CAIR Leader Ahmad Saleem Arrested in Major Child Sex Trafficking Ring Bust, Sex with Children as Young as 10

dJune 3, 2015

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The two-week joint sting, known as “Operation L and P,” netted 101 arrests in both Lake and Polk counties. The investigation concluded late last week. (Photo: Dave D’Marko, News 13)

The UK child sex trafficking gangs we have come to America.

CAIR leader Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

I am sure Ahmad Saleem believes he is following in Muhammad’s footsteps. Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha was 6 when he married her.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.07.56 PM

CAIR leader Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

I am sure Ahmad Saleem believes he is following in Muhammad’s footsteps. Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha was 6 when he married her.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.09.57 PM

Ahmad Saleem is an active community organizer in Orlando, Florida. He is responsible for spreading CAIR Florida’s impact and presence in the Orlando community which includes serving and protecting the civil rights of the community as well as maintaining healthy relationships with other Muslim organizations, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and the media. He is the son of Pakistani immigrants. His father, a pediatrician, and his mother, a school teacher, instilled in Ahmad the joy of caring for others and serving them wholeheartedly with love and dedication.

He graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida (UCF). During his time there, he led many initiatives via his leadership of the Muslim Student Association at UCF. This included hosting or speaking at events such as “Islam and the West,” “Arab and Muslim Americans and the Elections,” “Islam and the World,” and many other timely topic events. He helped raise awareness for his community members to vote and was, and still is, an active part of organizing the Florida Muslim Capitol Day that is held annually.

He also started an initiative called Project Friendship where he worked with people of other faiths and groups to meet and socialize with the intention to break barriers and to help build bridges between one another. During his time building these projects, Ahmad was able to develop a strong sense of awareness of American community dynamics and aims to apply this new knowledge and treasured experience to better serve our nation.

Apart from being the former MSA president at UCF, he was the MSA National service director, a board member of Muslim Youth Project USA, a student of many learned scholars from across the world, and is a motivational speaker who has been invited to speak throughout the country.

Mr. Saleem is the founder of Saleem Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering Muslim youth globally. Under it, he has conducted his “Inspired by the Quran” and “Muslim Youth Survival Guide” weekend seminars. In addition, he has also created many empowering online videos and courses. He continues to actively engage in any educational or community building efforts that he can to help uplift and raise American and global communities to new heights.

Ahmad regularly lectures on issues related to activism and Islam and Muslims in the West. He has taught on subjects that range from political activism, Islamic belief, history, spirituality, culture, and many more. He hopes to see a world where bridges are built to close the gap between people of different faiths and races and statuses, in the spirit of celebrating diversity and focusing on and appreciating the similarities and differences that unite us.

Ahmad passionately believes in America’s ideals for justice and equality and happiness for all and hopes to help resurrect the practice of those ideals in the present time. He feels that Islamophobia is a serious danger to Americans and not in line with the spirit of our Founding Fathers and that it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. He believes that by eliminating Islamophobia is the only way to bring a peaceful domestic and global future for everyone. “There is no better time than now,” he says, “for us to make a genuine truce between one another, to resolve our differences, and to live happily alongside one another as a peaceful, loving, and diverse community.”

That’s CAIR’s leadership.
101 arrested in child-sex sting,WND, June 2, 2015

Muslim leader among those busted

More than 100 people, including the Orlando leader of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, were arrested in a two-county Florida sex-sting operation, many of whom for allegedly trying to have sex with children.

The investigation concluded last week, authorities announced Tuesday.

Many of those arrested had jobs working with children, including theme-park workers at Universal Orlando and SeaWorld, and a former Walt Disney World cast member who left the job before his arrest. SeaWorld said the men charged were no longer employed at the theme park.

“These are very dangerous people and they are after our children,” said Grady Judd of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

During the first week of the sting, investigators say, 22 people traveled to Clermont, Florida,thinking they were going to have sex with a child between ages 10 and 14. Seventy-nine others were arrested on charges connected to prostitution.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.12.00 PM

Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

Saleem is also founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization “empowering Muslim youth globally” and also served as the Orlando coordinator for CAIR.

A note posted at the Saleem Academy website Tuesday stated, “Closed. May God bless you, guide you, and illuminate the right path for you, and keep you firm on it. Keep me in your prayers.”

“He’s well known as a community outreach leader interacting with teens in and around the Orlando area,” said Judd.

Judd said the operation was designed to send a strong message to anyone in Internet chat rooms that sex with minors won’t be tolerated.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office released the following in a statement:

“The first week of the operation targeted adults who were looking for sex with a child. During this phase, the detectives posed as either a child or a parent of a child as they were solicited by those interested in sexual activity with the child. As this phase progressed, 22 individuals were arrested after traveling to the location to have sex with who they believed to be a child, two of whom were already registered sex offenders. The age range for the target child was 10-14 years old in these cases.

“During the second week of the operation, detectives targeted those involved in crimes related to prostitution. As this portion of the operation progressed, 79 individuals were arrested on charges related to prostitution. Some of those arrested in this phase were also in possession of drugs and were therefore charged accordingly.”

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ISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution Yet — [Graphic Photos]

dMay 1, 2015

Mad World News:

Although the Islamic State’s sickening sentences are always in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, the infamous purveyors of punishment haven’t run short on sadistic artistry, often taking their exaction from the Prophet Muhammad himself.

Still, as their Muhammadan propaganda gets a bit repetitive, ISIS has recaptured the world’s attention with what is perhaps their most gruesome manner of execution yet.

Attempting to quench their blood lust, ISIS militants sought to make an example out of prisoners of Sharia who were arrested and sentenced to death for robbing and killing three women.

In what’s being referred to as “eye-for-an-eye” retribution, insurgents created a macabre punishment to fit the men’s crime of bludgeoning their female victims to death, the Daily Mail reports.

The sentence was carried out in Nineveh, a province in Iraq, and its graphic nature certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Shocking photos were released of executioners raising huge concrete blocks above their heads and hurling them down upon the prisoners’ skulls, exploding their heads like balloons.

ISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution YetISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution YetISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution YetISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution YetISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution Yet

[GRAPHIC] This Is What Happens When ISIS Catches A Homosexual[GRAPHIC] This Is What Happens When ISIS Catches A Homosexual[GRAPHIC] This Is What Happens When ISIS Catches A Homosexual

Another involves stoning women to death who are accused of adultery. Even if a woman is raped, it is considered infidelity and she is guilty in seducing her attacker into sin.

The barbarity of ISIS knows no bounds, including the gruesome beheading of any who are accused of “sorcery,” which can range from performing simple magic tricks to any type of non-Islamic, pagan religious practices.

ISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution YetISIS Debuts Perhaps Their Most Horrific Form Of Execution Yet

As imams, scholars, and the Prophet Muhammad himself tell us, Islamic law and Islam are one and the same; one cannot be without the other. Because democracy cannot coexist with brutal Sharia law, neither can Islam coexist with any other religion, law, or ideology.

The ignorant Democrats and Islamosympathizers who seek to give Islamic law a place within our borders are just as dangerous as those who wish to carry out these inhumane punishments in accordance with Allah’s commands. We cannot coexist, we must not submit, and we will not survive if it is introduced in the West under the guise of tolerance and multiculturalism.

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Photo Credit [Daily Mail]

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ISIS Special Forces Video Meant To Make U.S. Tremble, REAL Soldiers Respond

(Screenshot credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot credit, Mad World News)

April 29, 2015

Mad World News: by Robert Rich

A video that was recently released by ISIS hasn’t quite had the impact on the American people that they had originally desired. Hoping that it would make American tremble in fear, the clip was actually responsible for the exact opposite.

Displaying their usual recruitment efforts, ISIS has released yet another video attempting to paint the Islamic savages as fearsome heroes able to take out the most elite of soldiers. Seen conducting amphibious attacks, lifting iron, and participating in mock hand-to-hand combat scenarios, the terrorist organization’s intent is rather clear – make fighting look as cool as possible.

In a time of glamorous action heroes and flashy badasses, ISIS is trying to say to those susceptible of such foolery that they could be one too, if they just join the fight. As for anyone with a bit of common sense – or even better yet, actual combat training – the video results in a different reaction.

James Dever, a retired sergeant major of the Marines Corps and military advisor, said, “Just looking at the way they moved, the way they held their weapons, made me laugh, but I’m not a young person who knows nothing about skilled combat.”

Voactiv further reports, “For those less accustomed to the subtleties of tactical training, the five-minute film, filled with pulsing music and dramatic slow-motion sequences, can be seductive.” As for ISIS’ target audience, it appears to do everything it’s intended to do. Now, when it comes to scaring real soldiers with their fighting capabilities – well, not so much.

To someone who may idolize the terrorist organization, they see brave militants kicking down the door to an enemy outpost and tossing in a grenade before going in guns blazing. Another instance involves attempted stealth as ISIS members emerge from the water and approach “enemies” from behind before slitting their throats.

ISIS Special Forces Meant To Make U.S. Tremble, Here’s How REAL Soldiers Reacted

However, for those that have the slightest bit of common sense, it appears that ISIS has been watching too many bad movies. Rick Nelson, an associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, goes on to state, “The quality of training appears very rudimentary and just hokey in some parts. You must have an element of surprise. Nothing in the video shows a particular ability of attacking in a clandestine or covert matter.”

Unfortunately, the video is expected to be responsible for naïve minds joining the fight. “ISIS continues to produce engaging content,” he concluded. “Their media arm remains immensely effective.”

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Raymond Ibrahim: Obama’s Christianity — A Political Tool to Silence Christians

dApril 15, 2015

Jihad Watch:

Here in the United States, where Americans are used to hearing their president always invoke Christianity in a manner that silences Christians, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent Easter message was moderately refreshing.

Among other things, Cameron made it a point to say “that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is a Christian country.’ Yes, we’re a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths and none, but we are still a Christian country.”

The context of Cameron’s statement, it should be recalled, is a UK with a large, intolerant, and aggressive Muslim populace—a populace that increasingly seeks to treat the UK’s indigenous Christians the way the Islamic world’s indigenous Christians are habitually treated, that is, subjugated, enslaved, raped, and murdered.

In fact, Cameron touched on the phenomenon of Christian persecution in mostly Muslim lands:

We have a duty to speak out about the persecution of Christians around the world too.  It is truly shocking that in 2015 there are still Christians being threatened, tortured, even killed because of their faith.  From Egypt to Nigeria, Libya to North Korea.  Across the Middle East Christians have been hounded out of their homes, forced to flee from village to village; many of them forced to renounce their faith or brutally murdered.  To all those brave Christians in Iraq and Syria who practice their faith or shelter others, we will say, “We stand with you.”

While one may argue that Cameron is all talk—after all, the UK’s foreign policies, like America’s, have only exacerbated the plight of Christians in the Middle East—it is still refreshing to hear such honest talk, since here in the U.S., one seldom gets even that from President Obama.

Consider what Obama—who is on record saying “we are no longer a Christian nation,” who never notes the Islamic identity of murderers or the Christian identity of their victims, and who ignored a recent UN session on Christian persecution—had to say about Christians at the Easter Prayer Breakfast:  “On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love.  And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.”

This is in keeping with his earlier statements calling on Americans in general Christians in particular to be nonjudgmental and instead to have “humility” and “doubt” themselves.  For example, during the National Prayer Breakfast last February, after Obama alluded to the atrocities committed by the Islamic State—which include beheadings, crucifixions, rape, slavery, and immolations—he said:

I believe there are a few principles that can guide us, particularly those of us who profess to believe. And, first, we should start with some basic humility.  I believe that the starting point of faith is some doubt—not being so full of yourself and so confident that you are right and that God speaks only to us, and doesn’t speak to others, that God only cares about us and doesn’t care about others, that somehow we alone are in possession of the truth.

Humility, of course, is a well-recognized Christian virtue.  It is the exact opposite of pride; a modest if not humble opinion of oneself, one’s shortcomings.   But what does exercising humility have to do with our understanding of Islamic violence and terrorism, which was, after all, the topic Obama was discussing immediately before he began pontificating about humility?  Are we not to judge and condemn Islamic violence—since we’re apparently no better, as the president made clear when he told Christians to get off their “high horse” and remember the Crusades and Inquisition?

Furthermore, while Christian humility encourages self-doubt, it does not encourage doubt concerning right and wrong, good and evil.  The same Christ who advocated humility repeatedly condemned evil behavior, called on people to repent of their sins, and hurled tables in righteous anger… Keep reading

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Islamic State Camp A Few Miles From Texas

dApril 15, 2015

Jihad Watch:


Combine this with Obama’s open borders policy, and America faces a bright and secure future of hope and change.

“ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm, Judicial Watch, April 14, 2015 (thanks to Adrienne):

ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector.

The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming foreasy access to the United States, the same knowledgeable sources confirm.

During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss – the sprawling military installation that houses the US Army’s 1st Armored Division. Muslim prayer rugs were recovered with the documents during the operation.

Law enforcement and intelligence sources report the area around Anapra is dominated by the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Cartel (“Juárez Cartel”), La Línea (the enforcement arm of the cartel) and the Barrio Azteca (a gang originally formed in the jails of El Paso). Cartel control of the Anapra area make it an extremely dangerous and hostile operating environment for Mexican Army and Federal Police operations.

According to these same sources, “coyotes” engaged in human smuggling – and working for Juárez Cartel – help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing.

Mexican intelligence sources report that ISIS intends to exploit the railways and airport facilities in the vicinity of Santa Teresa, NM (a US port-of-entry). The sources also say that ISIS has “spotters” located in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico (largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management) to assist with terrorist border crossing operations. ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM.

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Watch Muslims Destroy and Urinate on Statue of the Virgin Mary

(Screenshot Credit, Sharia Unveiled)

(Screenshot Credit, Sharia Unveiled)

March 6, 2015

Sharia Unveiled:

Shattered statue of the Virgin Mary, mother of Yahushua HaMashiach. Photo courtesy of: Alerta Digital

Articolo originale in Italiano

by, Raymond Ibrahim | Islam Translated | Alerta Digital

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

Don Scarda, pastor of St. Barnabas, said the event was led by five “foreigners.”  By the time police arrived at the chapel, the unidentified attackers had already fled.

The incident has caused a stir among locals. Some have lambasted Pope Francis who is accused of appeasing immigrants—mostly Muslims—to wild extremes.   Earlier he had said that “Migrants, through their own humanity, cultural values, expand the sense of human brotherhood.”

Although the Diocese condemned the act of sacrilege against the Madonna statue, it also followed the Pope’s lead by absolving Islam of any responsibility for what happened.  In the words of Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, the auxiliary bishop of Città della Pieve, near Perugia:

For Islam, the figure of Mary is very important: she is the mother of the Prophet Jesus conceived in virginity, and the Blessed Virgin is the most holy woman.  Muslims pray at the Marian shrines in the Middle East. We cannot see in this act of vandalism—which as I said is wrong in every way—an episode of religious hatred. It is important not to feed mutual suspicion, especially at this time.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has called on Catholics and Western people in general to refrain from insulting other religions—namely Islam: “It’s normal, it’s normal [violence]. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

He made these statements on January 16, apparently in reference to the Charlie Hebdomassacre, when armed Muslims killed a dozen non-Muslims working for a satirical magazine that had mocked Islamic prophet Muhammad.

One wonders if the Pope would call it “normal” if members of his own flock were to murder those who urinated on the Virgin statue?

Thanks to funding from neighbors, the desecrated image could be restored and replaced in its original location. Hundreds of Catholics participated that day in a rosary of relief.

– – –

Muslims Destroy Statue of the Virgin Mary in Sydney, Australia:

Video courtesy of: k news

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Obama Points His Finger At The Media Saying ISIS Threat Is An Exaggeration


February 10, 2015

By Lorra B.

In an interview with VOX, a far-left publication, President Obama pointed his finger at the media saying they are exaggerating the danger ISIS poses to Americans.

The Editor of VOX, Ezra Klein, asked Obama if he believes the media “sometimes overstates the level of alarm people should have about terrorism as apposed to climate change.”

The president’s response was, “Absolutely!”

Obama is of the belief that because ISIS is a “sexier story,” the media focuses on it and said, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

It is very interesting that Obama chose VOX to give his extensive interview. VOX, “just last Saturday was claiming that those who took issue with Obama’s reprehensible moral equivalence regarding the Crusades were just looking for an excuse to hate Muslims,” reports Jihad Watch. “That is the milieu from which Obama comes, and in which he is most comfortable. That is, almost certainly, his world view as well: that those who believe that Islam uniquely teaches and justifies violence in a way that Christianity and other religions do not are motivated solely by hatred of Muslims. This is the line that Hamas-linked CAIR and its henchmen have promoted for years. In the White House today, they have their most powerful champion ever.”

So, while the White House seems to be pumping up their Global Warming campaign, they are downplaying the fear-factor ISIS instills on Americans by blaming the media for it’s alleged hyped up reporting.

But, why then, did Obama also say “It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris?” Obama went on to say that “We devote enormous resources to that, and it is right and appropriate for us to be vigilant and aggressive in trying to deal with that – the same way a big city mayor’s got to cut the crime rate down if he wants that city to thrive.”

Obama also submitted that the ‘targeted’ murder of Jews at a kosher supermarket last month was simply a ‘random shooting.’

Choosing ‘violent extremism’ to describe the terrorists who behead anyone who will not conform to their religious belief system, Obama refuses to call the group threatening our nation by their name, the Islamic State.

Obama, showing just how out of touch he is, points his finger at our media saying it is they who are to blame for the ISIS fear instilled in American citizens and insinuating that global warming is a better place to focus our worries and attentions.


Watch: ISIS Releases Manifesto Permitting Adult Men to Marry 9-Year-old Girls And Justifies Child Rape


February 6, 2015

Sharia Unveiled:

Following in the way of their ‘prophet’ Muhammad, who abducted and forcibly married little Aisha at the age of 6, then raped her at the age of 9. Aisha narrated this herself in: Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Book 62 Hadith #64

by, Quilliam Foundation | John Hall – Daily Mail | h/t Trop

Militants working for ISIS’ all-female police force in Syria have released a manifesto on the role of women – claiming children as young as nine should be encouraged to get married and condemning beauty parlours as the work of the devil.

The chilling document, titled ‘Women in the Islamic State’, demands women live a completely ‘sedentary’ lifestyle and that their role in life should be primarily to remain ‘hidden and veiled’ and at the service of men, who are described as their masters.

The manifesto urges ‘pure’ females to ensure they are married by 16, ‘while they are still young and active’, but insists that children as young as nine can ‘legitimately’ marry adult men.

It goes on to state that beauty parlours and shops selling fashionable clothes must not be tolerated as they are both instruments of the devil designed to encourage women to spend vast amounts of money to change God’s design.

The document is the first of its kind to be released by ISIS’ all-female Al-Khansa Brigade and while it claims not to have been written or approved by ISIS’ leadership, it provides a disturbing look at the way women living under the terror group’s barbaric regime can expect to be viewed and treated.

Islamic Scholar Outlines, Endorses and Justifies Child Rape by Muhammad’s Example With Aisha:

Video courtesy of: Laura Durkay

The document was originally released by the Al-Khansa Brigade last month but as it was written in Arabic, it failed to make an impact on Western ISIS jihadis or supporters. To avoid the crucial information being lost to English-language terror experts, the counter-extremism think tank Quilliam has now fully translated the manifesto and released its own analysis of its contents.

In stark contradiction to the way life under the rule of ISIS is portrayed on social media, the document explains that the primary duty of Western women who join the terror group is to marry a jihadi, then spend their life cooking, cleaning and raising a family.

It suggests that young Western women who spend their time online boasting of leading an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle under the rule of ISIS are lying, possibly under pressure from the group’s leadership who want to encourage a greater number of women to travel to Syria and marry fighters.

The document describes how women in the once relatively Westernised Syrian city of Raqqa are now ‘liberated’ by laws demanding they are fully covered in public, as it prevents their ‘humiliation’.

Despite talk of mass hunger, struggling hospitals, electricity blackouts and a near collapse of the local economy, the Al-Khansa Brigade writer insists that ISIS has eradicated poverty in the areas under its control and that hospitals are full of ‘modern medical technology that could treat all those suffering from chronic diseases, including cancer’.

‘Women benefit from a substantial amount of these services, for example the maternity hospital, which provides specialist care for mother and son who are examined by pediatricians who give them the cures they need, the document says.

ISIS Manifesto 2

The manifesto begins with a lengthy rejection of Western values, including financial systems and scientific research. The author attacks studying ‘the brain cells of crows, grains of sand and fish arteries’ as a distraction from the fundamental purpose of humanity, to worship God.

In one of many moments of hypocrisy in the document however, the Al-Khansa Brigade writer states that certain scientific research ‘that help facilitate the lives of Muslims and their affairs are permissible’, outlining such necessities as including medicine, agriculture and architecture.

The bulk of the manifesto focuses on the role of women, slamming feminism as contrary to God’s plan and insisting that the roles of men and women have become confused as women no longer fully submit to their master husband.

This, the author claims, is largely the fault of men, who have allowed their ‘God-given right’ for dominance over women to dwindle, ‘forcing women away from their true role’ and leaving them ‘confused and complacent’ within the home.

‘Because men are serving women like themselves, men cannot distinguish themselves from them… if men were men then women would be women,’ the author states.

The implication is those fighting for ISIS are ‘real men’, whereas men living in the West have become weak and submissive. This is something the Al-Khansa Brigade believes angers a God who made women ‘from Adam and for Adam’.

Describing everyday life in ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa, the manifesto says that the city has become the primary destination for all foreigners looking to join the Islamic State.

‘It is a haven for them to flee with their religion from the oppression of tyrants in the east and west and place in which they are privileged with elegant homes that harbour friends of God,’ it says.

‘The way of life for women in Raqqa does not differ from that in Mosul. Security, justice, fairness, healthy living, education and healthcare are all of equal importance in the Caliphate,’ it adds.

The document paints life in the city as extremely multicultural, with the author listing her immediate neighbours as an Arab, a Chechen and a Kazach.

‘There is no difference between Arabs and Persians, blacks or whites. All are under the rule of Islam. It is not possible to live in this Islamic way in any place ruled by tyrants, who implement nationalism over religion and patriotism over Shariah,’ the document states.

‘Tribes are merged and races join under the banner of monotheism, resulting in new generations within which are gathered the cultures of many different peoples, one a beautiful meeting, and harmonious alliance,’ it adds.

More at Sharia Unveiled:

Obama Halts Israeli Transfer of Arms to Christians in Nigeria to Defend Themselves From Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists

(Screenshot Credit, Sharia Unveiled)

(Screenshot Credit, Sharia Unveiled)

February 3, 2015

Sharia Unveiled:

Obama halts Israeli transfer of weapons to Nigerian Christians to defend themselves from Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists because ‘ conflicts with US Policy Interests..’

by, Michael Wilner | JPost

WASHINGTON – The United States suspended the resale of US-made military helicopters by Israel to the Nigerian government for its fight against Boko Haram last summer, according to Abuja.

The transfer of such aircraft requires a review to determine its “consistency with US policy interests,” Obama administration officials told The Jerusalem Post.

Reviews of this kind take place in the case of “any requests for one country to transfer US-origin defense items to another country,” said Ned Price, White House Assistant Press Secretary and Director for Strategic Communications.

According to a report initially published in a local Nigerian daily, ThisDay, Nigerian government officials believe a large sale was halted because of “unfounded allegations of human rights violations by our troops,” one such official is quoted saying. The Nigerian official is not named in the report.

“This,” he continued, “after the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had initially approved the purchase.”

US officials tell the Post such transfers must be consistent with a policy directive revised by President Barack Obama in January, which outlines the criteria for conventional-weapons sales.

The policy requires that US transfers, including of Boeing aircraft, take into account “the risk that significant change in the political or security situation of the recipient country could lead to inappropriate end-use” of the weapons.

While the Nigerian report suggests the country sought the purchase of Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters, Israel predominantly uses Sikorsky CH-53 aircraft for missions involving heavylift transport. Both Boeing and Sikorsky are American companies.

Nigeria receives extensive training and assistance from the US government in its battle against Boko Haram, an extremist group affiliated with al-Qaida that Obama has repeatedly labeled an enemy of the United States.

“The ideology of ISIL [Islamic State] or al-Qaida or Boko Haram will wilt and die if it is consistently exposed and confronted and refuted in the light of day,” Obama said in his address to the UN General Assembly.

Boko Haram gained notoriety around the world after its militants kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in April.

The US sent military personnel to help find the girls.

US assistance to Nigeria is intended to “professionalize the response of its security forces, including to respond to crime and terrorism,” and “emphasizes human rights, civilian protection and adherence to rule of law at all levels,” American officials said.

In August, Amnesty International said it had gathered video footage, images and testimonies that “implicate the Nigerian military in war crimes.” The Nigerian government has denied the allegations.

Israeli laws concerning the export of arms are less restrictive than those in the United States. Israel, however, is a member of the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms and, in 2009, reported to the body that Israel, in practice, refrains from transfers “where there is imminent risk that arms might be internally diverted, illegally proliferated and re-transferred, or fall into the hands of terrorists or entities and states that support or sponsor them.”

Nigeria’s largest arms purchase ever reported was from Israel, in 2007, in a deal with Aeronautics systems worth $260 million. That company is Israeli, however, not American.

According to the US policy directive, formally called the US Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, the attempted sale by the Netanyahu government also might affect future US arms sales to Israel.

One criteria for the transfer of US arms is the likelihood that the recipient country would “retransfer the arms to those who would commit human rights abuses or serious violations of international humanitarian law.”

Sixteen nations operate the Chinook helicopter, none of which are in sub-Saharan Africa. A single Chinook costs roughly $40 million to produce.

“The United States remains committed to helping the Nigerian government combat the terrorist organization Boko Haram,” a State Department official said. “We are engaging with the Nigerian government at all levels to identify areas of counterterrorism cooperation.”

An article in The New York Times last week claims to have verified Washington’s veto of the sale, but no sourcing is identified.

“The kind of question that we have to ask is, let’s say we give certain kinds of equipment to the Nigerian military that is then used in a way that affects the human situation,” US ambassador to Nigeria James F. Entwistle told reporters in October, according to the Times.

“If I approve that, I’m responsible for that. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

Israeli government officials declined to comment on this report.

Ex-Muslim Has Unapologetic Message For The Left That Will RIP THEM APART

January 27, 2015

Mad World News:

Mark Christian is an ex-Muslim who pulls no punches when speaking out about his former religion.

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

After leaving Islam a decade ago to convert to Christianity, Mark continually calls out the Muslims who murder in the name of their misguided faith. He’s also very vocal when it comes to dismantling the rhetoric of those on the left, who continually criticize anyone who opposes Islam as having a case of Islamophobia.

When Mark learned that the Mayor of Paris is now planning to sue Fox News after their coverage of “no go zones” and that those on the left were joining in with the harsh criticism of the news station, he had a few things to say. Even though specific areas in Europe have not been officially named “no go zones,” the fact remains that Muslim-controlled areas do exist, and the violence towards non-Muslims in these areas makes entering virtually impossible.

Here is Mark’s message:

The recent argument over the existence of “no-go” zones in France and Britain is perhaps the most teachable moment to come around in a long while regarding the spread of Islamic supremacism. Here are the bones – we’ll add the meat to the skeleton as we go along.

First, let’s look at the facts. Islam is spreading rapidly throughout Western Europe through Muslim immigration and high birthrates. Of all the Western European countries, France has the highest percentage of Muslims, at around 10% of their total population.

Britain and Sweden are on similar paths to France, with their Muslim populations largely refusing assimilation into the larger culture and political systems of their adopted homes. This resistance continues through second and even third generations, making for an increasingly alienated population, albeit one with all the rights and privileges of the greater society from which they choose to stand apart.

Ex Muslim Has an Unapologetic Message For The Left That Will RIP THEM APART

It is this tendency (caused by Islam) that results in something more than just neighborhoods where people feel unsafe, and having your pizza delivered is impossible. The result is areas where police never go, because police are never called. Crime in these areas are dealt with by the neighborhood itself, but not under the rubric of French, British or Swedish law; but rather under Sharia Law.

As the populations in these areas grow, non-Muslims are routinely harassed and driven out. Their properties, no longer worth anything, are then bought for a song by the Muslim immigrants.

Does this fact alone mean that it is a “no-go” area? Not necessarily, but one additional fact not in dispute adds a layer of authenticity to the claim. Rioting (or the threat to do so) is a staple of the Muslim community’s negotiating platform. The host nation walks on eggshells for fear of sparking massive destruction and violence necessitating the intervention of the police, who promptly find themselves engaged in something akin to a pitched battle. The struggle over city sections ensues with the end result being some form of negotiated peace.

Of course, that’s how all neighborhood disputes are settled in liberal representative democracies, right?  Call these self-administered ghettos what you will, the fact remains that they are by no means under the “control” of the host nation any longer.

Another fact not in dispute is that the animosity between Muslim residents and their host nations in Western Europe, is leading to a double-standard in both law enforcement and adjudication in these countries.

In England, a Muslim “grooming gang” kidnapped, drugged and otherwise forced underage British girls into prostitution over a period of 16 years. The funny thing is, the police were aware of it, the local Council was aware of it, the social services administration was aware of it, and because they feared being branded and prosecuted as racists, they turned a blind eye.

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