Video: *UPDATE* – A Mississippi Burning – The Murder of Jessica Lane Chambers – Searching for #Justice For Jessica…

aDecember 11, 2014

The Last Refuge:

update-1VIA CNN – On Thursday, a CNN crew saw a man in a Panola County Sheriff’s Office pickup truck collect something from the ground, less than 50 feet from the tree, place it in a paper bag and drive off. He stopped a short distance down the road and crouched by the roadside, placing something else in a paper bag and driving away.

Jessica Chambers 3Later, several men from the sheriff’s office, clad in fluorescent vests, arrived and began investigating the scene, picking items up and examining them as a canine unit assisted with the investigation

[…] After obtaining warrants and cracking a password, police were able to access Jessica Chambers’ phone records and are following up on leads, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Police are searching her data and text records after obtaining warrants Wednesday that compelled Google and her cell phone provider to give police access to her phone’s content, said John Champion, district attorney for Mississippi’s 17th Circuit.

The prosecutor on Thursday also updated information he had given CNN the previous day that indicated Chambers had attended a party but police couldn’t find anyone who had seen her there. Police have now spoken to witnesses who claim to have seen Chambers at the party, the prosecutor said.
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jessica chambers 8The story of 19-year-old Jessica Lane Chambers’ murder is gaining media attention thanks to a concerted effort by you and others to trend the social media. Mainstream Media outlets search “trends” to give them indications of stories they should cover.  The attention by CNN, FOX and the alphabet networks is due in no small part to people using social media to share the story of Jessica Chambers and gain focus/inquiry.

As the media engages, we now much more than we did even 24 hours ago thanks to some exceptional analysis and research. Original Story HERE and follow up research HERE. Treeper LetJusticePrevail provided the most important aspect, the specific location of the crime.  (CLICK HERE)

Jessica chambers invest 1

jessica chambers invest 2

Jessica Lane Chambers was murdered near 2352 Herron Road, Courtland Mississippi. The crime scene above is a critical aspect of the entire understanding as to what took place. Much of the information below is a result of LJP’s research.

jessica chambers invest 6

The location of her brutal murder is critical because of several variables:

#1. The 911 caller
#2. The proximity to her last known activity.
#3. The proximity to her home.
#4. The timing of the events.

The location of her actual death is Semi remote. She was found beside her burning vehicle at this point of Herron Rd.

“A car is on fire” – According to media and LEO reporting a passing motorist called in a “car fire”. This is important because the caller identified the type of fire, not just a generic “fire”.  This would have only been possible if the 911 caller was also driving on Herron Road.  (see the map).

jessica chambers invest 4

“Timing” – On Tuesday night a reporter, not an investigator, located CCTV video of Jessica at a nearby gas station on State Highway #51. The address is 8967 Highway #51, Courtland, Mississippi. According to CCTV timestamps:

1) Jessica arrived at M&M First Stop Gas at 6:25pm
2) Exits car, approaches store, then walks out of frame until 6:27pm
3) Enters store at 6:27:15 pays (for gas?) then exits store at 6:28:15pm
4) Arrives back at car 6:28:27pm
5) Opens car door, either places something inside or uses interior latch to access gas tank.
6) Pumps gas from 6:29 to ? (news footage didn’t show timestamp)
7) Gets in car and drives away–estimated time now around 6:32pm?

A picture inside the store of Jessica at the cash register:

jessica chambers invest 7

Her vehicle entered the gas station from North, headed South. Her model car (2005 Kia Rio) gas tank access is on the drivers side of the vehicle.

She then leaves the gas station headed again in a Southbound direction at approximately 6:32pm. Her home is in the opposite direction, North.

jessica chambers invest 5

Approximately 90 minutes later the fire department responded to the call at Herron Road. What happened between 6:30 and 8:00pm is the unknown timeframe.

According to her mom, Lisa Chambers, either she called home -or her mom called her- at 6:48pm. Prior to that call when Jessica left home she stated she was going to “clean her car”, and then “get something to eat”. Jessica was wearing PJ style camo (black and white) pants, possibly flannel, and a dark zip-up hoodie.

The SCENE – Upon review of the CCTV video it does not appear there was any damage to Jessica’s car at the gas station. However, there is notable damage to the rear passenger side of the car when it was removed from the crime scene. How did her rear end get damaged?

jessica chambers invest 8

You’ll note from both footage of the crime scene, and from pictures of the crime scene, a tree is burned at the top of a considerable embankment (approximately 4 to 6 feet in elevation).

The tree is burned to a height of 10 to 12 feet. The tree is not scorched, it is burned – which would indicate the car was in contact with, or at least in VERY close proximity to, the tree as the vehicle burned.

While it would be possible for surrounding shrubbery to have caught fire and traveled to the tree, if you look at the scene itself you can remove that from consideration. In addition on the day prior (Friday 12/5) the area received 2.25 inches of rain. The ground and surrounding foliage would have been wet, very wet.

jessica chambers invest 4

jessica chambers invest 2

Jessica chambers invest 1

jessica chambers invest 9

Unless the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed she could not have driven into the tree, or the proximity of the tree. Which brings you to the damaged rear end. Was the vehicle pushed into the position where it was eventually set on fire?

If her vehicle was pushed, or her rear end was hit, then a 2nd vehicle is related to the events.  Jessica had a head injury indicating she was struck prior to being set on fire.  An accelerant of some kind was used in the fire.

The location of the vehicle at the crime scene, in relation to the geography, would make it appear she was headed back toward home while traveling Herron Road.  Where was she for the time prior?

Anyone With Information Is Urged To Call Panola County Sheriff’s Office (662)563-6230

♦  Why did Jessica Chambers go South on Highway #51 (away from home) when she left the gas station?

♦  What happened in those 90 minutes from 6:32 to 8:00pm?

♦  How did the suspect, or suspects, flee the area?


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