Robots Taking Over Night Watchmen Jobs in the United States

Lost in Space Robot & Will Robinson

Lost in Space Robot & Will Robinson


Move over, Will Robinson, and meet, Vigilant MCP (mobile camera platform), the new security robot that may shortly be assuming the role of night watchman in a business near you.

Vigilant MCP

Vigilant MCP

What seemed to be purely fiction in movies, such as Lost in Space, may become a reality very soon.

These robots, designed by Denver-based Gamma 2 Robotics, will soon be available, commercially, around the world.


All robot manufacturing, according to Factor, will be done entirely in the United States. Mass production is expected as popularity and demand grows for this once only dreamt about technology.

Activists protest this development stating that, “While debate continues to rage about the threat of autonomous “killer robots,” the mechanized replacement of humans continues across the workforce,” reported Activist Post. “In fact, the robotics industry notched record sales in the first half of 2014 in North America, and there appears to be no indication of a slowdown.”

The Robot has a digital camera and many sensors that allow it to detect the presence of intruders. An alarm will be activated and an alert sent out. The Vigilant MCP will also be able to create heat maps to monitor cooling systems.

The Vigilant won’t call in sick, won’t be late to work and won’t quit their jobs, reports Gamma 2 Robotics. To many businesses, such as retailers, warehouses, and just about any business seeking night security, the Vigilant MCP is a welcomed solution. Also being cost-effective, the Vigilant will save employers from costly drug screenings and background checks.

Not everyone is thrilled, however, with the prospect of robots in our workforce. “At $4 per hour fixed cost, it could significantly impact the 1.5 million humans that are currently employed in some form of security patrol,” stated Activist Post.

“For professional security workers, the robot could pose a major threat to employment, as it offers key improvements for employers over flesh and blood workers.”

“For now, this model is slated to fulfill typical night watchman duties. However, it continues to highlight how the low operating cost of bots is bound to replace entire sectors of the economy while opening the door for yet another potentially dystopian scenario of weaponized patrol that is given increasingly free rein to operate without even minimal human oversight.”

While many are jumping for joy at the possibilities the Vigilant MCP and the implications of future advances in this field, others are horrified that the developments in robotic engineering are jeopardizing human jobs, especially those fields that employ low-skilled individuals.

“The numbers affected at present appear small, although no comprehensive data is available on this at present, but over time job loss to robots could become a major economic concern,” stated Factor.

See how the Vigilant MCP works in this video.


By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier



The Peaceful Majority of People Are Irrelevant

imageedit_3_2213309764Brigitte Gabriel is the Founder, President and CEO of Act! For America and Last month she was a guest panel speaker at an event for the Heritage Foundation. Terrorism was the issue being addressed.

With over 1.8 billion followers of Islam and over 8 million Muslim Americans, it is only natural that the question of tolerance would be addressed.

An American Muslim law student, who was seemingly the only Muslim represented, presented the panel with this question: “How can we fight an ideological war with weapons…How can this war be won if it’s not addressed ideologically?”

What this young Muslim woman didn’t realize was that she was about to be spanked by Gabriel. Gabriel is not only well spoken, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable about the issues facing America today.

An author, social commentator, journalist and activist, Gabriel believes that it is Islam that “keeps countries going backward and that it teaches terrorism.”

The following video is an absolute must see and probably the best response I have ever heard to the question of Muslim terrorism. Please don’t miss the reactions from the other panel members, classic! 


By, Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier