UPDATE: Watch And Be Proud As A Chattanooga Marine Veteran Direct A Video Address to Mr. Obama

dJuly 31, 2015

By Lorra B.

On July 28th we wrote about a Chattanooga Marine who had a lot to say to President Obama and he did so in a scathing, yet eloquently presented video, which can be seen below. Well, it seem the Marine is also involved in helping others and could use some help form YOU. So, if you are so inclined, read on and lend a hand if you can.

Again, We salute you and all of our armed forces. Thank you for all you do and all you sacrifice, though those words will simply never be enough!

Lady Raven stated, “By now you and more than half a million people have seen this video –Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama.

I followed the Marine Veteran’s links and found his We The People Facebook page.  Their mission statement:

Our goal is to bring people together who want to see America become great again. By using power in numbers show that We The People have had enough and want change. The plan for this site is for all like minded individuals to share and connect. Plan peaceful protests. Raise awareness of real issues. United we can do something about them.

Their site is very active and one of the most patriotic you will find.  They are working on several projects including this – Don’t Tread On Us March 9/11/15

There was another link which is the reason why I am putting this post up.  The link is to a GoFundMe page called, of course, We The People.  Note, they established this request for donations to help raise funds on July 13th.

We the People is a group created to unify people of all backgrounds, to pursue the common goal of fighting back against a broken system. The America we leave our children and grandchildren does not look promising if we don’t fight back now. So far we have 2 events planned: a Don’t Tread on US March and a Veteran’s Day cookout for the Chattanooga community veterans. We are looking for support from anyone who feels that America is not what it should be. We need your help for promoting the events, hand outs, candles for the March, supplies and food for veteran’s cookout. Donations are greatly appreciated. You’d be helping us give back to the people and the veteran’s that gave so much for us. Thank you for any donations no matter how small. We stand for change.

You know already that three days later on July 16th, four Marines and a Sailor died in Chattanooga.  This was added to the We The People page two days ago:

WE currently trying to get in contact with the Marine Corp and Mayors office to discuss plans for permanent memorial, and how we can help financially, and to volunteer our time. Please help us let the world know that Americans don’t let our fallen be forgotten. Thank you!
We The People

In sixteen days they have had 588 people sharing the site on their behalf but only four donations totaling $270 of the $5,000 they hope to raise.  That is pretty sad.  I know times are very tough but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate! 

They need help.  Our help.  The math is easy – 946 more donations of $5.00 each and they would reach their goal.  473 donations of $10.00 each would do it.  It just wouldn’t be that hard.”

Original Article:

July 28, 2015

By Lorra B.

Being proud of this brave Marine for speaking his mind would be a gross understatement. Not only does he eloquently speak his mind, he speaks it in truth and with a clear passion.

If this Marine doesn’t make you proud and make you want to take a stand then I can’t fathom what would. No matter what your political stance is, this country was founded on the right for this Marine to speak his mind.

We Salute You Sir and thank you for your service and sacrifices!

H/T LadyRaven

Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ as ‘Anti-Gay’ Words

dJuly 10, 2015

Sheeple No More:

“Gendered terms” would be removed from federal law

Fresh off the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Democrats in California have introduced a bill that would ban the words “husband” and “wife” from being used in federal law because they are “gendered terms” and discriminate against gay people.

The words husband and wife were deleted from California state law last year in order to accommodate same sex marriage.

Under new legislation proposed by over two dozen Democrats, that same rule would be applied federally. The bill, introduced by Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif, would introduce new “gender-neutral” terms such as “spouse” or “married couple.”

“The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts,” Capps said. “Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages.”

Capps said that amending the language used was necessary to reflect “the equality of all marriages” following last month’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage that mandated all states to license same sex marriages.

“Now that compulsory gay marriage is the law of the land thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, liberals are reaching out from that decision to see where else they can force the gay lobby’s agenda on the country,” writes Warner Todd Huston.

Meanwhile, a Toledo Municipal Court judge who refused to marry a same sex couple because of his religious beliefs is seeking an advisory opinion from the Ohio Supreme Court on whether he can opt out of performing gay marriages.

“On Monday, July 6, I declined to marry a non-traditional couple during my duties assignment. The declination was based upon my personal and Christian beliefs established over many years. I apologize to the couple for the delay they experienced and wish them the best,” Judge C. Allen McConnell, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Gay group Equality Toledo said the couple were “humiliated” by the incident, despite the fact that they were married by another judge shortly afterwards.

Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ as ‘Anti-Gay’ Words.

More at Sheeple No More

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Lois Lerner / AP

Lois Lerner / AP

July 9, 2015

We The People:

It appears quite clear that few if any departments within the Department of Justice haven’t been corrupted by Barack Obama and his band of street hustling thugs. 

With another racist attorney General, Loretta Lynch would we expect any prosecution on this issue? 

Feel free to click on the side bar noting the Obama clock so you will have a fix on how much longer we must suffer this evil being and his cabal.

120606_j_edgar_hoover_ap_328Hoover was a flawed individual using tactics like Obama against the law.

Controversial Tactics:  He kept meticulous records on any person of interest, including U.S. Presidents during his term as Director of the FBI.

J. Edgar Hoover was the long-time director of the FBI (1924-1972)

Hoover was renowned for his vendettas, particularly against Martin Luther King, Jr. Naming him “the most dangerous Negro in the future of this nation,” Hoover initiated around the clock surveillance on King, hoping to find evidence of communism or sexual deviance.Using an illegal wiretap, Hoover was convinced he had proof of King’s infidelities , and attempted to push reporters into publicizing the recording.

The media refused.

Instead, Hoover sent the tape directly to King’s office, suggesting he commit suicide or face exposure.

Hoover’s  tactics remained a secret until it was revealed to the public in 1971.

Its exposure resulted in some of the harshest criticism of Hoover and the FBI. Reports revealed that methods included infiltration, burglaries, illegal wiretaps, planted evidence, and false rumors. At its worst, some experts say the group also arranged the murders of certain suspects.

Had he been alive today he would have all the goods needed to remove Obama immediately.

We are told that Obama’s records are sealed.  Hoover would have had the information following his as a racist arrogant senator from Illinois, to the current time.

Indeed Edgar, where are you now when your country needs you most?

Perhaps you can pull some strings from Heaven or Hell


Lois Lerner / AP

July 7, 2015

Newly obtained documents from the conservative educational foundation Judicial Watch detail an official memo from October 2010 of a meeting between Lois Lerner and officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI to plan for the prosecution of targeted nonprofit organizations.

A lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act produced the documents which included the memo as well as revelations that the Justice Department wanted IRS employees to turn over sensitive documents before giving them to Congress, Judicial Watch said in a press release Tuesday.

In a letter from then-House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Issa said “this revelation likely means that the IRS—including possibly Lois Lerner—violated federal tax law by transmitting this information to the Justice Department.”

An IRS document confirms that the organization supplied the FBI with 21 computer disks containing 1.25 million pages of confidential information from more than 113,000 tax returns.

“The FBI and Justice Department worked with Lois Lerner and the IRS to concoct some reason to put President Obama’s opponents in jail before his reelection, and this abuse resulted in the FBI’s illegally obtaining confidential taxpayer information,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in the release.

Lerner, a former IRS official, was at the center of past allegations that the agency had targeted conservative groups applying for 501(c)(4) nonprofit status. More than 6,000 Lerner emails thought to be lost were turned over to the 60badffa8eedec0989f43985Senate Finance Committee in April.

The new documents shed light on the relationship between various agencies in the Obama administration and their plans to gain access to unredacted documents forbidden under federal tax law, according to Judicial Watch.

The memo followed an Oct. 8 meeting with representatives from the Justice Department and “one representative from the FBI” to discuss the prosecution of nonprofit organizations for alleged political activities.

“How can the Justice Department and FBI investigate the very scandal in which they are implicated?” Fitton said in the release.

In his letter to Koskinen, Issa asked why information about the 1.25 million pages was withheld from the committee for a year. He also requested all documents relating to the information transfer between the IRS, the Justice Department, and the FBI.

More at We The People

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SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence As Too High For Mexicans To Safley Jump

dJuly 7, 2015

We The People:

This would be our problem why? Send those with broken ankles and legs back to Mexico and let them deal with the problem. 

Has any administration shown interest in solving the so-called border problems?Of course not, politicians look the other way as illegals will do jobs for less pay and not bitch about it.

This fence does not require jumping.

This fence does not require jumping.

A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross.

climbing_fenceThe article, “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones,” includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are “as tall as a two or three-story house” and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there notbeing a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The article in question was written by Perla Trevizo for the Arizona Daily Star.

In the excerpt below, note the section’s subtitle and the casual mention that the foreign woman had been deported multiple times prior:


For some, the fence is a last resort.  Really?  Doubtful as depicted in the video below.

Maria Ibarra, 28 and also from Oaxaca, had tried crossing through Nogales and El Paso in April, but both times she was sent back to Mexico.

This time she was determined to get through. She left her 10-year-old son with her parents in Oaxaca. He was born in South Carolina, where she lived for two years before going back to Mexico in 2006 so her parents and siblings could meet her son.

Once there, she said, her son started losing his hearing in one ear and having seizures.

“All I wanted was an opportunity to fight my case,” she said. She hoped her son could join her or maybe she could get a permit to visit the hospitals where he was first treated. But she already had a couple of deportations and a voluntary return to Mexico.

Interestingly, the part about the woman hoping her son could join her is errant in not mentioning that once her son does join her in the U.S., the woman and her son would likely be permitted to stay because they would then be an incomplete family unit.

The assertion that the border fence is as tall as a two or three-story house came from Fernando Valdez, Mexico’s deputy consul general in Nogales, Arizona. He was quoted as stating, ““What surprises us is that people continue to jump from heights that can be the equivalent of a two- or even three-story house,” he said. “But we hear they feel pressured to do it because they are holding the line or they start insulting them, telling them to jump.”

More at We The People

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Watch: Ex-CNN Anchor Tells Gun Control Activists To ‘SHUT THE F*** Up!!’

Lynn Russell

Lynn Russell

July 6, 2015

We The People:

It’s great when people following the law stick it to those who refuse to follow it.

This is another reason we have the Second Amendment, to be able to defend ourselves from criminals, not just those of the political persuasion.

Lynne Russell: The Second Amendment saved my life

Ex-CNN Anchor, Lynne Russell’s husband kills robber in shootout

Lynne Russell thanks the right to keep and bear arms for keeping her and her husband alive during an armed robbery on June 30th. The former CNN anchor and Chuck de Caro, formerly a CNN reporter, were held at gun point in an Albuquerque Motel 6 room by felon Tomorio Walton.

What ensued was a stand-off that left Walton dead and de Caro shot three times. Russell was not injured in the shootout.

Russell told FOX411 that having a gun “absolutely” saved their lives.

“The discussion over the debate to own a gun is just ridiculous.

As Americans we have the right to bear arms and as humans the right to protect ourselves.

I’m sure that the man who shot my husband did not have a gun permit. Criminals will always have guns. The rest of us legally obtain our gun permits.”

Russell and de Caro have been long time advocates for carrying guns legally. The author of “Hell on Heels” explains the decision should be an individual one, and those who do not want to carry should not weigh in on the gun control conversation.

“If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions. “

She adds that the government should stop arguing about gun control and pass a law that states.

“If you committed a violent crime you can’t get a gun permit. Simple law.”

What hasn’t been so simple is de Caro’s recovery process. Russell said it will still be another few weeks before her “hero” is released from the hospital however he has had his breathing tube removed, and is doing better each day.

Chuck_DeCaroShe thanks her husband’s Special Forces background, and cool head for saving her life.

“I’m so grateful to him. He literally is my hero. He saved my life.

I’m grateful that he is a responsible gun owner.

He’s former Special Forces. He knows how to handle himself.”

Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson Simon Drobik said last Friday that de Caro would not face charges. The investigation is ongoing.
  Chuck with Green Beret buddy from Vietnam.

More at We The People

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dJuly 6, 2015

We The People:

Leave it to the anti-gunners of the left to lie and deceive when it comes to trying to abolish guns and the Second Amendment in our country.

TO:       USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
             USF Executive Director
             NRA Past President

Once again we owe thanks to reporter Lee Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, for his willingness to expose the agenda of those who are the enemies of Freedom and the Second Amendment.  On the day before Independence Day — July 4th, he released an article exposing the agenda of those who conspire against the Second Amendment.

We thought you should see it.


Study: Gun control groups should undermine our ‘gun culture’ to reduce gun ownership

Posted on July 3, 2015 by Lee Williams 

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

There’s a dangerous scientific ‘study’ making the rounds, even some pro-gun websites have featured it, titled “Gun ownership and social gun culture.”

It’s bunkum — pure fiction.

It’s an insidious piece of work, written by four academics who used firearm policy information from the Brady Center and the CDC’s Injury Prevention and Control Center — two groups well known for their opposition to the Second Amendment.rights-grant-government-300

The gist of the study appears to say that since gun control supporters’ long term goal is to reduce gun ownership, they ought to consider not only campaigning for gun control laws that make it more difficult to acquire or possess guns — background checks, gun registration, gun owners licensing, etc. — but focusing on policies thatcould undermine the social aspects of gun ownership.

To be clear, the authors say gun control groups need to undermine our “gun culture.”

The study does not describe these social aspects in much detail, but you can guarantee they mean everything from hunting, to target shooting competitions and clubs, to marksmanship training classes and gun shows.

This is not a new approach.

Since the 1980s, gun control groups have realized that once a person becomes part of the gun culture, they’re likely to become a single-issuevoter focused on protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

This is why anti-gun activist groups are now pushing the lie that — even though Americans have been buying guns in unprecedented numbers — gun ownership is declining.

They hope other people will essentially say, “Well, if no one is owning guns, I guess I don’t need to own guns either, or fret about additional restrictions.”

This new tact coincides with an admission by gun control supporters that pushing for extreme restrictions — handgun bans of the 1970s, “Assault Weapon” bans of the 1980s, “cop killer” bullet legislation of the 1990s, and more recent magazine restrictions — has failed.

Statistics from the FBI and DOJ: Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet

More at We The People

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Free Stuff Revelution – 2015

imageedit_1_9297272231July 2, 2015

Joseph Botts:


The folks who are getting the free stuff don’t like
The folks who are paying for the free stuff , because
The folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer
Afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And the folks who are paying for the free stuff
Want the free stuff to stop.

And the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more Free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!

Now… The people who are forcing the people who pay
For the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING
The free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the
Free stuff are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

So… The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the Free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place.

We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the Free stuff .

Now understand this.

All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere

Between 200 and 250 years after being founded.

The reason?

The voters figured out they could vote themselves money
From the treasury by electing people who promised to give
Them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

The United States officially became a Republic in 1776 ,
238 years ago.

The number of people now getting free stuff
outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff .

Failure to change that spells the end of the United States
As we know it.


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I’M 100% for PASSING THIS ON !!!

For all our sake PLEASE Take a Stand!!!

Borders : Closed!

Language : English only

Culture : God, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

Drug Free : Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!

Only 86% will send this on to someone…  Should be 100%

More at Joseph Botts:

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#BringBackOurGirls – Chibok SCHOOL-GIRLS FOUND — But The Results Are Sinister

Michelle Obama joined in the hashtag activism for the nearly 300 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, but that didn’t last long.

Michelle Obama joined in the hashtag activism for the nearly 300 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, but that didn’t last long.

July 1, 2015

Mad World News:

Nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped from Chibok, Nigeria over a year ago, spurring a wave of social media activism. However, the enthusiasm was soon met with boredom after Michelle Obama and Hollywood celebrities lost interest in the campaign and slowly abandoned their selfies and hashtag slogan #BringBackOurGirls.

Still, the parents of the hundreds of young girls hoped that one day their children would be returned to them alive, but after a recent discovery, even their closest relatives might be rethinking their embrace.

The BBC reports that some of the surviving Chibok schoolgirls have been forced into fighting for the terror group Boko Haram after thorough brainwashing and Islamic indoctrination.

A 17-year-old hostage of Boko Haram, Miriam, revealed the horrors of living under an Islamic state after she fled captivity.

“They were Christian men. They [the Boko Haram fighters] forced the Christians to lie down. Then the girls cut their throats.”

Miriam managed to escape her kidnappers, but not before being married off and impregnated by a Boko Haram militant. During the first days after she was taken, Islamists told the girls to get ready to marry Muslim fighters.

“They came back with four men, they slit their throats in front of us. They then said that this will happen to any girl that refuses to get married.”

Miriam admitted that she and the other girls were raped multiple times.

“There was so much pain,” she said. “I was only there in body… I couldn’t do anything about it.”

The schoolgirls, mostly Christian, were forced to convert to Islam and learn the Quran. Then, they were trained to fight in the way of Allah, as those scriptures command, according to The Guardian. That’s when she met the kidnapped Chibok girls seen throughout news headlines.

“They told us: ‘You women should learn from your husbands because they are giving their blood for the cause. We must also go to war for Allah.’ The ones I’ve seen are totally heartless. Even the men avoid them because they are scared,” she said.

#BringBackOurGirls Chibok Schoolgirls Found — But The Results Are Sinister

Then, the “brainwashed” girls slit the Christians’ throats as a sacrifice of infidel blood to Allah.

Another escapee said that she was certain the schoolgirls had been trained to do Boko Haram’s bidding.

When pressed on how she could be sure that it is was the Chibok schoolgirls that she’d seen, Anna said:

“They [Boko Haram] didn’t hide them. They told us: ‘These are your teachers from Chibok.’

“They shared the girls out as teachers to teach different groups of women and girls to recite the Koran,” Anna recalled.

“Young girls who couldn’t recite were being flogged by the Chibok girls.”

“People were tied and laid down and the girls took it from there… The Chibok girls slit their throats,” said Anna.

This is the last the media has heard of the Chibok schoolgirls since a video was released of over 100 of them reciting the Quran in unison.

Surely, we will not hear anything from the Obamas, as they have more important things to do, like turning the White House rainbow, moving Independence Day to celebrate Ramadan, and holding press conferences about how un-Islamic the Islamic State is.

H/T [The Religion Of Peace]
Photo Credit [BBC, Mashable]

More at Mad World News

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Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders Removal Of 10 Commandments At State Capitol

dJuly 1, 2015

We The People:

The Oklahoma Supreme Court was created by the ratification of the Oklahoma Constitution in 1907.

Doing the math,  the Oklahoma Supreme court has been in existence for  one-hundred and eight years.

It appears they have finally found activist left-wing judges to bring their state that much closer to Sodom and Gomorrah.

When the Sooner’s finally get wind of this they may well decide to impeach members of their Supreme Court, as the courts findings will not sit will with mainstream citizens from Oklahoma.

Ironically in the court’s ruling, cited a clause in the Oklahoma Constitution that states:

“No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.”

Perhaps the court never considered the cost and time involved with taking the monument down?

By Daily Oklahoman

The Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the grounds of the state Capitol, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.In a 7-2 opinion the Supreme Court found the placement of the monument on the grounds of the state Capitol violate Article 2, Section 5, of the Oklahoma Constitution which prohibits the use of public money or property to directly or indirectly benefit a “church denomination or system of religion.”

The ruling overturned a decision by Oklahoma County District Judge Thomas Prince.

In its ruling the Supreme Court cited a clause in the Oklahoma Constitution that states:

“No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.”

Justices said the plain intent of that language was to ban state government and its officials from “using public money or property for the benefit of any religious purpose.”

In authorizing the monument’s placement on capitol grounds, the Legislature apparently believed it would be legal so long as the text was the same as the text displayed on the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol, and “a non-religious historic purpose was given for the placement of the monument.”

Entire article below.

Oklahoma Supreme Court justices noted that the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Texas Ten Commandments monument did not violate the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“However, the issue in the case at hand is whether the Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument violates the Oklahoma Constitution, not whether it violates the Establishment Clause,” the opinion stated.

As far as the “historic purpose” justification goes, “the Ten Commandments are obviously religious in nature and are an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths,” justices stated.

Justices John Reif, Yvonne Kauger, Joseph Watt, James Winchester, James Edmondson, Steven Taylor and Noma Gurich sided with the majority in the opinion. Justices Doug Combs and Tom Colbert dissented.


(c)2015 The Oklahoman

Visit The Oklahoman at http://www.newsok.com

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Petition To Light Up The White House For Another Cause Denied For YEARS

dJune 29, 2015

Mad World News:

Unless you live in a cave — in which case you wouldn’t be likely to be reading this anyway — you are familiar with the Supreme Court decision involving gay marriage. You’ve also likely seen the flood of rainbows in celebration, including our own White House being lit up in a vibrant display.

However, did you know that there’s been a petition requesting the White House be lit up gold for just one day to support another cause? The request has been made for years — and denied.

When  I first saw the Facebook post above, alleging that the pediatric cancer community has attempted for years in various forms to persuade our leaders to turn the White House gold for just one day, but were denied, I was skeptical. Could it just be someone not pleased with the ruling on gay marriage trying to stir the pot? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

A quick Google search led to a petition on whitehouse.gov. The petition was published on January 7, 2013 and reads:

Cancer is the number one disease killer in children, and seven kids die every day in the United States. We must raise awareness to impact this mortality rate. Changing this outcome requires awareness, and the President can lead this effort by lighting the White House gold for the month of September. Gold represents both the pediatric cancer cause and the light that children provide in our lives. We should honor them by shedding light on their battle. The color of that light is gold.

The White House gave a lengthy response, but in short said, “We cannot light the building gold for the month of September.”

The Facebook post above claims that the pediatric community has been told lighting the White House in the color of gold to “represent all the children who have fought the beast that is cancer, for all the children who have lost their lives, and for all those precious children still giving everything they have for just one more day” has been denied because “it’s too costly, involves too much planning and hands they don’t have, and that they can’t light for every good cause that crosses their desk.”

Yet, as the Facebook user points out, “in a matter of hours they were able to plan its PR and light it bright. This makes me so terribly sad to know that a Supreme Court ruling is held in higher regard, is more celebratory, than our baby’s lives…”

More at Mad World News

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