Watch Vets Enraged! Controvercy Over Trying To Ban The POW/MIA Flag And Calling It Racist



August 24, 2015

By Lorra B.

Banning the Confederate flag because some deemed it to be an abomination and showed a lack of empathy for African Americans just doesn’t seem to be enough for Liberal America. Now it seems the POW/MIA flag (fashioned by Prisoner of War families in retort to horrific treatment at the hands of the North Vietnamese) is now in the Left’s radar.

An article in Newsweek, by Rick Perlstein, declares that the POW/MIA flag is nothing but a cult fashioned by Richard Nixon and that the horrific maltreatment of POW’s by the Vietnamese is nothing more than evil folklore useful only to “venal right-wing politicians.”

“Richard Nixon invented the cult of the POW/MIA in order to justify the carnage in Vietnam in a way that rendered the United States as its sole Victim,” stated Perlstein. The POW/MIA flag is nothing more than “political propaganda used to hide war crimes.”

History, however, paints a different picture of the POW/MIA flag and there seems to be no historical proof to support Perlstein’s declarations.

The POW/MIA flag is seen by many as a symbol of not only representing the Vietnam War but also the representation of all wars, a flag of remembrance. It was created by the National League of Families in 1972 and officially recognized by Congress during the Vietnam War.

Perlstein and the Newsweek editor have issued apologies. Perlstein stated, “I sincerely regret the use of the word ‘racist’ to describe how the POW/MIA flag distorts the history of the Vietnam War. The word was over the top and not called for. I am deeply sorry it hurt people – especially people who’ve selflessly served their country.” 

Yet, he did not apologize for saying “the POW/MIA flag distorts the history of the Vietnam War.”

From the Vietnam War alone 1,600 Americans remain unaccounted for and Veterans and their families are enraged by the Newsweek piece. Not alone in his sentiment, Vietnam War Veteran Jim Markson stated, “The POW/MIA flag represents “one of the highest military traditions and patriotism in this country.”

But, has the damage already been done by Perlstein? Will the families of these true heroes have to endure the slander and slaughter of a flag flown proud and in reverent memory of loved ones and years gone by because of the reckless writings of an ill-informed individual?

We are living in a new world America. Wake up.

Watch: Controversy over calling the POW/MIA flag racist

By Lorra B.