January 13, 2015

Christian Patriots: 


Screenshot from YouTube user TamathaDMail

Dramatic footage of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists has emerged online, showing the gunmen calmly leaving the magazine’s office in their car after murdering 12 people. The extremists are seen firing at a police car upon escaping the crime scene.

Filmed from a nearby window, the video shows two armed masked men, dressed in black – later identified as Said and Cherif Kouachi – approaching a black Citroen car. By the vehicle, the terrorists calmly check their ammunition and reload their guns, placing one of the automatic rifles on top of the car.

We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed,” one of the armed men is heard shouting in French.

That’s France for you,” a man filming the scene is heard commenting behind the camera.

After a brief discussion, the two attackers get into the car and start driving off. However, the man continues filming, apparently learning out of his window, and shows a police car driving down the narrow street towards the black Citroen.

By RT News
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