Watch: New Cut And Stab Proof Clothing Could Change The Way Police And Soldiers Operate

March 5, 2015

Rare: by, Brandon Morse

Funker Tactical is one of the leading companies in police and civilian defense, and their latest product is nothing short of amazing.

Funker has produced clothing that is essentially knife proof. The demonstrations show that even sharpened knifes and machetes can’t breach the material, even though it’s light and thin. Hopefully we’ll be able to see this used in police uniforms, and even clothing our soldiers, soon.

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[Watch] Badass Soldier Shot In Buttocks, Doesn’t Stop Him From Returning Fire









January 9, 2015  (Photo credit, Facebook screen shot)

Here is one more example of just how tough soldiers are. Could you continue on after getting shot in the ass the way this soldier did?

Mad World News:

It is undeniable that getting shot with a live round is a great discomfort, but that didn’t stop one soldier from continuing to kick some ass.

All caught on tape, an exchange of gun fire between a group of British Marine’s and an Afghani Muslim extremist group gives us a look at what brave men endure while fighting them. The clip kicks off with one soldier having been shot, and he can be heard in a considerable amount of pain. As you can imagine, the strong language is exactly what you would expect to hear from someone just shot in the ass:

Without a second thought, the wounded warrior directs his fellow soldiers to the location from where the shot came. They subsequently can be heard returning fire, and what’s even more astounding is that the man who’d been shot also joins in the firefight.

After his comrades discover he’s been shot in the rear, they carry him to cover where they could more fully assess his condition. Soon thereafter, it was discovered the bullet had fully passed through his buttocks.


He can be heard to still be in pain, but he’s able to muster up a laugh or two on account of his buddies’ light humor. Surprising, it appears no one thought about the location of the man’s wound as he’s also told to “sit down.”

The video was recently posted to the Facebook veteran community known as Funker530, where a man claiming to be the wounded Marine actually responded. The man’s name isJonny Hart, who wrote, “Haha I’m famous.”

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Veterans Day Reminder


You Are Not Alone

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A Conservative Christian Man

Our military service members are ever in our prayers, past, present and future. Those who go in harm’s way to protect our nation and society, who willingly give a blank check to our nation (who frequently waste those checks for political gain or personal ambition) up to and including their very lives and futures. Despite the danger, they bravely stand (or have stood) for the ideals upon which our Republic was created. May God bless you all.

This day always makes me reflect upon one such soldier, who fought against tyranny and for American ideals. He put his life on the line and was grievously wounded in the hedgerows of France on the 15th of June, 1944. Many of his men did not make it home, paying the last full measure of their lives in the defense of freedom and liberty, pouring out their life’s blood on a foreign shore so that we would not pour out our own on the streets of America. May eternal light shine upon them all, including my father, SGT. Reese N. Lemmen, 79th Infantry (Cross of Lorraine), who rejoined the heroes of his platoon on 09JUN1974. Gone these forty years, he is still alive in the hearts of his seven children, of whom I am the least.


Rest in Peace Dad



When A Soldier Cries


September 23, 2014

When A Soldier Cries

A tattered picture, nearly faded to white
Faces of the ones for whom a soldier fights
In the empty silence of a world so far away
On the rocky ground, the only place to lay

A father dreams of home, family, and friends
In war, there is no guarantee he will see them again
Thunder roars with fury, lightning burns the darkened skies
The mighty angels shed a tear, when a soldier cries

She walks across the street, a young child stands alone
Memories haunt her dreams of the daughters she left at home
She tries to smile, show happiness through the tears
Although she wants to help, the child retreats in fear

At night she dreams of home, bedtime hugs and kisses
She prays to one day have again, everything she misses
She can still see their faces as they spoke their last goodbyes
Nothing can soothe a heart, when a soldier cries

In the pouring rain he stands guard, rifle in hand
Just two years out of high school, his parents don’t understand
He wanted something greater than just video games and fun
He dedicated his life to become more than just an ordinary son

A young man dreams of home and wishes upon a distant star
The letters are few and far between, only time can heal a wounded heart
In the gathering shadows, just beyond where the unseen lies
Those who have gone before, bow their heads when a soldier cries

The growl of crunching metal, searing heat and flames surround
Voices of the wounded, silent screams that have no sound
She left college early and signed up to answer the call
Now lying in the wreckage, she wonders if it’s time to give it all

The young woman dreams of home, but she doesn’t surrender to the fear
She knows if they’re alive, they will come back and find her here
Chaos and confusion, in a place where hope and fate collide
She fights for every breath, there’s no shame when a soldier cries

They stand in single file, one hand raised to touch their brow
Men and women, young and old, bound together by a sacred vow
Silently they watch as each car drives slowly past
A beautiful flag covers every casket, heroes returning home at last

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, bravery at its best
Defined by the unselfish act of sacrifice, courage passed the ultimate test
With a will stronger than iron, nerves of steel and no compromise
There’s nothing to give but respect and honor…when a soldier cries


marine crying


When a Soldier Cries
Copyright 2013 Chris Martin


By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier 


Stop Glorifying Football Players and Start Glorifying Soldiers


September 19, 2014

TIME: No football player is a hero in the way that a man or woman who risks his or her life in a just cause is a hero

And yet one still wonders what this misbehavior is all about.

When I posed the question to a friend of mine, he responded directly. What do you expect? They’ve been worshipped like gods ever since they were kids, he told me. And that’s true enough. Adults have melted in awe at their ability to fling a ball down a field, dodge a tackler, or knock another player on his can. Of course some have outsized egos and a royal sense of entitlement. Of course some think they can get away with more than the rest of us. If someone had treated you like a monarch from the time you could wear shoulder pads, so would you. If people took you for a hero because you could create first downs or stop them, what would you be like?

I thought about what my friend said (and what I heaped on to his observation myself) and after a while I suspected that he was on to something. The operative word here was a common enough one. The operative word was “hero.”


In our culture we treat sports players as heroes. Of course we do: because what they achieve on the playing field is amazing. Baseball players and hoop stars and of course gridiron greats perform spectacular feats all the time. And so we worship them—of course we do.

But is a football player (or an ace b-baller or a twenty game winning pitcher) really a hero? If you think so, you are parting company with tradition.

In the Western tradition a hero is, in the earliest manifestation, a warrior. It’s someone like Homer’s Hector, or Virgil’s Aeneas, who is willing to fight and if necessary to die to defend his people. Hector has to face the amazing Achilles in defense of Troy—and of course Hector loses. Aeneas fights all enemies, including the formidable Turnus, to secure the founding of Rome. In the Hebrew tradition, David steps up to Goliath to save his nation.

Other heroic archetypes come along over time. People learn to stand in awe not only of warriors, but of saintly individuals like Jesus and Buddha and Confucius. People learn to salute great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle and later major scientists like Einstein. Human beings first find their heroes among warriors and spiritual leaders and men and women of imposing intellect. The saint, the warrior, the true thinker: these were the original heroes.

We still need heroes. Everyone at every time has. But we cannot find our martial heroes on the battlefield anymore. We do not know if our recent wars are just. We do not know if our causes are true. Were we right to invade Afghanistan? Were we ultimately justified in going into Iraq? Most people are not sure.

The newspapers don’t tell us many stories of the men and women who fight under our colors in the Middle East. We usually do not know who they are and what they are doing. Right now we do not have bona fide martial heroes to praise.

So we worship football players instead. We worship athletes: we swoon at the feet of simulation heroes. The average NFL fan can probably name 20 football heroes. How many heroes from the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan can the fan name?

Football players can be brave: it’s true. What they do on Saturday and Sunday afternoons is graceful, beautiful and dangerous. But no football player who ever lived or ever will live is a hero in the way that a man or woman who risks his or her life in a just cause is a hero. Those are real heroes. The Greeks were devoted to sports: they were, of course, the inventors of the Olympic games. But no Greek would tell you that an athlete was more important than Leonidas and the three hundred Spartans who stopped the Persians at Thermopylae. No Greek could imagine that an athlete was more to be praised than Themistocles and his sailors, who won the victory at Salamis.

Sports heroes are simulation heroes. I love sports—don’t get me wrong. But we’ve blown the games and the players all out of proportion.

The players: we treat them like Hector and Achilles and Aeneas and Ajax. We look at them as though they were man-gods. And after a decade and a half of being worshipped, is it surprising if pro athletes turn out to be willful, spoiled, bullying and selfish? Remember how the gods in the Greek myths were prone to act? They were willful and selfish and all the rest.

If we could start worshipping real heroes—true thinkers and just warriors and lovers of humanity—we could take back a little bit of our investment in football idols. That would be a fine change for us all—and I’ll bet it wouldn’t be a half bad thing for the players, either.

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By Lorra B. Chief writer for SilentSoldier



Dying to Serve

220px-President_George_W._Bush_and_Barack_Obama_meet_in_Oval_OfficeThe deaths in Afghanistan War continue to climb under the Obama administration. Since 2009 there have been over 2,148 U. S. military deaths and 19,964 soldiers wounded. 575 of those deaths were under the Bush administration while 1,573 have died under Obama’s watch, according to Just Foreign Policy.

Since 2009, 73 percent of all U.S. military deaths in the country have taken place. This amounts to 27.1 fatalities per month, on average.

With the 2014 United States elections coming up on Tuesday, November 4, and with all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate being fought for, many believe it will be a good time to get out and vote.

According to a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, there is a “movement” to get all armed forces out to the voting poles in November saying, “The President has made the Rules of Engagement so complicated that troops are very often killed before they can even get orders to fight.” He went on to say that there had been nothing done to protect soldiers from being murdered by the very Afghans being trained by our soldiers either. Apparently, Obama has made no comment on this issue and remains silent, laments the source.

With Obama wanting to incorporate to the United Nations International Criminal Court (ICC) the troops have cause for concern. Signing on with the UN’s ICC allows the UN to arrest and “try U.S. troops for War Crimes, without the legal protections guaranteed under U.S. Law, and from which there is no appeal,” the source states. President Obama has nearly all the power with his Democratic Control of Senate and it is his belief that if Republicans and Conservatives regain control in the Senate that troops would be far better protected.

The anger, “fury” and “deep disgust” run deep and rampant among the troops and they point their fingers at President Obama for his “incompetence.” “It has taken on a dangerous tone. No one knows what to do about him, but the anger runs deep as the deaths continue with no strategic end in sight to the idiocy of this war. Obama has had years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform. But, there is now a movement afoot in the armed services to launch a massive ‘get out and vote drive’ against this president.”

According to the source, the Voting Interest Group he started has grown in numbers. Millions of Veterans, National Guardsmen, Reserves and retired military persons, as well as all the active service men and women, he believes they will have a huge impact on the upcoming elections.

He went on to say, “The one million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls. It might not keep another one hundred U.S. troops from dying between now and November, but a turn out to vote by the military against this heartbreaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change to the indifference of this shallow little man who just lets our soldiers die.”

According to Town Hall, and the parents of fallen, Special Operations Chief Aaron Vaughn (killed in action in 2011), “Our government’s incessant tightening of already restrictive ROE (Rules of Engagement), compounded by the failed COIN (Counterinsurgency) strategy—also known as “winning hearts and minds”—has made an otherwise primitive enemy formidable. Our best and brightest come home in body bags as politicians and lawyers dine over white linen tablecloths; writing, modifying, and re-modifying these lethal rules. Rules that favor the enemy rather than the American soldier. Rules so absurd they’re difficult to believe until you hear the same stories over and again from those returning from battle.”

In the words of an unnamed Army Ranger who left the military recently, “I had to get out. I have a family who needs me. I didn’t join to be sacrificed. I joined to fight.”

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen Jerry R. Curry, according to Town Hall, had a few words to add to the subject saying, “To the American people an American military life is worth far more than the life of an Afghan soldier or civilian. For the current occupants of the White House and the Administration’s staff it seems to be just the opposite.”

The soldiers of the U.S. Military are calling for a huge voter turn-out…What will you do?

By, Lorra B.
Chief Staff Writer For Silent Soldier