fortunes anything that happens here. He is on a mission. This country is going to pay a price for its past transgressions. He’s going to see to that.”

“Forget the election year,” Rush went on to say. “Why in the world…what is any good reason for throwing open the borders and allowing tens of thousands – forget illegal immigrants – refugees (in)?…What is the point?…If you allow them in, you welcome them in and you say, “Oh, my goodness, it’s so sad, it’s so horrible. Look at these ragtag children. We’re the great United States, we must — You gotta let their parents in, don’t you? We don’t want them to be parentless. We don’t want them to be homeless. We gotta find a way to get their parents in. What does anybody think is happening here? Somebody tell me what the benefit is here, for whoever, if you can think of one.”

“It may be so scary to contemplate and so outrageous that people may want to reject it and look for something that is less painful. People just do not, will not, cannot accept that they’ve elected somebody to be president that doesn’t like this country and thinks this country is not worth what everybody else does and doesn’t think that what we have become can be justified. So that this country must be made to pay a price.”

Rush continued saying, “Go back and analyze any question or answer that Obama has given when asked about American exceptionalism. What does he say? Paraphrasing: ‘Well, I’m sure they think they’re exceptional in Great Britain, too. I believe in American exceptionalism, but I’m sure they think they’re exceptional in Guinea-Bissau…”

“What this means,” Rush elaborated, it that “there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism. It’s a bunch of people bragging.”

“I mean, everybody woke up one day last week and saw this is happening. The Border Patrol says they can’t stop it. They’re overwhelmed. The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, is back. She’s pulling her hair out. What do we do? You add up everything else that’s happening that we’ve learned and continue to learn about IRS, you name it – you go down the list – and it’s patently obviously what is happening here,” Rush declared.

If it isn’t plainly obvious to you now that America is in a world of hurt, it soon may be as our borders continue to be flooded with illegal immigrants from around the globe. “I mean, we’re a compassionate people. They get sick, we’re gonna take care of them. They can’t eat, we’re gonna feed them. They can’t find water, we’re gonna give them whatever, right? We’re a compassionate country. But we don’t have the resources for this anymore, do we?” Mr. Limbaugh wants to know.  Well, do we President Obama?



By, Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


New Hearing for U.S. Hero in Mexico Prison

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a U.S. Marine who is being held in a Mexican Prison, won’t be getting his day in court until June 4. The Afghanistan war veteran has already spent the last two months in their prison and after firing his attorney on Wednesday it’s anybody’s bet how long he will remain.

The 25-year-old Tahmooressi fired his attorney, Alejandro Osuna Gonzales, because of disagreement. Allegedly, Gonzales was encouraging him to lie to the authorities, something Tahmooressi wasn’t interested in doing.

 Tahmooressi is charged with entering Mexico illegally with three registered weapons. But it is Tahmooressi’s position that he mistakenly crossed the boarder with the weapons in his pickup.

Bringing guns into Mexico is Illegal, no exceptions.

 Defending her son, Jill Tahmooressi stated, “He is relieved that he’ll be able to go before the judge and explain precisely how he made that accidental wrong turn and ended up in the dilemma that he’s in right now.”

Gonzales stated that he understood the decision made by the Tahmooressies to get another attorney and said. “I wish Andrew and his mother all the best. Andrew is innocent and he should not be here and he will get out of this mess that he is in.”

 Many Congress members have implored the U.S. Department to collaborate with Mexico in order for Tahmooressi to be released. Even Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Mexican authorities while he was in Mexico City. Though they seem to be putting forth an effort to free Tahmooressi, the effect they are having is unclear.

 “We are working on determining whether or not certain evidence that has been presented is meeting the standard that’s necessary to be able to hold that young Marine and we’re trying to find out exactly what the fact pattern is, but we are working on that,” Kerry stated.

 Tahmooressi, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after two tours of duty in Afghanistan, was hopeful of getting help at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in La Jolla California. He was also planning on moving to California from Florida and getting a job.

 Realizing his mistake of accidentally driving over the boarder, his mother said that he immediately dialed 911. But there would be no help coming. The authorities told him that since he was in Mexico there wasn’t a thing they could do. Reportedly, a Mexican customs official has attempted to take him back across the boarder but a Mexican soldier was having none of that and arrested him.

Tahmooressi hasn’t had it easy for one moment it seems. He has endured weight loss, has had his hands and feet shackled, and even had to be subjected to rape and death threats, according to his mother.

 The whole thing could have been avoided, according to Fox News, “with a little discretion and a phone call or two,” said U.S. border officials.

In an attempt to plead his case to U.S. officials, Tahmooressi wrote in a letter to Hunter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee:

  “I accidentally drove into Mexico with 3 guns…a rifle (AR-15), a .45 cal pistol and a 12 gauge pump shotgun with no intentions (sic) on being in Mexico or being involved in any criminal activities.”

 “I have rights to all 3 weapons. They are under my name. …Please help me.”

 Though many State Department officials have been getting involved, the Obama administration has mostly remained quite as the tension for many U.S. citizens have increased.

 According to the Patriot Coalition of San Diego County’s Gina Loudon, “Tension is building. Many in the U.S. think it is unjust, un-American, for this brave Marine who fought for our freedom to spend Memorial Day in a Mexican Prison…He should be afforded the same courtesy that we have extended to Mexican citizens in similar circumstances.”

 The U.S. Consulate in Tijuana will be keeping an eye on the case.


By, Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier

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