FBI Issues Alert: U.S. Military Families Being Frightened By Middle Eastern Men

dAugust 5, 2015

By Lorra B.

In Colorado and Wyoming the FBI have issued alerts warning all law enforcement agencies that U.S. Military families are being approached by Middle Eastern men.

“In one case last May the wife of a military member was approached in front of her home by two Middle Eastern males,” according to CBSDenver. “The men stated that she was the wife of a U.S. interrogator. When she denied their claims the men laughed.”

To say she was frightened may be an understatement. Eventually the men left the area but, according to the report, were seen on several occasions in that same area.

It has been reported that incidence like this had also happened in Wyoming thorough out the month of June.

Image source: Screen grab

“On numerous occasions, family members of military personnel were confronted by Middle Eastern males in front of their homes,” reports CBS. “The males have attempted to obtain personal information about the military members and family members through intimidations. Those family members reported feeling scared” and understandably so.

Being aware of the incidents, Colorado’s Department of Homeland Security has been urging that any suspicious activities seen by military families be reported immediately to the FBI.

The FBI refuses comment at this time.

By Lorra B.

101st Returns Home From Liberia and Ebola Mission


March 3, 2015

Fox News:

A small number of U.S. troops will remain in Liberia to build on major gains in combating the Ebola virus following the return of more than 1,000 troops from the 101st Airborne Division, the Pentagon said Friday.

The 101st ended its mission in Liberia, where Ebola cases and transmission rates have fallen dramatically since the first U.S. servicemembers deployed to the country to fight the disease in September. Members of the 101st were expected to return to the U.S. in April.

The returning troops will have to undergo a 21-day “controlled monitoring,” or quarantine, period before they will be allowed contact with their families and others, said Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary.

Kirby said about 100 people, consisting of American troops, civilians and contractors, will remain in Liberia after April to provide engineering, medical training and facilities support in the continuing effort to contain the virus. In January, the Pentagon put the cost of the U.S. military’s work in Liberia at nearly $400 million.

Earlier, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was welcomed by an honor cordon at the Pentagon and met with Defense Secretary Aston Carter to thank the military for its efforts in her country.

History’s worst Ebola epidemic began in West Africa early last year, hitting hardest in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

At one point, the Centers for Disease Control projected that the region could have 1.6 million Ebola cases by mid-January, but the efforts of local governments backed by the U.S. military, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Health Organization and a range of non-governmental organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, combined to contain the virus.

Through Feb. 25, the CDC reported a total of 23,825 cases of Ebola in West Africa and 14,263 deaths.

In Sierra Leone, the CDC reported steep declines in case incidents while also warning that transmission remains widespread. Guinea also had declines in case incidents, the CDC said, and in Liberia “transmission continues at very low levels, with only one new case reported in the week up to February 22.”

Sirleaf met with President Obama at the White House, and both pledged continued work to bring reports of new Ebola cases down to zero.

“Our job is not yet done, and neighboring countries like Guinea and Sierra Leone are still somewhat behind the progress that’s been made in Liberia,” Obama said

More at Fox News:

Saudi Princes Planned To Down AIR FORCE ONE In Missile Attack: 9/11 Terrorist Gives Damning Testimony

(Screenshot Credit, RT)

(Screenshot Credit, RT)

February 6, 2015


A former Al-Qaeda member has revealed a strong connection between the terrorist group and the Saudi Royal family in the 1990s. More notably, he alleges that Saudi princes and terrorists discussed a plan to shoot Air Force One out of the sky.

The revelations came in the form of a testimony, delivered from a maximum-security prison, where Zacarias Moussaoui is incarcerated.

According to the New York Times, Moussaoui submitted the claim on his own initiative. He sent a letter to the judge presiding over the lawsuit filed by family members of 9/11 victims against the government of Saudi Arabia.

And so, for two days last October, lawyers were permitted for the first time to interview the terrorist at the federal prison – the most secure facility in the federal system, in Florence, Colorado. He gave a damning report that included very prominent members within the royal family, including three princes he says were all Al-Qaeda donors.

The testimony was finalized on Monday.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud (L) and Zacarias Moussaoui (Reuters)

The meeting discussing the plan to down Air Force One allegedly took place at the kingdom’s embassy in Washington DC.

This and other meetings allegedly involved some of Saudi Arabia’s top princes and billionaires, including then-Prince Salman – brother to the late King Abdullah and now the King of Saudi Arabia. If Moussaoui’s testimony holds up, the view of Saudi involvement in attacking the United States and its alleged double-dealings could be changed profoundly.

Apparently from 1998 to 1999, Moussaoui was tasked by the Afghan terrorist branch with creating a digital database of Al-Qaeda donors, including Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former chief of Saudi intelligence, as well as others, mostly billionaire businessmen and leading clerics.

“Sheikh Osama wanted to keep a record” of the money flow, Moussaoui’s testimony says, adding that he acted as courier for Bin Laden himself.

Air Force One plane (Reuters / Soe Zeya Tun)

Air Force One plane (Reuters / Soe Zeya Tun)

NY Times also recounts Moussaoui describing in detail the training he received in the camps, as well as a trial run of a 750-kg bomb that was to be used on the American embassy in London – and later the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

But what would surely be a major blow for the US, Moussaoui also revealed plans to down the president’s Air Force One airplane with a Stinger missile. This was apparently discussed with the Islamic Affairs Department of the Saudi embassy.

“I was supposed to go to Washington and go with [a visiting Saudi official]… in order to find a location where it would be suitable to launch a Stinger attack and then, after, be able to escape,” Moussaoui went on.

His arrest allegedly came on the eve of that scouting trip.

There were attempts in 2006 to present the terrorist as insane, due to some instances of erratic behavior, but that didn’t fly with the judge, despite a psychologist’s diagnosis. And so he was deemed fit to stand trial.

In fact, “he has actually a better understanding of the legal system than some lawyers I’ve seen in court,”Judge Leonie M. Brinkema said at the time. She also called him “an extremely intelligent man” and said she was “fully satisfied” with his mental state.

Reuters / Stringer

Reuters / Stringer

The Saudis didn’t take kindly to the possible impact these revelations could have. Judgment on Moussaoui’s mental health is what could make or break the credibility of his testimony. And when submitting it on Monday, there were no indications whatsoever that the 9/11 attacker was not of sound mind.

According to NY Times, on the same day, the Saudi embassy referred to how the September 11 commission flatly rejected the possibility of such a relationship, pointing to how “Moussaoui is a deranged criminal whose own lawyers presented evidence that he was mentally incompetent.” They were alluding to his earlier mental diagnosis.

“My impression was that he was of completely sound mind — focused and thoughtful,” said a Philadelphia lawyer questioning him.

More at RT:

The Boehner-Obama cromnibus bill is in big trouble

December 12, 2014

America’s Watchtower:

Obama-Boehner-golf-1 Well today sure was an interesting day when it comes to the effort to keep the government open after midnight tonight, wasn’t it?

First John Boehner brought the bill forward on a procedural vote and that almost failed and fearing the final vote would fail he was forced to withdraw the legislation. Quite embarrassing to say the least.

The reason for this problem is interesting as well for we knew the conservative Republicans were not going to vote for it so John Boehner was working with the Democrats to get the votes from that side of the aisle to ensure its passage. However Elizabeth Warren stepped in and whipped up opposition from the left based on the provision in the bill which would have put a dent in the Dodd-Frank Finance law.

  Barack Obama tried to come to the rescue by asking Democrats to support the legislation based on his support but that also failed when Nancy Pelosi slammed the President for his support of the cromnibus. Of course she held nothing back when it came to attacking John Boehner as well.

So what we have here is the conservatives in the Republican party and the liberals in the Democratic party on the same side of this issue albeit for different reasons and now it is being reported here that John Boehner and Barack Obama are working together to come to try to win enough votes to pass the cromnibus.

Sources close to the matter tell Breitbart News that there are “strongly credible rumors” indicating Boehner has abandoned Republicans to form a full fledged partnership with the Obama White House in an effort “to get the votes tonight from House Democrats and Republicans alike for the CRomnibus.”

They say that politics make strange bedfellows and this might be the most bizarre example that I can remember.

I think the biggest takeaway from this as of right now is how much political clout both John Boehner and Barack Obama have lost in their respective parties in so short a period of time.

I had a very busy day today so I was not able to follow all the updates as closely as I would have liked to–did I miss anything?

Black singer attacked on Twitter for singing ‘White Christmas’

DECEMBER 5, 2014

darious Darius Rucker is the former lead singer of the band Hootie and the Blowfish and he just happens to be a black man. He recently sang the Irving Berlin classic “White Christmas” at the New York City Christmas tree lighting, and because this came on the heals of the grand jury decision not to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner with a choke hold (a decision I have a problem with) he was met with condemnation on Twitter.

As we all know, or at least I thought we did, “White Christmas” has nothing to do with race, it is simply about wishing for a little snow on a religious holiday which most Americans still consider dear to this day. But that did not stop the leftists on Twitter from using this as an opportunity to push their politically correct agenda.

If you are interested you can read what these race-baiting divisionalists (I think I just coined a new term) had to say here.

This is what we are dealing with and with so many people having been inculcated into the politically correct mindset it is hard to see how we can win this battle.

The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect..

House of Representatives Passes Resolution Against Russia

December 1, 2014

Christian Patriots:


Members of the US House of Representatives at the US Capitol in Washington, DC (AFP Photo)

Members of the US House of Representatives at the US Capitol in Washington, DC (AFP Photo)

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution’s sponsor, said.

The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

The House calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with defense equipment and training.

Ukraine is clearly in need of urgent military assistance,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said as quoted by The Hill.

The resolution also urges NATO members and US allies to suspend military cooperation with Russia. Addressing Obama, the House urged him to review the readiness of US and NATO armed forces under the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE).

The lawmakers agreed that the president and State Department should also find a way to “distribute news and information” in Russian to countries with Russian-speaking populations.

The lawmakers specified that the resolution was targeting Putin and his policy, but not all Russian people.

The resolution follows Putin’s speech to Federal Assembly made on Thursday, where he criticized the “deterrence policy” conducted against Russia by other states.

The deterrence policy was not invented yesterday, it has been always conducted towards our country, for decades, if not centuries,” Putin noted. “Every time somebody considers Russia is becoming too powerful and independent, such instruments are turned on immediately.

He mentioned that the US has been manipulating foreign relations of Russia’s neighbors, adding that “sometimes you don’t even know to whom it is better to talk to: the governments of certain countries or directly with their American patrons.

The relations between the two states have got colder in the past decade and will deteriorate even more following the adoption of the H. Res. 758, warns former Republican Dennis Kucinich.

NATO encirclement, the US-backed coup in Ukraine, an attempt to use an agreement with the European Union to bring NATO into Ukraine at the Russian border, a US nuclear first-strike policy, are all policies which attempt to substitute force for diplomacy,” he explained.

Jonathan Gruber claims that if you like single-payer Obamacare has to succeed

December 2, 2014

America’s Watchtower:

 Jonathan Gruber has been out of the news for a few weeks now but he’s back because another video has surfaced. This video shows clips of him at two different events–one from 2012 and one from 2014–and I think they are quite interesting to say the least.

  In the 2012 clip Jonathan Gruber basically states that if Obamacare fails we will have to revisit single-payer but in the 2014 clip he seems to reverse himself when he claims that is actually backwards and “if you like single-payer then Obamacare has to succeed.”

Many of us believe that Obamacare was designed to eventually lead the nation into a single-payer system and this appears to prove what we have been saying all along. The deception continues…

Here is the video:

Atlanta Fire Chief suspended for writing a book about his Christian beliefs

December 2, 2014

America’s Watchtower:

 Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who is also a Baptist deacon, recently published a book entitled Who Told You You Were Naked?

  In this book he apparently talks about sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and sex outside of marriage. Needless to say, because of his personal belief on homosexuality the LBGT community was outraged and because of this outrage he was suspended without pay for one month and ordered to undergo “sensitivity training.”

Here is what Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed had to say about this decision:

“I was surprised and disappointed to learn of this book on Friday,” Reed said on Monday afternoon. “I profoundly disagree with and am deeply disturbed by the sentiments expressed in the paperback regarding the LGBT community. I will not tolerate discrimination of any kind within my administration.”

fire chief This is not a topic that I delve into very often because as a social libertarian I do not think that it is any of my business what consenting adults do in their bedrooms, and this is not a topic I am particularly comfortable writing about, but this story bothers me and so I feel compelled to write about it.

It has not been reported anywhere that Kelvin Cochran has ever discriminated against anyone as it pertains to his position as Fire Chief, he simply wrote a book about what his personal beliefs are and the last time I checked this was a right which is protected under the Constitution. If it ever comes to light that he has discriminated against any person in his capacity as Fire Chief I would be right there with Kasim Reed and his suspension would be justified.

Kelvin Cochran did not single out gay people in this book, from what I have read he included them in a list of behaviors which Christians believe are immoral. This should not be news to Kasim Reed for as a Baptist deacon his position on these issues had to be known, the problem appears to be that he did not keep his opinions to himself.

“When you’re a city employee, and [your] thoughts, beliefs and opinions are different from the city’s, you have to check them at the door.”

Again, when it comes to doing his job there is no proof at this point that he has not “checked his opinions at the door”  and that is not what led Kasim Reed to suspend Kelvin Cochran.

He was suspended for going public with his Christian beliefs and if you ask me those that would like to see him either suspended or fired simply for expressing his opinions are the ones who truly need to undergo “sensitivity training” for, once again, the liberal left has proven that when it come to “celebrating diversity” they have no problem in denying Christians their First Amendment rights. When it come to Christianity the liberal left has no interest in celebrating the diversity of ideals.

What Kelvin Cochran wrote was not politically correct and that is where he ran into trouble, but political correctness is nothing more than intellectual fascism. The opposition must be silenced at all costs…the revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.

Video: Saturday Night Live spoofs Schoolhouse Rock over Barack Obama’s Executive amnesty

NOVEMBER 23, 2014

 How many of you out there remember the ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ cartoons from days gone by? I do, and I also remember this one which was entitled ‘I’m Just a Bill.’ Just in case you have forgotten this cartoon here it is:

Now that I have refreshed your memory: Saturday Night Live has spoofed this cartoon in the wake of Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty and it is hilarious, albeit all too true.