1. We turned our back on God, rejected Him, and, in so doing, opened the door for Lucifer and his lackeys and allowing them to attack us in every way imaginable. Unless we follow the warning of Isaiah 65 and other such warnings, it will get much worse.

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    • Yep, America is following in the footsteps of Israel – rebellious and not believing God or taking Him at His Word, which is Truth and Liberty! Romans 1:20 tells us like it is – reject God and get be ruled and bound by the devil & darkness. God give a person over to what they choose. http://thekingsbible.com/BibleText.aspx?bibleid=45001020
      The ‘god of this world’ system desires to be ‘as God’ which means ‘all knowing’ (technology), all seeing (NSA), all powerful (control of global military/DHS, CIA, FBI, Gov., etc), worshipped [face down to the ground kind – ignorant of the True God] and the ‘spiritual father of’ [John 8:44 (KJV) …”Ye are of your father the devil…”]
      (idols that promote the flesh and carnality – taught in education, media, and society), etc.
      Peter Pan’s without integrity.

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  2. Liberal educationalists have transformed our children into weak-kneed sissies who think that nothing is worth placing themselves in harm’s way; not their country, their wives, or their children. As an illustration of how far we slunk, we now even think that queer scout leaders is a good idea. This is not greater compassion, it is greater stupidity.

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