11 Presumed Dead After Military Helicopter Crashes Into Florida Panhandle


March 11, 2015

USA Today:

An Eglin Air Force Base spokesman confirmed that at least some of the 11 missing military members died when their helicopter crashed in the panhandle of Florida. VPC

Seven Marines and four crewmembers were missing and presumed dead Wednesday after an Army helicopter crashed during a training exercise in waters off the Florida Panhandle.

The area was under a fog advisory when the crash occurred Tuesday night near Eglin Air Force Base. The extreme fog still present early Wednesday impeded the search, Eglin public affairs specialist Sara Vidoni said.


An Army helicopter went down during a night training exercise at an Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle.

The Associated Press and CNN were among media outlets reporting that all 11 were presumed dead, citing military sources.

Vidoni said an undisclosed number of human remains washed up on shore.

Multiple agencies are on scene including the Coast Guard who have secured waterways. A Coast Guard vessel recovered debris including the downed chopper’s tail rotor overnight, officials told NBC News.

Eglin spokesman Andy Bourland said the Marines are part of a Camp Lejeune-based special operations group and the aircrew are from a Hammond, La.-based National Guard unit. The names of those involved have not been released.

The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was reported missing around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and search and rescue crews found debris from the crash around 2 a.m. Wednesday, Bourland said.

More at USA Today:

Disclaimer: This was not written by Lorra B.

8 thoughts on “11 Presumed Dead After Military Helicopter Crashes Into Florida Panhandle

  1. I live 30 miles from where this happened. I was stationed @ Camp Lejeune (although Navy). I can’t imagine living anywhere that one doesn’t see a uniformed service person each day at the post office or some business.
    I have visited and walked in the beach sands of that 20 mile pristine waterfront, back when actually the military didn’t run people away. I am sad.
    Heck, I used I so much you may think I’m O. I don’t think so. Sad day in the neighborhood. Still like said above…flowers of spring are blooming here too.
    God bless them and families who are probably just being notified for sure.

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